Samsung SyncMaster 204BW 20" LCD Monitor - 6 ms

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Imagine the advantages of going big without slowing down. Samsung's 20 204BW monitors combine wide aspect ratios with fast pixel response times, for bigger images, more room to work and crisp motion. In addition, our exclusive MagicBright2, MagicColor and MagicTune technologies help deliver the ideal image in every situation, while the sleek, narrow bezel and adjustable stand delivers style just the way you want it. With the Samsung 204BW widescreen analog/digital LCD monitor, it's not hard to imagine.

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Diagonal Size: 20 in

Interface Connection: Video - 15 pin High-Density D-shell (VGA), Video - 24 pin DVI-D

General Features: Adjustable Height

Aspect Ratio: 16:10

Max Resolution: 1680 x 1050

Response Time: 6 ms

Green Compliance: Yes

Contrast Ratio: 700:1


Product Title: Samsung SyncMaster 204BW 20" LCD Monitor - 6 ms

Manufacturer: Samsung

Power Score: 3.8 | 10 Reviews

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2 broken monitors in a row

Strengths: When working it is a beautiful monitor.

Weakness: Poor quality, worse customer service

This monitor was received as part of a Dell system in November 2007. Upon opening the box a small dent was noticed in the upper right corner of the enclosure. Ignoring the gut feeling to return it for a new and undamaged item it was used. It performed flawlessly for 5 months at which time it completely failed to power up. Samsung customer service was contacted and a replacement was delivered in 1...
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By anonymous; - Apr 25, 2008

Yet Another great product from Samsung - SyncMaster 204BW Black 20

Strengths: Dual Input (Digital & Analog), Appearence, Slim and decent weight range. Worked perfectly with Dell Systems (two sys) using Dual Input. Flawless reproduction of pictures with no dead pixels.

Weakness: I would have preferred a little more high.

Dual Input worked flawlessly. No driver issues whatsoever. Crisp display. Another biggest Advantage that I saw was it adjustment, rotary, vertical and horizontal. Overall a great Monitor for the price and definitely one of the top quality Monitor. Samsung is quietly becoming a leader in LCD Monitors.

By cmpandian - Jan 1, 2008

Wide but not very vibrant

Strengths: Good price, All pixels good. No wire line like in Trinitron screens.

Weakness: Not quite used to missing the brights that a CRT give you.

Perhaps I have the settings wrong but the colors appear dull. I have a dual monitor setup and the brightness difference between my Dell Ultrascan 990 and this monitor are really apparent. That isn't to say that I don't like the monitor. It gives me a lot of screen. Playing UT3 and Call Of Duty are really fun on it. Still I don't think I have the correct screen resolution. Best widest widescreen...
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By hardingdgh - Jan 1, 2008

Samsung 20" LCD

Strengths: Excellent Picture Quality for gaming/video editing/movies. Fast 6ms response time, 700:1 contrast ratio.

Weakness: Color had to be tweaked out of the box.

This 204BW Samsung 20" widescreen monitor is one of the best 20" LCDs on the market so far. Apart from the technical quality of the build, its aesthetics are beautiful to look at. However, color of the box was a little inaccurate, but a few minutes of tweaking made it one of the best images I've even seen. (It actually has beautiful color, but it needed some tweaking, so no problem with that.)...
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By DeusExa - Aug 7, 2007

syncmaster 204bw

Strengths: stylish, nice presets, decent ergonimics

Weakness: backlight leakage, bad pixel

Out of the box the monitor feels well made. Includes both vga and dvi cables (cheaper manufacturers tend to skip the later). The height is adjustable which is quite nice. Easy to tilt and rotate. Pretty decent menu navigation, has a dedicated button for several preset settings, one of which is custom - i quite like this. Unfortunately there is some backlight leakage and the lightning isn't...
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By ipd40 - May 30, 2007

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