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I was really having problems with...

Strengths: You never have to move your wrist! Forward/Reverse web site buttons with the trackball and scroller make it *real* fast.

Weakness: It takes about 2 says to get the feel of the trackball because it's so sensitive.

I was really having problems with pain in my wrist and fingers - all that's gone..and I'm surfing 8-10 hrs per day. It's the best twenty bucks I've spent in a long while.

By bdr1872 - Mar 12, 2003

Not so great.

Strengths: It's nice that it has the familiar feel and shape of a mouse, the scroll wheel is nice too.

Weakness: The ball sticks, you have to remove the ball and clean the thing at least once a day otherwise the sticking will drive you mad.

It's nice that it has the familiar feel and shape of a mouse, the scroll wheel is nice too. The ball sticks like crazy! You have to remove the ball and clean the thing at least once a day otherwise the sticking will drive you mad. I recommend the Microsoft Trackball Explorer instead. No sticking as with this one.

By garrettks - Feb 8, 2006

MS Trackball Optical

Strengths: Definately has helped my carpal-tunnel-like feelings in my wrist. Very precise (although some say too sensitive)

Weakness: EVERY DAY I have to not only clean out the area where the ball rests, but I also have to make sure all the bearings move properly. Ball sticks or is difficult to move frequently.

I bought this since I found a good deal for it, however I am currently looking for something better - something better must be out there. I end up cleaning this thing every day, and still the ball doesn't move the way it should; it sticks and sometimes i even end up putting a very small amount of powdered graphite into the bearings to get it working again.

It definitely has helped my wrist by not using a 'normal' mouse, but the annoyance of not having the smooth motion in the ball is almost not worth it.

Again, if you find a great deal on this AND you only will use it sparingly, then it might be OK. Otherwise, look elsewhere. If I find something, I'll update my review here.

By emusicman - Jul 26, 2006

This mouse is great for non-gaming...

Strengths: 1. Very comfortable to use. 2. Requires little desk real estate. 3. 4 progammable buttons makes life a bit easier. 4. USB makes it great as a secondary mouse device. 5. Long cable.

Weakness: 1. Not wireless. 2. If your hands get even mildly sweaty, track ball feels tacky. 3. Requires periodic maintenace (keeping the eye clean).

This mouse is great for non-gaming apps from surfing to watching movies. Having the ball controlled by the thumb instead of the other fingers makes this mouse better than all other track-ball mice.
The real beauty of this mouse is that it is easy to use from a standing position without having to hunch over. I use my machine for movies and music when i am doing stuff around the house and this mouse makes it easy, just walk up to it and use. Try this with your "normal" mouse and you will see what i mean.
The only thing that bothers me is the ball gets a bit tacky during use, but this is easily dealt with. Just keep it clean.
All in all, this mouse is worth buying, especially at this price.

By suprtzar - Aug 20, 2004

Optical Trackball

Strengths: It is really great for gameing! It is sold for $19.00 at Stores.

Weakness: The forearm lays flat on desk while useing this device, after 6 hours you lose circulation and your thumb won't turn the ball on reflex reactions.

I would recommend this product because of its adjustabilities.

I have had one of these since 2000. I am looking for it's replacement, of the same.

I am surprised that Microsoft didn't improve on This trackball with a forward button on the far top front.
I love this device and am adding it to New computer Build with Sli motherboard.
Interesting, maybe not relevant, the Serial Number on Mine are all 1's! Maybe I own it's Prototype! ?

By Hartman358 - Aug 6, 2005

Their trackball w/ desktop stand...

Strengths: Fast scroll wheel. Ball is not precise enough. Very jerky & hurt fingers when pushed down to get more precision like when filing e-mails, clicking on task bars etc.

Weakness: The 2 thin buttons beside right & left clicks caused problems. There were times I wouldn't even touch the clicks & my window would disappear.

Their trackball w/ desktop stand from yrs. ago was the best & it was also a thumb trackball, but sat upright. It flew, you could be very precise & I had no problems w/ it ever until she died. : (

If anyone knows where I can find one, pls. let me know

By exoticpublishing - Jul 5, 2004

MS Optical Trackball

Strengths: Excellent device. Takes a little bit to get used to the motion, but its instinctive after that. Good control. Use MS drivers to turn down the sensitivity.

