TYAN Tiger MPX S2466N Dual PGA462 Sockets, AMD760MPX, ATX,

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System Board Style: ATX

Interface Connection: Ethernet - RJ45 Twisted-Pair (XBaseT), Floppy - 34 pin Header, IDE - ATA/EIDE/ATAPI 40 pin Header, Keyboard - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2), Mouse - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2), Parallel - 25 pin D-shell (IEEE 1284A), Serial - 9 pin D-shell (EIA 574/232)

Processor Socket: AMD® Socket A (Socket 462)

System Chipset: AMD-760MPX

Memory Technology: DDR-SDRAM (DDRRAM)


Product Title: TYAN Tiger MPX S2466N Dual PGA462 Sockets, AMD760MPX, ATX,

Manufacturer: TYAN

Power Score: 3.7 | 6 Reviews

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The board installed easily, with...

Strengths: Damn Fast, reasonable price, Damn Fast

Weakness: Docs could be a bit better / more detailed

The board installed easily, with no problems or compatability issues. I built a hybrid of the ARS Godbox and Hotrod with the Tiger and MP2000 chips. I'm VERY pleased so far.

By danomoon - Sep 4, 2002

This motherboard is the most...

Strengths: Stability, Speed, Tyan support is excellent

Weakness: USB doesn't work, Runs a little hot, Limited BIOS control, Board may not fit in all ATX cases, 3Com ethernet

This motherboard is the most stable I have used in a long time, and is very fast! My system has been running excellently for the past 6 months with this board, 2 X Athlon MP 1600+, and a wide variety of peripherals. Of course it has the bad USB controller, but I prefer not to use USB so it is the perfect choice. The S2466-4M Tiger MPX fixes the problem. The BIOS on this board has very limited...
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By percival - Aug 23, 2002

have 5 of them running win2k...

Strengths: stabilety,power,highgrade components needed

Weakness: USB,

have 5 of them running win2k advanced server in our lab and they run smooth, i see the part of must having high grade components as a must - no point in buying high end board with low end components.

By idodekkers - Mar 31, 2002

This is not an over-clocker's...

Strengths: Good dual processor board, very stable

Weakness: MUST use ECC RAM, and VERY GOOD power supply (5V at 30A) in excess of Athlon requirements!

This is not an over-clocker's board, there are NO overclocking provisions. Dual processors + power supply + 1GB RAM and 4HDDs generate a LOT of heat, I have had to reconfigure the HDD placement and now have a total of 12 fans! It does run cool now with two Athlon 1700+ XP CPUs at RATED speed! Two of the HDDs are run as striped (RAID 0) under Win XP, the system really flys on 3D renders and the...
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By pearl298 - Mar 21, 2002

I heard 1-2 negative posts about...

Strengths: Stable, inexpensive, build-in 3com ethernet. two 64-bit 66MHZ PCI slot.

Weakness: USB issue. Require quality parts. Only 3-PCI (32-bit 33MHZ) slot usable (one occupied by the USB card)

I heard 1-2 negative posts about this board on 2cpu discussion forum. Basically, you need QUALITY parts. Such as good PSU and good RAM. This probably the most important part that could cause crash. I have this board for 10 days, 7x24 running linux, never has a crash or anything. Don't expect you can overclock this beast, nothing tweak is there, it's not meant to anyway. You can select different...
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By hotneutron - Feb 23, 2002

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