3Com U.S. Robotics 56K V90 PCI DOS/95/98/NT4/W2K

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New 56K PCI internal Performance Pro Modem V.90 US Robotics

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Modem Type: Data/FAX


Product Title: 3Com U.S. Robotics 56K V90 PCI DOS/95/98/NT4/W2K

Manufacturer: 3Com

Power Score: 3.5 | 2 Reviews

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This is one of the few "full...

Strengths: One of the few "full hardware" modems left

Weakness: Does not pick up on low volume dialtone, such as from an office phone system

This is one of the few "full hardware" modems left. What that means is the modem does all the work, not the cpu. It also means it will work in Linux or other OS that can't use "Windows-only" modems.

By shminc - Jan 7, 2005

I found the software installation...

Strengths: Very little ,if at all ,disconnects from the Internet

Weakness: Customer Service/Support/Web site support

I found the software installation not difficult but confusing.The instructions said to install the software first then install the modem into my pc.When I did this it did not initially work,I called tech support but they were not availble,so I was instructed to a call a support number that costed $4.00 per minute !!!!! They said that those initial instructions were in error and that I needed to...
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By tjroso - Nov 12, 2001

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