Samsung SyncMaster 755DF

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Interface Connection: Video - 15 pin High-Density D-shell (VGA)

Max Resolution: 1600 x 1200 (UXGA)


Product Title: Samsung SyncMaster 755DF

Manufacturer: Samsung

Power Score: 3.0 | 1 Review

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While the monitor is perfectly...

Strengths: Looks very good with graphics, clear and powerful image.

Weakness: The flat screen distorts the image at the edges.

While the monitor is perfectly flat, it does however seem to be achieved through some sort of optical illusion (perhaps by placing glass that is flat on the front, but curved on the side away from you). This 1/4 of the screen to the left and right to become fuzzy, probably because the small dots no longer align. This is irritating with text, but not noticeble with graphics. If you're after a...
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By Wesley99 - Sep 23, 2001

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