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Soyo Topaz S / DYLM24D6 / M24EI5 / 24 inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

Strengths: LOW COST!!! 1920 x 1200 pixels, 24 inch diagonal measurement, 6 ms response time, 500 nits brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio; works automatically with Windows.

Weakness: The nVidia LINUX device driver does not automatically detect the correct mode timings. The monitor control menus are not highly intuitive. Soyo tech reps could not answer LINUX questions.

I am very pleased with this monitor. I have it connected to a GeForce 7950GT and it gives me excellent video on the games I play. (Admittedly, none of the games I play require bleeding edge performance). I detected no dead pixels like I have seen on my other (non-SOYO) LCD.

Using this monitor with Windows 2000 Pro was effortless. However, to use this monitor with LINUX, I had to manually edit the config file "/etc/X11/xorg.conf". My automatically generated modeline, by default, had all zeros for the timings. The following modeline worked for me:

Modeline "1920x1200" 193.156 1920 2048 2256 2592 1200 1201 1203 1242 +hsync +vsync

Make sure the mode name you choose (I chose "1920x1200" above) matches the mode name under Section "Screen", SubSection "Display".

By Anonymous - Nov 5, 2007

Best Price Around, Truely a Great Deal

Strengths: Picture quality was much better then I expected. No dead pixals. Nice looking case. Picture quality is its best atribute. It is extremley bright, very clear. Very larger improvement over my Dell 20".

Weakness: ONLY 1 YEAR WARRENTY, VERY ANOYING BLUE ON/OFF LIGHT (will cover with black tape or marker), ONLY DVI and VGA conections, no hight or swival control.

First off i paid $260.00 for this monitor shipped, on sale and had a $40 off $200 coupon. There is nothing out there that comes close to this monitor for this price, NOTHING! Picture quality is good, I have no complaints about the picture quality.

The weakness are known, I made the decision that I don't need HDMI or Composit or S-video. I was a little worried about not having hight control, but this monitor is pretty light, and you can always prop it up on something if you need to, I like to watch movies and place it on a higher level then when I use it as a computer.

Other stupid complaints are the buttons are on the side, I kind of like that, but that BLUE ANOYING ON LIGHT is a killer, a little black tap will solve that.

My only real concern is the one year gaurantee. Most LCDs give a three year. I have yet to break a LCD screen, but that does not mean it does not happen and at this price I am to cheap to buy an extended gaurantee.

Bottom line, right now, you can't beat the price of this monitor. If it suits your needs (only use it as a computer monitor and not as a game concole) it is an amazing deal and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good computer monitor.

I have heard that you can not connect a Xbox 360 thourgh VGA, don't have a Xbox so this will not bother me. I am using this monitor as a TV through a TV tuner and i play games with it through DVI. I have not explored HDMI through DVI, that might solve the xbox problem, and then again it might not. I have not heard anything regarding the playstation.

Last thought.... this LCD has speakers which I have never used and never plan on using. But I was worried that the speakers would make the monitor look ugly, I thought it would make the base look to thick. Anyways... I am very happy with the black finish, the bottom is not to thick that it bothers me, I can't even notice the speakers.

I really was not sure about this monitor before I pulled the plug. I almost bought something for $400.00 but I just could not resist the price and I am very happy I bought this monitor. The monitor I almost bought had a TN panel and this panel is suppose to show a clearer picture.

For the price and picture quality I have to give it 5 stars.

By joshua_boston - Nov 12, 2007

Bargain price for a 24" monitor

Strengths: Price, image, colors

Weakness: No adjustable stand, can be hit or miss on the quality

The $300 or less price tag for a 24" monitor is the big draw here. Currently it is the cheapest 24" monitor you can find.

