HP (Hewlett-Packard) Pavilion F1703 17" LCD Monitor - 25 ms


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The HP Pavilion f1703 monitor is a liquid crystal display 17-inch, high resolution, multi-synchronous color monitor. Multi-synchronous means that the monitor can use a range of video modes. It is optimized for use with HP computers.

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Diagonal Size: 17 in

Interface Connection: VGA Yes

General Features: 9.5° Up, 47.5° Down Tilt

Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (Standard)

Max Resolution: 1024 x 768

Response Time: 25 ms

Contrast Ratio: 350:1


Product Title: HP (Hewlett-Packard) Pavilion F1703 17" LCD Monitor - 25 ms

Manufacturer: HP (Hewlett-Packard)

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Power Score: 2.7 | 10 Reviews

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Good monitor

Strengths: 7 years and still strong.

Weakness: Only 17''. Top of monitor wont tilt more forward then vertically, unless the arm is in a raised position.

This monitor is still working great after 7 years. Not a single problem except the power cord chewed by a feline, just need to wiggle the cord in the right position to get power to the monitor since then.

By anonymous; - May 4, 2010

Great Monitor!

Strengths: Dependibility, mobility, adjustibility

Weakness: 17", and only analog output

This monitor came with an HP computer I bought 4 years ago, and despite upgrading the comp, i still have this monitor. It's absolutely GREAT in every way, except its 17" size. Never had any pixel problems, and it's very adjustable becuse of its double hinge. This is probably my most satisfactory computer component i own, but the price is a bit steep...but it's worth it for compact, mobile viewing...
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By staryoshi - Oct 11, 2006

I don't mind the monitor

Strengths: NA

Weakness: NA

I know there is a problem with the monitor; it has something to do with the power supply connection with the display. I opened it up and added some solder on 4 joints and fixed the monitor. The problem is the monitor's back light was not getting power.

By Crod - Sep 6, 2006

think twice

Strengths: great color and love the fact there is no glare.

Weakness: after just paying it off. I have been using it gor 2 and a half years and now when I turn on the monitor, I get a selection of colors in vertical liens running up and down the page.

the monitor will eventually show me my wallpaper page and then it is ok. looks like i will have to buy another monitor, but not hp.

By f1703; - Jul 9, 2006


Strengths: It's a really good monitor when it comes to color and the way it exposes things to you... Easy to set-up and utilize....

Weakness: Like everyone else said, It doesn't last... I got mine about 2 years ago and I got a burnt out pixel, and now my whole screen has lines all over the place and it's close to imposible to see.

I'm actualy looking at this site on my f1703 monitor and I can barelly see anything... About 1 week ago, after using it for 2 years it's almost imposible to see anything anymore... It doesn't last... On the other side, it's great when it comes to colors and everything... HP said that MOST f1703 monitors have an productivity error and that's why they don't last and they would replace it for...
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By Flamypoopy - Apr 13, 2006

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