NEC ND-3550A DVD±RW Drive

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ND-3550A is a half height optical drive with 16x write speed that supports DVD plus, minus formats and +R/-R dual layer disc. It delivers high performance for writing and reading while being compatible with 10 optical disc varieties.

Quick Glance

Type of Drive: DVD-Writer

Internal/External: Internal

Interface Type: 1 x 40-pin IDC Ultra ATA/33 (ATA-4) - EIDE/ATAPI


Product Title: NEC ND-3550A DVD±RW Drive

Manufacturer: NEC

Power Score: 4.0 | 29 Reviews

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Strengths: Works Everytime

Weakness: No Lightscribe

I bought it last year because it was silver and matched my case. Was the best buy I ever made only complain is it will not read DVD-RAM.I would highly recommend one of these to anyone with the need for a DVD Burner.

By Napoli60 - Jan 4, 2008


Strengths: cheap,fast,writes very good dvd +r's

Weakness: cant read or write some dvd -r

i have had this for about 6months now..
excellent wrte spped and quality for cd's and dvd+r's
but cant say d same for -r...
i cdnt read a couple f dvd-r's...which i cld in friends dvd rom..
and although i have been able to write on dvd -r twice,it jst cdnt read......
otherwise an amazin choice...esp if u have dvd+r or cd's..havent tried DL...

By horsie - Mar 11, 2007

Fails to read some scratched discs

Strengths: None of note

Weakness: Fails to read some scratched/dirty discs

I am generally happy with this drive, though I've noticed it fails to read some scratched/dirty discs that I can read with my SONY drive. It burns discs reliably and has no trouble with most clean discs. I use a mail-order DVD service and around 8-10 of the discs in the last several months have been unreadable with this drive. Please note that I have not mentioned any strengths because I feel...
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By stryke3 - Jan 2, 2007

Wow Dual Layer Writer at this price?

Strengths: Fast, Cheap, Dual layer, Reliable

Weakness: None

I just found out that this drive can write dual layer disks (8.6 GB!!) so you can copy, er i mean back up, an unencrypted Hollywood feature DVD with all the menus and special features at 100% quality. I just bought this as a cheap replacement for an OEM drive that went kablooey on me but this is better than my original drive. I got it on sale at tigerdirect, normally only $40 but they had a $20...
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By tersew - Dec 18, 2006


Strengths: The first 2 dozen DVD burns went flawlessly

Weakness: DURABILITY: The DVD RW laser failed after two dozen burns.

This drive was great during the first five weeks of ownership. During this time, I must have burned two dozen discs with it. After about five weeks, the drive would no longer read nor write DVDs; it still reads and writes CDs w/o a problem. Neither NEC nor offer support for the product, so I'll probably look to avoid both the manufacturer and the vendor in the future. My first...
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By anonymous; - Sep 19, 2006

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