Monitor features VGA & DVI inputs and built in speakers. Currently using the monitor as a second desktop monitor and Xbox 360 gaming monitor. With a DVI-HDMI adapter, you can hook up a XBOX 360 that has a HDMI port. Just don't expect to be able to use the 1080p feature though, as it is not supported by the monitor. Any other setting is fine. For the sound, just hook up the audio cables to a headphone adapter cable.

Quality can be hit or miss, search around and you will find issues with ghosting, green pixels, speaker problems, heat, etc.

But at just under $300, it is a great addition to any desktop setup.

By godeals - Jan 31, 2008

SOYO 24" LCD Impressive

Strengths: Ease in the setup of the monitor. I didn't have to adjust any of the settings other that to set the computer to the 1920 by 1200. You can not beat the price @ 249.99 on Black Friday at Office Max.

Weakness: The stand was very simplistic and does not swivel. Expected some software with drivers and the 1 year limited warranty is not the greatest.

Overall, I just installed the monitor today and could not be happier paying less that $270.00 for a 24" monitor. I have been using a 17" CRT for so long this looks awesome. I will update later after I have used it a while longer. So far, I would recommend this to everyone I see.

By ldjenkinsjr - Nov 23, 2007

Nice bargin for a P-MVA lcd panel

Strengths: Beautiful screen , using a higher quality P-MVA panel (not TN) . Sharp text ,vivid colors , great response time (real time) . Correct mapping for resolutions in 16:10 , 4:3 , and 1:1(in osd)

Weakness: 1 year warranty . Limited availability .

This is a no frills 24" lcd with only DVI/Analogue inputs .Stand is is only front/back tilt , but is still quite adequate .

Colors were almost perfect right out of the box , with the exception of turning down the brightness .Viewing angles are pretty good , Text is clear and sharp , with response times being excellent with no ghosting or motion problems in the latest games (Bioschock/COH/Crysis demo/etc) . Seems there were some problems with earlier production models , but those issues seem to have been addressed in the newer production dates . Everything just looks great at a bargain price ($300 onsale) . I rate this lcd at a solid 4 1/2 stars , with the 1/2 point off for lack of a 3yr warranty .


The more I use this monitor the more I luv and appreciate it .The monitor is going strong (no problems) with heavy daily usage 4+ months later .

By stereo555 - Nov 4, 2007

Nice panel, cheap bezel and stand

Strengths: MVA panel, Price

Weakness: Design, bezel, nonadjustable stand

The lowest price you can get for a MVA panel LCD! Uses a MVA panel, which means wide viewing angle and true 8-bit color (TN panels only has 6-bit color). Everything else is not worth mention. Didn't even bother to try out the speaker. The stand is nonadjustable, forget about it and get yourself an aftermarket stand!

By qiankun - Mar 15, 2008

Outstanding Monitor

Strengths: AU Optronics P-MVA (M240UW01 V0) Panel - No backlight bleeding - No dead pixels - Low price when found on sale (less then $300.00)

Weakness: No HDMI, no HDCP - Oversize company name/model white label on front black bezel - Oversize double LED power/standby indicators - No height adjustments - Only a 1 year warranty

This monitor is hands down the best value for a sub $300 24 inch widescreen monitor. Not a TN panel, but an Optronics P-MVA panel which is owned by BENQ, currently the second largest panel manufacturer behind Samsung (edging LG, Philips). I had this delivered without having seen the monitor and was amazed at the color and clarity of the panel, not to mention no dead pixels. It will require some adjustments from the factory presets, but this the case with most monitors. The lack of a HDMI port and no HDCP support may be a factor for some, for me not an issue. Comes with both a DVI, VGA and speaker cable.
Even though this monitor only comes with a 1 year warranty, I still think this monitor rates 9 out of 10.

By woodbutcher1 - Mar 2, 2008

Best bang for the buck, Great Picture quality!!

Strengths: Picture quality all the way around. No dead pixels. Best price on the market.

Weakness: Speakers aren't worth much, but I don't use them and the stand leaves a bit to be desired.

