Samsung SyncMaster 960BF 19" LCD Monitor - 5:4 - 4 ms

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Detailed Design Lightweight, stylish and slim, our LCD Monitors promise sharp, detailed images, smooth motion quality, and Samsung s exclusive Touch of Color' design. These stylish, powerful and efficient monitors improve the atmosphere of any desktop.

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Interface Connection: DVI Yes

Diagonal Size: 19 in

Aspect Ratio: 5:4

Max Resolution: 1280 x 1024

Response Time: 4 ms

Green Compliance: Energy Star

Contrast Ratio: 700:1


Product Title: Samsung SyncMaster 960BF 19" LCD Monitor - 5:4 - 4 ms

Manufacturer: Samsung

Power Score: 3.9 | 11 Reviews

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Strengths: Gaming and surfing web.

Weakness: I prefer to tweak via controls on the monitor, but the software works well.

The first few reviewers must have other problems other than the monitor. I played alot of games and the picture is crystal clear and no ghosting at all. I have a fast system with lots of ram and I am running 7800gt's in sli. If people are seeing ghosting I suggest to upgrade your systems. 6800 ultra is not a very fast card anymore, and would be a real dog running fear in any resolution.

By anonymous; - Jun 20, 2006

Bad for gaming

Strengths: Good for non-gaming usage

Weakness: Ghosting, blurring, REAL bad at gaming

i bought this monitor from ecost and wanted it for gaming.
after joining CS, BF2, NFS:MW felt bad because in ALL games there was ghosting, blurring.
even my old LG FLATRON 17" was better, now im not going to buy anything from samsung

By anonymous; - Apr 12, 2006

Great Monitor!

Strengths: Very sharp and clear image, beautiful colours, fast response time, collapses for easy transport, screen can rotate 90 degrees.

Weakness: Image control is available through software only - no button control on the monitor itself.

I've used the monitor to watch DVDs and play counter strike, and saw no ghosting or any other negative effects. Image quality might depend on your computer. Image quality is as good as on my CRT, brightness and contrast were very good.

By anonymous; - Feb 19, 2006

Ghosting is really bad, I mean really, really bad.

Strengths: swivel is neat, nice looking case.

Weakness: ghosting, blurry, res. is just way too low for a 19" monitor

I really don't understand how half of us love this monitor and the other half hate it. I really wanted this thing to work well, I have an older Samsung SyncMaster 172x I have been gaming on it for a couple years with, never a single ghosting problem. I thought the 4ms refresh of the 960bf would make games look even beter, no such luck. I tried changing out the cable, no difference. I even tested...
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By jliquor - Feb 12, 2006

A great monitor for the $

Strengths: Gaming, internet

Weakness: Video

Plugged the incl. dvi cord from my 6800u to the monitor and in no time was enjoying Call of Duty 2 max settings no ghosting or blurring, beautiful crisp images...Even my wife poked her head in and said "wow"...I won't even mention how sharp "lost coast" looks...

P.S. The wife wants one for her office now...I'm thinking deal for a 7800gt? Take a hard look at this monitor before you buy.

By jimr9999us - Jan 11, 2006

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