Lite-On LTR-40125s 40X/12X/48X

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Refurbished LTR40125S 40x12x38 IDE CD-RW Drive

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Type of Drive: CD Rewritable (CD-RW) Drive

Internal/External: Internal

Interface Type: IDE (ATA/EIDE/ATAPI)


Product Title: Lite-On LTR-40125s 40X/12X/48X

Manufacturer: Lite-On

Power Score: 3.3 | 13 Reviews

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well i have 100,00 dollars up in...

Strengths: its a great burner /not software we have 50,000 cd burns

Weakness: can not read bin files with dart and cdg file not vcd vcd are fine they cdg but vcd is not cd text its really cdg video

well i have 100,00 dollars up in the air i think i should return this burn and let nero lose the burning sell and go plextor i wish nero had the guts. no errors on installing dell agent of belize city belize /miami fl. angelpress computer company santigo castillo ltd. diamond recording studio ltd. save u supermarket we are a big company and have small company together what should we all do we...
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By diamond1755 - Jul 6, 2003

Professionally insalled at a shop...

Strengths: Works well only when it does work.

Weakness: Continuous disappointment when I try to use it.Lose lots of time trying to make it run right.

Professionally insalled at a shop with Roxio program. Without warning it gives me a "Can not access Drive D" error" and refuses to either write or read on a Direct CD held open for continued use.Will then start to work without warning, and never know when it will or will not serve me. Has caused loss of quite a bit of data and photos by it's failures. Have to uncheck DMA boxes and reboot just...
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By bimeus - Mar 9, 2003

I purchased this drive in June...

Strengths: fast drive

Weakness: quits burning completely; noisy

I purchased this drive in June 2002, and it worked until last night (Feb 2003) when it won't burn at all. Keeps spinning up and spinning down and locks up the computer. Going to send back to factory for replacement, then sell the replacement. I'm going to replace with a more reliable brand name. This drive is noisy and sounds like a fan running when it burns...very rarely did it burn consistently...
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By seanpmi - Feb 17, 2003

There are a few things about RW's...

Strengths: Does what it say's, good speed,

Weakness: somtimes it just stops for no reason I have to re-boot then it's ok.

There are a few things about RW's that are standard...first you must re-boot before attempting to write anything, turn off any Anti-Virus Systems, be off the internet, your computer should be doing just about you can start "Burning". With the Lite-On LTR-40125S I found that the software that came with it "Nero" I ended up with more "coasters" than anything, then I tryed Easy CD...
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By Zafod - Feb 16, 2003

I bought the 40125S to replace an...

Strengths: Fast, Works well when it works

Weakness: Errors using different types of media both cheap and medium priced. Customer service is non-existant

I bought the 40125S to replace an old Ricoh that I had. At first it burned anything and everything. I could use cheap media, expensive media whatever. However lately I am getting many Cyclic Redundancy errors or MS-DOS errors when I burn a cd then try to read from it. It happens about 2 out of 3 disks. I have to crank it back to about 24X in order to get any reliability out of it at all. The...
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By Robertsonland - Feb 3, 2003

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