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Show the World Your True Colors and Create Images with Impact Spyder4elite™ features a patented, full-spectrum 7-color sensor that can accurately characterize a variety of wide gamut and normal displays. Spyder4Elite software lets you use the same sensor to calibrate your computer displays, projectors, TVs (with purchase of the Spyder4tv hd cross-grade), plus iPads, iPhones and Android devices (with the free SpyderGallery App). No other calibrator has this capability. The fourth-generation sensor uses double-shielded filters for longer life and better performance. On average, accuracy and precision are improved by 26% and 19% respectively. Photographers, designers and imaging professionals can work confidently on a properly color-calibrated screen and can assert greater control over the color fidelity of their digital process. Images can be reliably assessed and adjusted on a properly calibrated display, enabling true-to-life reproduction of image files.How Does Spyder4elite Work? Spyder4elite automates and simplifies display calibration. Install the software, attach the color sensor to USB, and step through the wizard. The sensor measures a series of colors on your screen and creates a profile that brings your display to a reference state. At the end, you can preview how the images look before and after calibration.Why Calibrate Your Display? Displays render the same image differently: Calibration tunes your display to a reference standard and brings color consistency across desktop, laptop, multiple displays, televisions, projectors, , iPad, iPhone and Android devices.Displays change over time: Recalibration returns it to reference state for brightness and colorPrints often do not match display: Display calibration provides a base for better print matchingWide gamut displays may be oversaturated: Without calibration even wide-gamut displays may be inaccurate.Highlight and shadow details may be inaccurate: Control of brightness, white point and tone response with calibration.Image colors are not true to life: After calibration, images can be viewed and edited with confidence


Product Title: ColorVision Spyder4 Elite Colorimeter

Manufacturer: ColorVision

Lowest Price: $249.00 from Adorama

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Product Reviews (6)

Very easy installation

Product works as stated-

By mike on Adorama - Nov 12, 2013


Excellent delivery - easy set-up and execution. Works like a charm and even let's you know when / if you need to re-calibrate your monitor. The ambient light sensor works extremely well - if S Kelby uses this, then it was a sure hit purchase for me.

By Steven on Adorama - Sep 25, 2013

This is a fantastic product

I recently purchased the Spyder4Elite to provide a better calibrated monitor, so i can make better digital files or prints. The software installation make the process easy to set up and do calibration. There's also calibrations for your laptop and iPads a

By Tom the Photo Eye on Adorama - Jul 16, 2013

Now what I see is what I get

Calibrated my monitor and got rid of my problems with color management in Lightroom and Photoshop. Really worth it.

By DavidR on Adorama - Apr 2, 2013

Spyder4Elite Review

Accurate colour is vital for any photographer, yet a lot of people don't accurately calibrate their monitors and laptops. We take a look at the new Spyder4Elite to discover if it should be part of your workflow.
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By - Feb 7, 2012

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