Reviews for ECS (Elitegroup Computers) P4M800PRO-M (V2.0) Motherboard

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Not so great board

Strengths: Backward compatibility with AGP, DDR RAM, onboard video and cost

Weakness: Poor SATA support, poor documentation and online support.

Good board if you want to upgrade on cheap. This board is compatible with AGP and DDR RAM making your upgrade cheap. Supports 4 IDE drives and 2 SATA drives. I had problems with the SATA drive detection, onboard video, and frequent XP blue screen of death.

By netigen - May 29, 2007

Decent transitional board

Strengths: Cheap. It's a Core2Duo capable board that works with DDR and DDR2, and has an AGP slot.

Weakness: Cheap. ECS has a reputation for cheesy boards and poor support.

For some who won't or can't upgrade the components in their system, this board allows one to use an old AGP card and DDR ram with a Core2Duo processor. It's an ok board, and I can't complain considering it came with my E4300, but an Intel P35 based mobo is a much better long term choice.

By Anonymous - Jul 25, 2007

ECS P4M800PRO-M Motherboard for Intel CPU

Strengths: Onboard video, AGP, DDR/DDR2 RAM, Cheap

Weakness: Over-clocking?

This is a Micro ATX MD from ECS. It works with Intel Pentium 4, Pentium D, and dual Core CPUs. The MB has onboard video, which is good for those who are do a gamer. It also take AGP video card and DDR RAM so you can still use your components from old (not too old) machine. The installation is fairly easy for those who had DIY experience. Performance is good but not great because it’s cheap, what you can expect from a MB cost only $30-40. I built several PCs with ECS MB, and they worked great even for scientific computing. It’s said the over-clocking is not great but I never do it.

By xmliu92 - Jul 14, 2007

Nice little board.

Strengths: On board video works better than I had hoped. Easy install. Nice PCB color. Well layed out. Expandable and flexible.

Weakness: None that I see. I couldn't get the green led on front to work, but I don't think the wire from the case matches the pins on the board?

This was my first Intel system. Built it for my girlfriend. Would have spent more and gotten dual channel and 4 gig DDR2 capacity if I could have afforded it. Seems pretty quick, though, with a P4 640 in it and 1 gig of PNY DDR2 667. I know the board only needs 533, but it's not much cheaper and 667 may come in handy some day in another build...Can't wait to see how it does with 2 gigs and maybe an AGP card...
For what it is, it gets 5 stars, but for my machines I will continue to go with AMD :)

By jsbigcatlover - Apr 3, 2007

Excellent low cost solution

Strengths: Cheap for a board that works with Core 2 Duo processors Compatibility with DDR and DDR2 AGP port for older cards on board video

Weakness: Not a friendly over clocker

This board was purchased with an Intel Pentium D 805 processor from Fry's. The board worked great with the chip that I got and had no issues with the DDR RAM that was also used. It is a small form factor so it fits with lots of room in the case to spare. I am using it as a file server with a Seagate 400GB SATA2 hard drive and have had no conflicts with any hardware that I have hooked to it. I wasn't able to over clock it at all. Most likely due to me not using an AGP card versus the onboard video. I am very satisfied with this product.

By ICE_9 - Feb 24, 2007

great cheap motherboard

Strengths: core 2 duo support. AGP slot ddr/ ddr2 ram

Weakness: no firewire , limited overclocking need to install latest bios update to work with E 4300

If you are getting it for free with the processor, go for it. Worked first time for me. Able to overclock 10%.
However no firewire port.

Good till other brands become cheaper

Supports AGP video card

By sagupta - Feb 21, 2007

Good low-cost upgrade motherboard

Strengths: Support both DDR and DDR2 memory, AGP video card. Integrated grahpic card.

Weakness: DDR2 only support 553MHz, PC2-4200.

Purchased a week ago with Intel E4300. Put my old PC3200 memory, AGP card and one 40GB IDE and 320G SATA hard driver. Working just fine so far.

Recommend for low-cost upgrade motherboard with new CPU.

By wychxy - May 26, 2007

Cheap Intel Socket 775 motherboard with DDR memory

Strengths: DDR as well as DDR2 memory can be used. Though not at the same time. The motherboard has limited over clocking capability (300MHz). The Bsel mod allows the 1.8GHz C2D to boot up as 2.4 GHz.

Weakness: Do dual channel option. No PCI express slot. So PCI frequency locking for overclocking

If you have existing parts like case, power supply, DDR RAM, AGP video card then this board is for you.

I bought the motherboard and Intel E4300 retail CPU as a combo from Frys in Fremont,CA for $150/- plus tax.

This is a good value for money.

By shankar_roy - Apr 18, 2007

Very nice motherboard for the money

Strengths: Great price; mATX form-factor (small); IDE & SATA; DDR2 support

Weakness: AGP, not PCI-Express; Only upport DDR2 533MHz; no Gigabit LAN

Like several other reviewers, I purchased this with a combo deal at Frys. Got it with an Intel E4300 CPU. I was building a Windows Home Server, so speed wasn't an issue. I had no problems bringing it up with the Core2Duo chip, the board must have had compatible BIOS. If it won't POST (Power-On-Self-Test), this probably means the BIOS is not compatible with a Core2Duo CPU, or you've got RAM problems. Fortunately, no issues for me.

If you are looking for a high-end board, look elsewhere! This is just a basic motherboard. It only support DDR2 RAM up to 533MHz (PC2-4200), has no firewire, has no PCI-Express slots (just AGP for video) and only has 10/100 Ethernet (not Gigabit Ethernet). However, it does has on-board video, which is perfect for my setup, as I only need a basic display. I have 2x512MB RAM installed, but the max supported is 2GB. Note that the video will use some of your available RAM.

If you are setting up a server, or just need a computer for doing word processing, email, etc., this is perfect! However, if you want a gaming or video/picture editing machine, look elsewhere!

By sierra_nevadas - Apr 15, 2007

Buget Motherboard

Strengths: Cheap Support latest Intel Dual Core CPU. Support both DDR and DDR2 memory

Weakness: On board Graphics may be a waste

Got this board with Core 2 Due E4300 at Frys. It is really a low price ($119 for both). It will be an upgrade from my previous AMD XP 3000 machine. As I already have 1.5G DDR and a AGP based PNY GeForce 7600 GS Video Card, so this board will be a perfect match for me. (Just waste the $$ for onboard graphics).
It is stable, and easy to setup. So far so good.
Will post more if I have more findings.

By yong0450 - Apr 12, 2007

ECS P4M800PRO-M motherboard

Strengths: Very stable, no chipset conflicts w/vid card or sound, runs DDR1 or DDR2 memory, 3 PCI slots if needed, easy to setup. Best board I've seen for the price.

Weakness: Only runs 533mhz memory. With a 1066 FSB it would be nice to run 667mhz

This board worked out great because I was able to reuse my 2gigs of memory & my AGP video card which aren't very old yet. Most boards now use PCI-E video cards. It is a great choice for an inexpensive upgrade for more performance.

By 9163904748 - Apr 5, 2007