Logitech MX 700 Cordless Optical Mouse


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The Logitech MX700 just raised the bar of expectation on precision and control. With its powerful MX optical engine, the MX700 instantly responds to even your fastest movements. The rechargeable Fast RF cordless technology gives the responsiveness of a corded connection, but without the cord. Our two Cruise Control buttons provide continuous scrolling through long documents or websites. And the rapid charge base station acts as a receiver and a charger in one. You made the demand so we built the device.

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Device Type: Mouse

Interface Connection: USB, PS/2

Wireless: Radio Frequency

Ergonomic Fit: Right-Handed Only

Tracking Type: Optical


Product Title: Logitech MX 700 Cordless Optical Mouse

Manufacturer: Logitech

Lowest Price: $169.00 from Amazon.com Marketplace

Power Score: 4.2 | 37 Reviews

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Logitech MX700

Strengths: Extremely comfortable, many user friendly controls.

Weakness: A little loose in charger.

This is a great mouse. Wireless freedom, comfortable and great buttons. Scroll fast, flip back and forth on web pages,cruise control, bring up open windows. I have had this for years and love it. I also have it's corded cousin the mx 500, another great mouse.

By SH; - Jan 8, 2007

MX700 cordless

Strengths: The weight and shape actually feel very good, once you get used to it.

Weakness: The buttons have failed on mine after only 3 months use. Charger is hit'n'miss, driver support especially for x64.

I like the weight and shape of this mouse. Very nice. Had a lot of problems though. No x64 drivers specifically for this model, which I think is short-sighted. Placing the mouse in the charger can be a real mission. Sometimes I have to repeat the exercise around 20 or so times, from various angles until I actually get a charge. Not something you should expect for this price. Big failure is that...
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By rpg2006 - Jan 10, 2006

I bought this one for work. I have...

Strengths: Works flawlessly. Fits nicely in my hand. Has extra buttons for programming. Smooth scroll.

Weakness: Rechargeable batteries are great but I've got to remember to put the mouse back in its charger when done.

I bought this one for work. I have two at home that I've been using for a year. This works about as well as a mouse can be expected to. I use it for gaming and it works great. I would recommend this to anyone.

By rajkalex - Nov 30, 2005

Amazing Mouse

Strengths: Good battery life...Very accurate

Weakness: Sometimes the additional buttons stop working..

I've been using this mouse for a lil over a year now. Been working very well actually. Better than my previous logitech wireless mouse, much better. It works on all surfaces, is smooth, precise & well I find the extra buttons very convenient. Now (Nov, 2005) however I believe you could get a better mouse. One using laser technology probably. If your not into getting one of those brand new ones, I...
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By manu08 - Nov 7, 2005

Logitech charging station goes first

Strengths: Mouse works great. I love the freedom from wires.

Weakness: Charging station goes first. I have to use regular AA or buy a another recharger.

I noticed that I was having to recharge batteries more often, so I bought new batteries. Charging station will not even charge the new batteries. Mouse still works great but just can't recharge the batteries. I will have to invest in a separate charger or buy disposable batteries. Charging station emits a red flashing light or no light at all.

By anonymous; - Aug 26, 2005

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