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The U.S. Robotics 56K Performance Pro Modem brings to homes and small businesses the superior performance of controller-based online communication as well as the feature-rich advantages of innovative V.92 modem technology. The Performance Pro's Modem-on-Hold feature suspends online sessions to receive incoming calls without redialing to reconnect. In other words, as with Broadband connections, with the Performance Pro V.92 modem, you can receive normal telephone calls while surfing the Internet!Also, with the Performance Pro, you can send faxes from any Windows application. Customize the user interface to suit your preferences! Send faxes and e-mails, surf the Web, even take incoming calls, all from this single, PCI controller-based device. A Quick Connect feature gets you online faster. V.PCM Upstream technology boosts upstream speeds to 48Kbps while letting you adjust downstream speeds up to 53Kbps. Plus, for the kid in you, a dedicated gaming mode enables enhanced online gaming performance! The Performance Pro Modem is software upgradeable and supports both Linux and Windows O/S for a wide variety of applications and games.Key Features: Compatible with both V.92 and V.90 standardsV.92 Standard Innovations: Quick Connect, Modem-on-Hold, and V.PCM UpstreamPlug-and-Play installation Fax and communications software includedDelayed and broadcast fax capabilityCustomizable interfaceCaller ID and Distinctive Ring supportBuilt-in processing powerAdvanced line probing technologySoftware updates automatically downloaded for your conveniencePackage Contents: U.S. Robotics 56K PCI internal faxmodem 7 ft. RJ-11 phone cord (7 ft)Quick Install GuideInstallation CD


Manufacturer: US Robotics

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Excellent hardware modem

Strengths: Controller based, rock solid, maintains connections

Weakness: none that I have experienced

I have been using these modems for six years in various machines and I recommned them to anyone in need of a controller based modem (hardware modem). Very stable connections and routinely connects at the highest possible speed on a good phone line. I have used this modem in the city where the lines are good and a very rural area where line quality leaves much to be desired and I can still get...
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By anonymous; - Apr 19, 2006

My experience with USR 56K v.92 Performance Pro PCI

Strengths: I was always a fan of US Robotics modems. However, after my own experience coupled with a few other reviews, I think I will choose another brand.

Weakness: Doesn't connect to my ISP even after several Bios flashes and driver updates in Windows XP Pro. Frustrating experience.

With an Alienware system and Asus motherboard, they put in the Performance Pro PCI. I thought this would be fine. The modem diagnostics seemed to indicate everything was fine, the modem even dialed my ISP, but the damn thing wouldn't connect. I would avoid this modem. Too much trouble.

By kriordan4 - Oct 2, 2005

Overall, excellent fast reliable...

Strengths: Controller Based, Hey it has it's own brain!

Weakness: Seems to lock up ocassionally for me. USR customer support leaves customers wondering sometimes, other times the information is right on.

Overall, excellent fast reliable performance. Follow my recommendations if you buy one!> DO NOT INSERT THE CD THAT CAME WITH THE MODEM < or use it since the software is out of date. Install the modem into your computer after downloading the latest driver step 1 below. 1. Go to the USR website and navigate to the 5610B Support Page and download the most recent Driver, (Microsoft Digitally Signed...
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By stephena - Apr 13, 2004

I have used this modem with Win 2K...

Strengths: controller based; solid as a rock

Weakness: none

I have used this modem with Win 2K for the past three years and never had a problem with it (save for being fried by a lightning strike recently, but that was a problem with my UPS, not the modem). I have used the modem under heavy loads, while running an FTP server, and doing just about everything you could ever think of with a modem. Granted, my one and only experience with USR's tech support...
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By fleemanc - Sep 8, 2003

This is the best modem I've owned...

Strengths: No disconnections when computer is heavily loaded, or during prime time. The modem always connects. Download speed stands at an average 5-6Kb/s.

Weakness: It's hard to turn down the speaker when using the modem in Linux.

This is the best modem I've owned up to date. Unlike my former pathetic Motorola SM56 software modem, this modem does not disconnect, or not connect at all, when the computer is busy. I can safely leave it on for the night and be sure it will not disconnect until I tell it to. Generally, the modem gets excellent connection speeds and I've never connected to the Internet at speeds less than 49000...
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By jcoolik - May 9, 2003

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