HP p2-1317cb Desktop, AMD E2-1800, 6GB, 20" - Desktops

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Enjoy More Entertainment with the Affordable HP p2 PC With responsive energy-efficient performance, the HP p2 PC series is more than just a pretty tower. HP p2 PCs provide all the familiar, essential features you need for everyday computing, like e-mail and social networking, homework and personal finances, or casual Web browsing and online shopping. Built-in Vision Technology from AMD gives you super-sharp photos, and smooth and vivid HD video playback all while helping you save energy. The simplified design features clean lines. Convenient center console highlighting the most-used ports visually separates the top and bottom of the tower into two asymmetrically distinct areas for a modern look and feel. .content_style ul{margin-left:25px;margin-top:2px;margin-bottom:20px;} .content_style ul li{margin-bottom:2px;} .content_style p{margin:10px 0;}


Product Title: HP p2-1317cb Desktop, AMD E2-1800, 6GB, 20" - Desktops

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