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I had no problem with my...

Strengths: Easy installation. Just power down PC, open case, unscrew PCI slot cover, slide in card, close case & follow well documented instructions in the users manual.

Weakness: none

I had no problem with my installation. Time from hardware installation to setup on my PC was about 10 minutes. The product cost me under $10 @ & included FREE shipping. I highly recommend it!

By samsilver - Sep 16, 2004

Had a little problem installing on...

Strengths: very reliable works real good

Weakness: none

Had a little problem installing on windows xp pro but it was easy to remedy the problem of installing the modem. The istructions for installing was very easy to follow.

By wolven97 - Oct 2, 2004

Just needed a modem to use dialup...

Strengths: Price, V.92, Just as good as my old lucent win modem.

Weakness: None

Just needed a modem to use dialup and this modem works fine. If you want to use a dialup ISP then this modem would be good enough compare to what other modems are charging.

By biohzrd31 - Sep 9, 2004

I bought this for just under $10....

Strengths: Great Price. Easy Installation.

Weakness: None

I bought this for just under $10.
And this is just a great price for an internal modem.
I know this is not a hardware modem but with today's computer's power, a hardware modem really doesn't provide much advantage over a winmodem (like this one). I get constant 54K connection with no problem.
With the easy installation, I'm online with this modem in less than 5 mins (although dial-up is just the backup to my cable modem.)
So for $10 with Modem-On-Hold and V.92, what more can you ask for???

By crazyheha - Oct 6, 2004

I got this modem because my old...

Strengths: Easy setup, V.92, price.

Weakness: Haven't gotten Modem on Hold to work properly.

I got this modem because my old V.90 WinModem was having trouble connecting to our ISP. This modem has had no problems connecting and is about as fast as you can expect dial-up to be. Unfortunately something has kept modem on hold from working properly as far as I can tell.

By atomicbob - Nov 4, 2004

Installation software conflicts...

Weakness: Installation software conflicts with Windows XP (Pro) New Hardware Wizard and locks up machine.

Installation software conflicts with Windows XP (Pro) New Hardware Wizard and locks up machine. Took several attempts to get install to work properly.

Modem was sent U.S. Mail with no box. Installation CD was damaged and marginally readable. This might account for the installation problems. No box, no UPC- no rebate?

By nhiggins - Nov 3, 2004

For the cost of lunch out at a...

Strengths: Installation of the hardware and software was easy. The software included antivirus and advanced call management packages for those who share their phone line with their computer. Connection speeds were always above 50K which is better than the zoom mod

Weakness: I have not experienced any problems or flaws in this product and it has been used an average of 6 hours a day since I got it.

For the cost of lunch out at a sitdown restaurant, this modem can't be beat. My home is in a rural setting and I do not have braodband available. My previous modem though it was a better known brand did not perform as well as this Trendware modem does. I was pleasantly surprised by the included software as well. For under $9 including shipping, you can't go wrong with this product.

By sm5669 - Jan 12, 2005

Seems to be a good unit expecially...

Strengths: My speed does seem to have increase a little over the v90 I had before but of course I got the modem for its ability to take calls while on the internet ..very good

Weakness: none so far

Seems to be a good unit expecially for the price and does what I thought it would do. Speed may be a bit faster though I didnt get it for that. I just wanted to be able to respond to my phone while on the internet at least long enough to find out what the call is about. no complaints

By wlarsen - Aug 1, 2004

Strengths and weaknesses sums it...

Strengths: A modem is a modem these days. This one seems to work as well as any other. No problems with installation.

Weakness: It's 56k in a time when speeds are measured in megabits.

Strengths and weaknesses sums it up. It works fine--no problems setting up under XP, with drivers included for earlier OS's--and it does it's job. I got this one for ten bucks, and there's no reason to pay more for something that is not going to be faster than about 5KB a second transfer speed.

By malakovski - Aug 29, 2004

I have installed several modems in...

Strengths: Low cost, easy installation. Great 56k performance

Weakness: None

I have installed several modems in my computer systems, and generally when I start to install the drivers, I kind of get a sick feeling in my stomach because it's usually hit and miss as to whether the drivers will install correctly. With this modem, no problem, after the hardware installation, bring up your system, place the drivers disc into the CD-Rom and let the computer do its thing! It was the absolutely quickest installation that I have ever had; add to that the low cost of less than $12.00 to the door and you have a great value! I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks TRENDware for a great product, you have a new loyal customer!

