Linksys Instant Broadband BEFCMU10 ver. 2 Cable Modem


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Are you ready to step up to high-speed broadband Internet? The EtherFast Cable Modem with USB and Ethernet Connection from Linksys provides you with the perfect solution for a fast and easy Internet connection. Now you can make the most of the Internet and cruise the Web at speeds you never imagined possible. Cable Modem Internet service means no more waiting for lagging downloads- even the most graphic-intensive Web pages load in seconds. And if you're looking for convenience and affordability, the EtherFast Cable Modem with USB really delivers! Installation is quick and easy. The Plug-and-Play EtherFast Cable Modem with USB connects directly to any USB-ready PC-just plug it in and you're ready to surf the Internet. Or connect it to your LAN using a Linksys router and share that speed with everyone on your network. So if you're ready to enjoy broadband Internet speed, then you're ready for the EtherFast Cable Modem with USB and Ethernet connection from Linksys. It's the easiest and most affordable way to harness the full potential of the Internet.

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Internal/External: External

Modem Type: Cable Modem


Product Title: Linksys Instant Broadband BEFCMU10 ver. 2 Cable Modem

Manufacturer: Linksys

Lowest Price: $135.49 from

Power Score: 3.6 | 7 Reviews

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I bought this along with the...

Strengths: Reliable.

Weakness: None.

I bought this along with the Linksys router with ATT VoIP ports. Didn't make a review yet because i was thinking that the VoIP quality not so good performance was because either this or that of the router. After so many calls to Comcast (ISP), not only me but my neighbors, all those signal loose, disconnections and garbled voice were in fact due to our ISP's problem. Their cable tech advised me...
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By vau64 - Jul 2, 2005

I bought this unit and it...

Strengths: None that I can see.

Weakness: Immediately upon installation this thing started malfunctioning by requiring repeated resets.

I bought this unit and it malfunctioned on the first day and failed completely the next day. Linksys' return policy, in a word, sucks. They will not give a refund for defective products and the customer has to foot the bill for the return shipping after you go through the hassle of getting a RMA number. They sent me a new unit that I'll have to sell, if I can. Given their policy of no returns I...
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By dmunro - Apr 24, 2005

This modem has been rock solid for...

Strengths: Consistent, reliable. Works great with my Linksys router.

Weakness: none that I can speak of.

This modem has been rock solid for me. I have had no reliability problems at all; the unit is always working great. I also get good speed out of it, especially since my ISP recently upgraded to a supposed 3Mbps. Works great with other Linksys products. I would highly recommend this modem!

By photon_torpedo - Sep 20, 2004

I have used this modem for about a...

Strengths: Very fast and has been very reliable.

Weakness: None that I have found.

I have used this modem for about a year now, and have had absolutely no problems with it. I have experienced no problems with it giving up during large downloads and it has always been fully recognized by the computer upon every boot. I have not had to unplug or reboot the modem in months. It is far more reliable than the rented modem my cable company provided.

By Electron2002 - May 11, 2004

I have been very happy with this...

Strengths: Fast, Small, Relatively good price, Trustwothy company

Weakness: Poor reliability

I have been very happy with this product when it is working. It performs at a fast speed that I cannot say anything bad about. The problem is that it is unreliable. It has not worked many times. There have been instanced when the computer started up, unable to even read that the product is connected to the actual computer. If you are a computer whiz, I am sure this will not be a problem. I am a...
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By BigDribbles - Mar 22, 2004

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