Lite-On LTR-32123S Gray/Yellow DVD Drive


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Lite-On LTR32123S 32X/12x/40X Drive.

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Internal/External: Internal

Interface Type: IDE (ATA/EIDE/ATAPI)


Product Title: Lite-On LTR-32123S Gray/Yellow DVD Drive

Manufacturer: Lite-On

Lowest Price: $55.00 from DreamHardware

Power Score: 4.8 | 5 Reviews

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I bought this drive to upgrade my...

Strengths: Fast, Reliable, Inexpensive

Weakness: None found yet.

I bought this drive to upgrade my old Iomega ZipCD 650 4x4x8 CDRW. I was getting tired of waiting 30-45 minutes to burn an audio cd. This CDRW will burn Audio CD's in under 5 minutes. I have used it for CD Duplication using the bundled Nero software, CloneCD and BlindWrite Studio. Audio mastering with Nero and MusicMatch Jukebox 7 Plus. VideoCD mastering with VirtualDub, TMPGEnc, and Nero. The...
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By StompinRound - Sep 20, 2002

i recommend this product because...

Strengths: fast burning

Weakness: can't read other cd's and the tray opens very slow when you eject

i recommend this product because it is very cheap and you can burn cd's at very fast speed. This cd writer is reliable and you don't have to worry because it can give you 99.99% performance unlike others that produces error when burning. It also uses a good software that can help you a lot so try this product to experience the power it can offer to you.

By exotico - Aug 24, 2002

Highly recommended, error free,...

Strengths: Very fast and reliable

Weakness: Non found yet

Highly recommended, error free, high speed, high quality copies/backups and low noise. Much more than I expected for such a low price and with excelent software.:-)

By aleks - Jul 22, 2002

Had it for a couple of weeks and...

Strengths: Fast, Fast, Fast.

Weakness: The tray seems a little slow to eject.

Had it for a couple of weeks and love how fast and easy it is to burn all my info. I would definately recommend to anyone for the price and speed. Installed on my HP running Win XP and had no problems at all. The tray does open and close a little slow but no big deal.

By bxblue - Apr 25, 2002

This CDRW won me over. I was...

Strengths: Fast, Fast, Fast, and reliable.

Weakness: None that I can see.

This CDRW won me over. I was trying to make some backup copies of my game cd's with my girlfriends CDRW, took forever to make and they turned out to be no good. Bought this CDRW and had my copy in no time. Very cool. I would tell anyone that wanted a CDRW that can do what ever backup needs they have, this is the one to have.

By primo - Feb 7, 2002

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