I love this flat panel and as soon as I can I'll buy another (for my Wife). I am a programmer by trade and the text is very crisp. Digital Photography is my hobby and I use Photoshop quite a bit. I am very pleased with both text and graphic performance. (Windows XP Pro) I recently calibrated this monitor with a Xrite-Eye One Display product and the before and after was extreamly close. I've calibratd other monitors and the before and after was night and day. If you don't need all the frils, this is the monitor for you.

By anonymous; - Apr 23, 2008

Extremely Pleased

Strengths: Given the performance of this monitor, it is by far the best bang for your buck in the 24" category. It really is superb for gaming. I get absolutely no ghosting, the contrast ratio is nothing to complain about and if you're so inclined, it will go so b

Weakness: The factory settings are atrocious and the options for controls are not ideal but with some adjusting they look fine. Even with adjusting the colors are not true to life but they're not that far off either. The speakers are of course junk but at least th

All in all I would say this is probably the best deal I've gotten on a monitor in quite a while. I had no dead or stuck pixels and it came with all the cables I could want.

By Anonymous - Mar 12, 2008

Great monitor for the price

Strengths: LOW COST!!! 1920 x 1200 pixels, 24 inch diagonal measurement, 6 ms response time, 500 nits brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio; works automatically with Windows.

Weakness: HDMI, Large oversize bezel - No height adjustments - Only a 1 year warranty

Can’t beat the price on this 24” monitor. Paid $240 after using a coupon. Set it up with no dead pixels. Needed to turn down the brightness to 20%. Way too bright. Set the resolution to 1920x 1200 and good to go. Using Grid Move software allows me to have 2 windows side by side. Picture quality is great. Nice improvement over my 22” Samsung. Monitor features VGA & DVI inputs and built in speakers. Been using it for a few days and loving it.

By ritrebor - Mar 11, 2008

Soyo 24" LCD Monitor

Strengths: Excellent LCD monitor. Great picture quality, crisp images, good color.

Weakness: none

I had 22" Acer and replaced with this gorgeous monitor. Officemax is running sale right now and got it for much lesser. This one is the best monitor I ever had. I have not changed any setting and looks great. I would recommend this to anyone. Don't go with the name buy it and you will never regret.

By sardarji - Mar 10, 2008

Great monitor

Strengths: 24". Good price. Picture quality

Weakness: Weak stand. Shaky. Logos are big and noticeable.

Great monitors come at a price, luckily this one comes at a price more suited for a high end 22" monitor. Not one dead pixel, and thats good because there are over 2.3 million of them. I'm not sure what type of panel this one is, the specs and price suggest that it is a TN type, but when viewing it from extreme angles from the top or bottom doesn't produce the severe color distortion and lack of picture that are associated with TN type monitors. The only things I don't like about it is the big logos in the corners and the stand is shaky.

By deathbybubba - Feb 23, 2008

Buyer beware

Strengths: Beautiful picture. Low price.

Weakness: Many defects reported.

For the first month, I was thrilled with the monitor. Fantastic picture and size for only $300 from OfficeMax. Free delivery too. After about a month, there was a solid black line in the middle of the screen. Many other people reported the same problem (in addition to others). I tried calling the number that came with the monitor and it's useless. I sent an email to Soyo tech support and haven't heard anything back except the canned response that they received my message. You get what you pay for. I'm not holding my breath that Soyo's 1 year warranty is worth anything.

By anonymous; - Oct 9, 2007

You get what you pay for

Strengths: didnt have long enough

Weakness: lack of quality

I purchased this unit to save money while looking for a decent lcd monitor. I hooked up monitor and noticed a black line running across the bottom of my screen about 1 inch from bottom. I returned to office max for an exchange and took the next one home and thought problem solved but, this time the thin black line runs across top of screen. I think soyo should stick to motherboards because their monitors arent ready for prime time.

By anonymous; - Oct 8, 2007

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