Reviews for Sylvania TF721 Sylvania 17 Multi-scan Color Monitor (Refurbished) Mfr P/N TF721 Flat Panels / LCD


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picked this monitor up on sale @...

Strengths: stylish, reasonably priced

Weakness: horizontal lines dip in the middle of screen, also text is crips on the left and right, but blurry in the middle of screen. neither can be adjusted out.

picked this monitor up on sale @ costco, found it to be the best buy around. took it home, checked it out, because i do pics, and lots of text work, i cannot live with the sagging lines, and blurry middle portion of screen, im taking it back to the store for a refund. Hopefully there not all this way! I'm looking for a viewsonic, or nec now.....

By rooo - Jan 5, 2002