Intel D865PERLL Desktop Motherboard - 865PE Chipset - Socket PGA-478 - 1 x Retail Pack

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The all new Intel Desktop Board D865PERLL harnesses the advanced computing power of the latest Intel Pentium 4 processor supporting Hyper-Threading Technology. Designed for the Intel 865PE chipset, the Desktop Board D865PERL brings exciting new levels of performance and features to the desktop by combining support for an 800-MHz system bus with dual channel DDR400 and native Serial ATA 150 featuring Intel RAID Technology.

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Supported Processor: Celeron, Pentium 4

Interface Connection: Parallel Port Yes, Serial Port Yes, Audio Line In Yes, Audio Line Out Yes, Microphone Port Yes, S/PDIF Yes, Network (RJ-45) Yes

Number of Memory Slots: 4

System Board Style: ATX

Processor Socket: Socket PGA-478

System Chipset: Intel 865PE

Memory Technology: DDR SDRAM


Product Title: Intel D865PERLL Desktop Motherboard - 865PE Chipset - Socket PGA-478 - 1 x Retail Pack

Manufacturer: Intel

Power Score: 3.4 | 5 Reviews

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Strengths: n/a

Weakness: n/a

i really dont know where`s the store that sale this board as such price..cause i got it for 100$ brand new.....good luck.

Wow.either im lucky or somthing is wrong w the price.

By anonymous; - Feb 28, 2007

Good board but not for GAMERS!

Strengths: Very Stable, Fast Bootup, no problems, lots of higher end support.

Weakness: Not fast at all for games and very slow load times, but performs awesome in Windows XP, Hyper threading is sweet for multitasking, considering i'm used to Amd athlon xp processors.

I have a pretty decent PC, 3ghz intel p4 hyperthreading, gigabyte of ddr400 Dual channel memory, sata harddrives, ati all in wonder x800xt and sound blaster live! 5.1 but This thing doesn't run like the benchmarks say. I have this thing in tip top shape, i have the memory set to as aggressive as it'll run and agp/pci set it burn-in mode at 73mhz from 66mhz (didn't see any change)... It's not for...
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By Chris189 - Dec 21, 2006

I like this board. It supports two...

Strengths: Stable, medium priced, easy bios upgrading, good on-board sound

Weakness: mic doesn't work

I like this board. It supports two S-ATA and two IDE Hard drives. The only problem I've encountered is the microphone connector. It is labeled and the manual shows where to connect the microphone, but when testing the mic, an error message occurs that says I have connected my mic to a speaker outlet, thus, no microphone. I solved this problem by adding a Creative Sound card and disabling on-board...
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By lightofhu - May 29, 2005

One of the best Motherboard I've...

One of the best Motherboard I've come across in a long time. Although it has lesser DDR, I like the FSB speed and definately boots really fast!! I'd recommend it to gamers and anyone that wants to enjoy quality speed PC again. I'm fixing to build one for myself soon and will definately go for D865PERL P4!! Keep it up Intel!

By Zembi - Jul 6, 2004

If you're looking for a very...

Strengths: Well Made, Stable and Plays nice with cards, memory etc. Onboard sound is nice. Very fast booting!!!

Weakness: Skimpy Manual. Makes a popping sound after the operating system loads.

If you're looking for a very stable board for a business computer u have found the right one!! If you're looking for a board that will give you a non problematic and EZ computer build u have also found the right board. I hesitated giving this board 5 stars because of the popping sound after the OS loads. But, unlike other boards on the market everything came in working condition. Basically, all u...
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By zbsmith - Mar 9, 2004

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