Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse

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Here's a mouse that fits comfortably in either hand and delivers 800-dpi optical precision that's twice as fast and accurate as standard optical mice. It glides across almost any surface without a ball or other moving parts, letting you decide where and how you work. And the scroll wheel makes navigating documents easier and even doubles as a third button.

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Device Type: Mouse

Interface Connection: USB, PS/2

Ergonomic Fit: Right-Handed Only

Wireless: Not Applicable

Tracking Type: Optical


Product Title: Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse

Manufacturer: Logitech

Power Score: 4.5 | 6 Reviews

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Strengths: This particular items has been very efficient, effective and the price was the greatest feature. I enjoy the comfort of it's service as it relates to my right hand that seems to tire easy.

Weakness: The color did not match my computer scheme.

This product has proven to be a very great investment. Normally I do no purchase electronical items through the mail for fear of damage or of not getting exactly what I paid for. I was shocked and very much pleased when I recieved my new mouse and from hench forth I will swear by Logitech products thankyou.

By sandrakendell2008 - Aug 16, 2007


Strengths: Good mouse. cheap price

Weakness: none

I'm using this mouse as an add-on to my laptop. So far I haven't had really big problems with it. It comes with a USB connector so it was perfect. But it also has an adapter for those who have the analog jack. I paid 10 bucks for it so I really dont' have any complaints..

By zmethodicalz - Jun 10, 2006

I actually have had this same...

Strengths: smooth....very smooth

I actually have had this same mouse for about 2 years but lost it when my cay was broken in to. I like this mouse so much that I spent a week online trying to find it.

By djkoke18 - Oct 11, 2005

Great mouse. I'll get it again for...

Strengths: Very, very, very, strong mouse, slam proof(i.e. counter-strike players dream) fast and smooth worth $40.

Weakness: Mouse is USB and changes to regular mouse port with an adapter that comes with. The adapter can break.

Great mouse. I'll get it again for my next system. Not much more I can say. I recomend this. Better then the microsoft standard optical mouse.

By AthlonXP2300 - Aug 11, 2002

Bought new, but had no...

Strengths: Has a lot of strengths, very accurate, precise, clean.

Weakness: The third button (middle scroll wheel) does not setup for certain online gaming activities. If you use your mouse for gaming, it does not recognise the configuration needed to add ease to playing.

Bought new, but had no instructions, just advertising of other mouse products. Should look at repackaging the product in a different means (ie with instructions). It would save a lot of foot/computer-work.

By Minx - Mar 31, 2002

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