Weakness: None,so to speak. Extra two buttons are better for folks with longer fingers.

Much like the older Logitechs, this piece has enough mass to it that I can rest my hand on it. The newer Logitechs are too small. For folks with larger hands who want a trackball, this is the current top choice. I only clean mine about once every three to four months. To the people who are getting problems with sticky balls, STOP eating at your desk. Pizza and optical mice do not go together! ;)

By SJ; - Aug 14, 2006

Microsoft Optical Trackball nine years old

Strengths: Two right and two left buttons, scroll wheel and wheel button. All buttons and scroll are easily programmable. Needs only 4" x 6.5" of desk space, naturally fits a hand.

Weakness: It's not manufactured any more. New ones are grossly overpriced (I've seen some around $200!) but some used ones come on the market occasionally. See below for wear and tear.

I bought my Trackball Optical in late 2001 when I first saw them in stores. Had used trackballs before, and used to various non-mice input hardware. I found this eminently suitable for my use both in normal office software, music production, web surfing and graphic/photo work... although it's not as good as a tablet and cordless stylus for some applications, neither are any mice or trackballs. Each of the five buttons can be reprogrammed for any application as you wish, using easy software. Scroll is programmable, too.

The only niggle I have had over nine full years of using the same Trackball Optical is that the ball sometimes gets too sticky and difficult to move in a controlled way. But that is an easy thing to solve. I clean the ball alternately with a microfiber glass cleaning cloth or wash it in ordinary dishwashing liquid under the tap, making sure it is clean afterwards. Rarely I rub it lightly with silicone spray on a cloth. In my experience the sticking is largely due to one or more of these: sweat, dirt, and the usual detritus that comes off a thumb during normal life.

The ball movement is illuminated for detection by LED's. After nine years of regular daily use, the trackball stopped responding as reliably as it had done. I discovered that the wiring connection to the LED's was showing signs of age. Fortunately, a magnifying glass located the problem area and a small resoldering cured it. That's no problem to fix, truly.

The only negative point is that it is for right-hand use only. Fortune smiles again; I'm ambidextrous.

By anonymous; - Feb 14, 2010

Super Mouse

Strengths: not a movable mouse, easy to clean, precise control, no desk space needed. Lots of programmable buttons, makes working very fast.

Weakness: none

I have always hated moving my whole arm around to point on the computer and have used ball mice since the mid to late 80's. This trackball doesn't need desk space to scurry around, it sits in one place and fits under your hand like a glove.

By RDavidRDavid - Dec 12, 2007

2 Different versions!!- D6700001 is the one to OWN!

Strengths: All has been said. This is UNBELIEVABLE.. You will not know how you ever used a mouse! Again the above Model number is the original and best (it is DARK in color). I've used Logitech.. not even close

Weakness: They re-released this as a crappy revision, that one sticks like crazy.. with NO food ;) the ball feels like its too large (by nanometers) for the socket it sits in. This one is LIGHT grey in color.

These things are going for $100 on eBay (not my sales) and I am SERIOUSLY.. considering buying one as a backup just so I never have to use a mouse again.. btw.. My baby girl stole my ball.. I can't find it! So $100 on ebay is tempting..

By anonymous; - Aug 16, 2007

Microsoft Trackball Mouse

Strengths: Somehow this Mouse was designed for 'My' hand. Sorry for the left handers who won't get to use it. As I recall there was a little getting used to the thumball but that passed quickly. Very rugged and lends itself to cleaning very well. Very simple des

Weakness: None that I've noticed. I might like it better if wireless, but I'm concerned with security so I have nothing wireless. The only weakness might be finding out they've been discontinued and no longer available.

I love this Mouse. My kids looked at me funny when I bought it, but I'd just had shoulder surgery and moving my arm was painful. This mouse was just the ticket and I'll never go back to anything else. Why anyone would want to move the whole right side of their body just to surf with a regular mouse is beyond me. This mouse should be OEM for high-end PC packages. Nowadays when I'm forced to use a regular mouse, I just think how outdated, limited and difficult it is to use.

I don't know what it was supposed to be used for, but it's found a home at my place.

By jyancey; - Apr 8, 2006