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TripleHead2Go Digital Edition delivers the ultimate surround graphics experience for professionals and gaming enthusiasts alike. This versatile new product enables users looking to add three digital monitors to their workstation, desktop computer or notebook with a maximum resolution of up to 3840x10241 (triple 1280x1024).The latest in Matrox's series of Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXM), TripleHead2Go Digital Edition is an external multi-display upgrade device that connects via the dual-link DVI or analog output of your system and can support both analog and digital monitors. Dramatically increasing Office Productivity for business professionals, providing an incredible Surround Design environment to high-end workstation users and delivering the most immersive Surround Gaming experience to gamers, the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition is the ideal solution for individuals looking for a truly digital-to-digital experience.

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Product Type: Multiview Device


Product Title: Cisco TripleHead2Go Digital Edition

Manufacturer: Cisco

Lowest Price: $292.99 from B&H Photo-Video

Power Score: 4.0 | 6 Reviews

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Product Reviews (6)

Matrox Triple Head 2 Go is great! I plan to get another one soon!

Strengths: Increases desktop work space. Easy to install with my old destop PC.

Weakness: I can only get 16 bit color resolution instead of 32 bit. Also was not easy to set up with my laptop, a P-4 3.06 ghz Toshiba. I think if I really wanted to get it to work, I could.

My PC is ancient, circa 1999: It's P-3 550 mhz, and I was using two video cards, each with its own monitor, for a total of 2 monitors. Adding the Matrox unit to one video card allows me to use 3 monitors with one card and a fourth monitor with the second video card. So I went from 2 to 4 monitors, and had no trouble getting the Matrox unit to work. I've had it about 2 months and it's a terrific...
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By TallguyLA - Jul 22, 2008

Ok, but ...

Strengths: 3x1280x1024 does work if installed properly.

Weakness: Installation headaches. USB port on Dell docking station cannot be used. High resolution works only with the analog interface on my laptop.

I had difficulty getting the TripleHead2Go Digital installed to support 3x1280x1024 resolution properly. The TripleHead2Go USB cable must be connected directly to my Dell laptop (Latitude D630, NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M). None of the USB ports on my Dell laptop docking station work with this device. Also, it appears that my Dell laptop does not support dual-link DVI. Therefore, to get 3x1280x1024...
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By anonymous; - May 31, 2008

Great Product, Once You Get it Configured

Strengths: Seamless performance Nifty bezel management software

Weakness: Poor set-up documentation Shipped without an essential firmware update, which you have to call Matrox to get

I did all the right stuff (powerful graphics card, fast processor, three new identical monitors, etc.), but it still took a call to Matrox to get things working. The documentation that ships with the device is essentially useless. For instance, it doesn't make it clear when, exactly, they want you to install their software. Given that it's a USB device, and Windows' propensity to get picky about...
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By dddavids - Feb 26, 2008

Add More Real Estate to Your Computer Desktop!

Strengths: Easy to use, software is simple to configure, and well worth the price.

Weakness: Price is still a little high but not unreasonable for what you get.

This is a great product. I used to use the Analog edition and just recently upgraded to this digital edition. Since I'm a little bit of a multi-tasker, I enjoy working on several things at once but I am also a pilot who uses three screens to simulate a plane setting. That's the primary reason I purchased this item and combined with three monitors I have the ultimate desktop. So if you're looking...
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By mykolamac - Jan 11, 2008

one on more

Strengths: up to 3 monitors

Weakness: separate piece of hardware

if you are looking to connect up to 3 monitors and have picture cross over to all free this is the product to use.
it offers both, analog and digital in port but only digital out port
you can also use new laptops with HDMI port and HDMI to DVI converters to connect to it

By npasic - Nov 9, 2007

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