EPoX EP-8KHA+ VIA KT266A/686B AGPset 200/266MHz FSB 3DDR/6 (32-bit)PCI

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System Board Style: ATX

Interface Connection: Audio - Headphone Out (1/8" Mini), Audio - Line In (1/8" Mini), Audio - Microphone In (1/8" Mini), Floppy - 34 pin Header, IDE - ATA/EIDE/ATAPI 40 pin Header, Keyboard - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2), Mouse - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2), Parallel - 25 pin D-shell (IEEE 1284A)

Processor Socket: AMD® Socket A (Socket 462)

System Chipset: VIA® Apollo KT266A

Memory Technology: DDR-SDRAM (DDRRAM)


Product Title: EPoX EP-8KHA+ VIA KT266A/686B AGPset 200/266MHz FSB 3DDR/6 (32-bit)PCI

Manufacturer: EPoX

Power Score: 4.3 | 11 Reviews

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the best board i've had yet...


Weakness: not enough ram

the best board i've had yet looking forward to my next epox board. i have yet to have a problem with this board.i just keep it clean and it works fine.

By zimmy - Jul 2, 2003

i had this mother board for qiute...

Strengths: performance and STABILITY and price

Weakness: none in my opinion

i had this mother board for qiute a while and I just recently """"upgraded""" even though in the end I would swear I downgraded lol I curently am running a msi kt3 ultra 2 ....with a xp 2200 on my epox I has a XP 1800 with 768 megs of ddr 2100 now I have 1 gig of 333mhz ddr on my msi and id swear the epox system was faster !!lol i am not impressed with any of the 5 MSI systems i have currently...
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By T_H_EG_O_D - May 8, 2003

This board rocks. Easy setup and...

Strengths: Very fast, and very stable.

Weakness: speakers beep when turned on, kinda loud if your speakers are turned up.

This board rocks. Easy setup and installation. I run it with an AMD XP 1700+ with all sorts of goodies. I have a thermaltek Volcano 6CU, and my temperature is 98 at idle and 104 under max load. I just love it! Its very easy to over clock, and i've experimented and gotten up to 1900+, though not very stable at this speed. I run winXP Pro, and have NEVER had a crash in 8 months, and i run all sorts...
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By coolzzy - May 29, 2002

I was using an ECS K7S5a but it...

Strengths: Ease of use

Weakness: Manual unhelpful for tweakers !!

I was using an ECS K7S5a but it only 3D benchmarked at 1437. Dropped in this MoBo, and it went to 4528 immediately, without any tweaking. Now I need to set about adjusting it to get the best out of my 1.4 TBird and Prophet II Titanium. I should also point out that I,m running 512 MB 266 DDR, DDR Graphics and The TBird is 266 FSB ! Not bad for straight out of the box !! Recommended !! Pete the Pom...
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By cyberdude61 - May 18, 2002

The price was the best part of...

Strengths: Reliable flawless operation, completely compatible with Windows xp. Athlon XP support and very fast.

Weakness: Resistors to close to socket. Some heatsinks may not fit.

The price was the best part of this board from epox. It gives you DDR support plus is Athlon XP compatible. In 3dmark2001se, this board scored very well, particularly in game1 low detail. I like the hardware monitoring system. Very reliable no system crashes in windows xp, and so far has not given me any problems whatsoever. I will continue to use epox.

By Kanavit - Apr 26, 2002

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