eVGA nForce 780i SLI Desktop Motherboard - NVIDIA Chipset - Socket T LGA-775

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Product Title: eVGA nForce 780i SLI Desktop Motherboard - NVIDIA Chipset - Socket T LGA-775

Manufacturer: eVGA

Power Score: 4.5 | 9 Reviews

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Strengths: all good,easy to setup.works awesum.

Weakness: none

this board kicks a$$.have the quadcore xtreme 9650.2 0ne gig videocards in sli.8gigs of gskill ram.two 500gig harddrives 16 meg cash running in raid.nothing this does,n play.was cranking out crysis when everyone said it could,n b done.this board impressed me alot.best of all which nobody here mentioned!!!lietime warenty,and evga has awesum customer service.all this is hard to find.priced...
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By anonymous; - May 5, 2009

Good product overall, some issues

Strengths: eVGA Support, boatload of features, x16 SLi Support, Supports New 45nm Core 2's, Dual Gigabit Ethernet

Weakness: Price, Unstable, 2 PCI Slots that are blocked in SLi configs, inadequate cooling on northbridge

Much better product than 680i (Nvidia seems to have ironed out some bugs from the 680i), but still unstable. SLi is nice to have, but the only thing better than the 680i is the 45nm Quad support. PCIe 2.0 is a nonissue since most cards don't use all of 1.0's bandwidth. All in all, a decent product, would be wonderful if it worked as advertised all the time!

By Techiec - Sep 28, 2008

Great Board

Strengths: Overclocking and tweaking is great on this board.

Weakness: None so far

This board is great. It was my first build from scratch and I had no problems with the board assembly or boot. I like that the board is DDR2 which gives much better price to performance right now. I also choose this board for the wide varaity of options available for overclocking and tweeking the settings for the components.

By rackne - Jun 13, 2008

EVGA 780i SLI Intel Board - GREAT

Strengths: The board comes with so many options I cannot fill all the connectors. The board fired up with no hesitation and has performed flawlessly since my initial build. Does it all!

Weakness: None.

This is as upgrade machine and has worked perfectly. I want to recommend this board to anyone who has high standards and does not require the latest / greatest (DDR3). I have purchased my second EVGA 780i board to replace a system that recently died. It will be nice to have two machines on par for test work and then one for production applications. Great board.

By mark1124kjv - Jun 3, 2008

Nice board paired with Q6600

Strengths: Triple SLI, Plenty of Intel CPU support, supports ddr1200

Weakness: None so far.

Board booted right up and made sure I had the latest bios. Plenty of SATA connectors. Supports DDR1200. No over clocking but runs smoothly as a standard use non gaming machine at this point. 1st EVGA Motherboard owned and like it overall so far.

By Bellevue_Escapee - May 22, 2008

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