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I love the design! IT is very...

Strengths: It is very smooth and works with all applications. It's contour design works great. I love the ease of use. Makes editing a breeze with all the buttons close at hand!

Weakness: none that I find.

I love the design! IT is very comfortable and easy to use. There are preset buttons for all the editing programs available. It also comes with stickers to mark the buttons that you can even color code. Also you can program for other applications and or to just customize how you like it. I think this product is well worth the money and perfect for desktop editing.

By raysd76 - Dec 16, 2004

Great product

Strengths: Easy to use, install, and customize. Great support. Excellent price. Very ergonomic. Wonderful Mac driver.

Weakness: The USB cable going into the device seems like it might break over an extended period of time (many years)

For the price of the ShuttlePRO v.2 nothing else can compare. I use this for just about everything on my Mac at home and at work. It make browsing the web much faster, as well as working flawlessly with Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro and other high-end video/audio/image applications I work with on a daily basis. I don't know how I used to get along without it!

With 15 buttons, a jog wheel, and shuttle ring that are ALL customizable on a per-application basis the ShuttlePRO v.2 is a great tool for multi-tasking. And with the software on the Mac (haven't tried it under Windows) customizing what each button does in various applications is a piece of cake. Add to that the Key Composer that allows you to assign multiple keystrokes, text, and other things to a single button make the ShuttlePRO a very valuable time saver for many repetitive tasks. It's also nice that the top 9 buttons are clear and removable, so that you can add little labels (it ships with pre-printed labels for common tasks, as well as blank labels you can write out yourself, as well as a template to make more on your computer) to help you remember what you've programmed them to do.

As for the actual design of the shuttle it is very ergonomic and the smooth symmetrical curves make it very friendly to either hand. The buttons are laid out in a manner that make them easy to access, for the most part. When using with my left hand, the bottom two buttons on the left are a little awkward to reach, but on the right hand, the bottom two buttons on the right are a little awkward to reach as well. The shuttle ring has a nice rubberized grip that feels very professional - not cheap at all - and add to that the metal jog wheel and the whole unit feels very solid and sturdy.

The six rubber grips on the bottom keep the shuttle in place and for the most part keep it from sliding around, even on a fairly smooth/slippery desk.

The only thing I consider to be a big flaw is where the USB cable attaches to the main unit. Since I travel frequently and take the shuttle with me I feel that this point could cause stress on the cable and eventually (probably 3 to 5 years) could cause the cable to break. I would really like to see Countour Design make the cable detachable by using a USB mini type B female connection on the shuttle, so that it would be even more portable and I could use many of the cables I already have for that (USB type A to mini B that my camera and phone use). This is the sole reason for the 4 stars instead of 5.

Contour Design's support is also very good! I've contacted them twice about two different issues (ultimately, caused by the applications I was using, not the Shuttle or driver for the shuttle). They responded within a few hours of each email I sent them and were very detailed and helpful with each reply.

Overall, this is a wonderful product and I really enjoy using it! It really does make life easier, and I've learned alot about the keyboard shortcuts many of my favorite programs use!

By MormonMacMan - Sep 27, 2007

Contour Design Shuttle Pro V.2

Strengths: It works great with Studio 10.5

Weakness: Would not work with Windows Movie Maker

For the short time that I have used the Shuttle, I am finding out just how easy this will make my video editing be and cutting the video at that pin point spot with a simple touch and turn. Thank You Contour

By Jevonsd29 - Jun 15, 2006

ShuttlePro v2. This thing Stinks!

Strengths: None

Weakness: Erratic performance, lousy drivers, erroneous claims about its capabilities

I just purchased this device for use with Final Cut HD 4.5 and Cubase SX 3.1.1 on the Mac. The results I've had with this device have been a seious disapointment. I carefully installed the device directly to a USB port on my G-5 not using an extension or hub. I checked the Contour Designs web site for the latest drivers, downloaded and installed them.
In Final Cut HD I foun the perfomance of the unit to be very erratic. While this device was attatched it was impossible to hide Final Cut or quit from the menu-although you could close the application buy right clicking on it's icon in the dock. Speaking of the dock, when you used the device in Final Cut the icons on the dock would go if you were rapidly rolling over them. Sometimes the jog/shuttle wheel would run smoothly and other times it would inexplicably jump around in the sequence real rhyme or reason there.
In Steinberg Cubase SX 3.1.1 this unit did absolutely NOTHING.
I'm not sure if this unit is broken or if Contour Designs is simply another fly-by-night manufacturor who designed this thing for PC use and tossed in "Mac-Functionality" as an afterthought; in either case I don't offer second chances so I wouldn't advise anybody to throw their money away on this thing. Tomorrow morning it goes back to the store for a refund.

By Schnitzelboy - Apr 21, 2007

This product is an excellent...

Strengths: Very easy to set up. Customizeable for the most popular functions.

Weakness: Can't label all buttons. doesn't replace the need for a mouse.

This product is an excellent timesaver and seems to increase productivity. It doesn't eliminate the need for the mouse but I think it would be ideal to use this in conjuction with it.
I'll need more time to work it into my work process in order to appreciate its full potential.

By MADE4TV - Sep 25, 2004

ShuttlePro v2. Absolute garbage.

Strengths: none - this thing is total garbage.

Weakness: you name it

I just purchased this device for use in Cubase SX 3.1.1 on the Mac and Final Cut HD 4.5 on a Dual Processor 2.0 gig G-5. I made sure to download the most recent drivers as the Q&A section on their website recommended the newer driver if you're using Final Cut HD. I carefully followed the installation instructions right down to directly patching it into a USB port - not using a hub or extension. The functionality of this unit under Final Cut is erratic at best. One little side effect is that you can't hide or quit the application which makes browsing for files a bit of a pain. Also all of the application icons on the dock go crazy when you use it.
Under Cubase SX3.1.1 this device does absolutely NOTHING at all; making it completely worthless to me..
Perhaps this unit is broken or yet another piece of techno-trash produced by a fly-by-night manufacturer designed for use on a PC and "Mac functionality" was just carelessly tossed in as an afterthought; in any case I don't advise that anybody throw their money away on this thing. I'll certainly be running it back to Micro Center for a refund ASAP.

By anonymous; - Apr 21, 2007

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