By 8052681619 - Nov 22, 2004

I bought and return a Hayes Accura...

Strengths: Easy installation. Connect speed between 49 and 53 kbps. quick connect.

Weakness: No Known weakness

I bought and return a Hayes Accura softmodem and a BestData v92 modem, none of them worked properly. With this TrendWare modem It took me only 5 minutes to install and get on the internet. easy installation. Connects to the internet in between 5 to 10 seconds, I bet I can tune that up. stable connection, good download rate. a very good buy. I am very happy with this buy. Thanks to Pricegrabber.

By rchatto - Sep 23, 2004

This is a very reasonable 56K...

Strengths: Good price for modem V.92, easy to install and works fine.

Weakness: Don't see any weaknesses yet.

This is a very reasonable 56K (V.92)modem for the price and capability. It delivers fast and seems reliable dial-up internet connections. It's easy to install with the communication software that comes with the package, it takes a few minutes, nothing is complicated at all. I totally recommend this great product.

By sahaws - Oct 8, 2004

I bought this modem for my...

Strengths: Features (voice, fax, caller ID, modem-on-hold, etc.)

Weakness: Compatibility (problems with win98).

I bought this modem for my grandma's win98 computer, because hers stopped working after a power surge during a storm. When I installed the card, 98 couldn't correctly detect it as a modem; it only thought it was a "PCI Card", and that was all. So I put the CD in to install the drivers, and it gave me some sort of weird error message. So it didn't work. But it could have been a problem with the computer itself.

I tried in my XP computer and it works fine. The drivers were automatically installed when I put the CD in.

***Update*** They call it a Trendware, but the one I got is something called NetoDragon, and that's what the drivers were for that came with it.
The included software (FaxTalk Communicator) can be a bit troublesome to work with. Sometimes, it keeps the modem tied up so my internet program can't access it to dial out. Solution: force it to pick up the phone and hang it up. The included FaxTalk Modem-on-Hold software is a little buggy, but you can still use the feature without installing that: right-click on the phone icon in the tray while you're online, and click Modem on Hold or Make A Phone Call (not sure what the difference is). Works everytime.

By glwinc - Jan 20, 2005

Was able to send faxes with the...

Strengths: It was easy to install, and setup

Weakness: none found yet, but only had for a couple of days

Was able to send faxes with the software that came with the modem..with no problems..Modem was very easy to install and setup...Connection speeds were as high as more expensive modems I have had in the past..Great modem for the price

By Hawke53 - Nov 11, 2004

take two arrive the product but is...

take two arrive the product but is good, in good condiction and good price this seller need to send more fast the product but i happy

By alexkakis - Dec 31, 2004

I build about a computer a week....

Strengths: Ease of installation. Ability to answer calls while on the Internet.

Weakness: None so far.

I build about a computer a week. Most go with broadband, but the ones that want a dial up modem installed, I go with pretty much the least expensive one at the time. Trendware's product sits right up there as one of the top units I've used. The ability to answer calls while surfing is great. I haven't encountered any software conflicts like on some modems. In all I will buy more of these units as long as the price stays competitive.

By Nednam - Nov 3, 2004

This is a very good and economical...

Strengths: Good product easy to set up!

Weakness: None so far

This is a very good and economical product to purchase. I think you getting a lot for your money when you buy the Trendware 56K V.92 modem. Haven't had a chance to check out the MOH feature but hopefully it works better than others I've sen!

By michbow1 - Oct 25, 2004

The modem was very easy to install...

Strengths: Easy install with Windows XP

Weakness: rudimentary software

The modem was very easy to install under windos xp and works really well with my internet service provider ( With the voice modem capabilities, I am now able to use my computer as an answering machine.

By franruffy - Oct 17, 2004

I searchased for this Modem...

Strengths: Good speed, call wait

Weakness: None

I searchased for this Modem through pricegrabber. It is of low price and works in a very good way. Call wait works fine. Software is also good. no problem in installation. I recommend it.

By kpsingh - Oct 12, 2004

Easy to install.Worked as should...

Strengths: Easy to set up

Weakness: none by me

Easy to install.Worked as should the first time & still is.
I liked it well enough that I ordered 2 more of them. That should be here tomorrow.

By mojo523 - Oct 3, 2004