Intel D850EMV2L Pentium 4, Socket 478, ATX, 2GB RDRAM, 533MHz FSB

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System Board Style: ATX

Interface Connection: Audio - Line In (1/8" Mini), Audio - Line Out (1/8" Mini), Ethernet - RJ45 Twisted-Pair (XBaseT), Floppy - 34 pin Header, IDE - ATA/EIDE/ATAPI 40 pin Header, Keyboard - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2), Mouse - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2), Parallel - 25 pin D-shell (IEEE 1284A)

Processor Socket: Intel® Socket 478

System Chipset: Intel 850E Chipset

Memory Technology: RDRAM (RAMBUS)


Product Title: Intel D850EMV2L Pentium 4, Socket 478, ATX, 2GB RDRAM, 533MHz FSB

Manufacturer: Intel

Power Score: 4.6 | 2 Reviews

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Excellent technology and speed, even today. But starting to show some age.

Strengths: Plenty of expansion slots. USB 2.0 ports and onboard nic. Quality materials and design. Very fast memory.

Weakness: RDRAM still expensive. Last board available before hyperthreading was released. When fully loaded requres lots of power.

I have this system loaded with the fasted Pentium 4 it will take (2.8 GHz with 512 KB L2 cache), 2 GB RDRAM (4-sticks), two hard drives, a floppy drive, two optical drives, high-end sound card, AGP 4x video card, and a firewire expansion card. Know that if you are running this configuration you will need a lot of power supply. I previously had a 350 watt PS and had all kinds of intermittent...
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By ychilds - Jun 27, 2008

This motherboard is the cats meow...

Strengths: Very fast with Rambus RAM and 2.26 Pentium 533 speed processor. Easy install.

Weakness: Must upgrade bios on board (Intel download). WinXP won't work properly unless bios is upgraded. May have to format and reinstall WinXP after bios upgrade.

This motherboard is the cats meow for pushing the 533 bus Intel processors to their limit. It's easy to install into a case. The booklet from Intel is limited. But everything is so easy to do. Comes with CD software drivers and antivirus. Updated drivers available online. USB 2.0 connectors on front of board are hard to decipher. Call Intel tech support at 800 404 2284 and they are very helpful...
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By lizard - Oct 21, 2002

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