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Laptop Computers - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

4 Star Review Inspiron 1000 Notebook (2.2GHz Intel Celeron Mobile, 256MB, 30GB, DVD/CD-RW, Windows XP, 14.1" TFT)


portapundit - (December 02, 2004) I rarely fire up my desktop anymore since I acquired this I1000, 90 percent of my computer usage is on-line and this is perfect for that. It's fast and the display is a real surprise and a treat, sharp graphics, text and excellent color rendition. The wireless card performs perfectly and will pick up networks easily. It's a shocking bargain for the price (689 for the 15", 40gb, wireless). I wouldn't expect to do any graphics work with this machine as the vid is ok for viewing but not for editing pics, it would be great for data and word processing. I'm much more impressed than I thought I would be because of the price point. If you need a decent, low priced notebook with power and lot

4 Star Review T23 14.1" Notebook - Intel - Mobile Pentium III-M 1.13GHz - Black (128 MB RAM - 30 GB HDD - DVD-Reader - S3 SuperSavage/ IXc - Windows 2000 Professional - 1024 x 768 Display)


lance71570 - (October 09, 2004) I recently purchased a refurbished IBM T23 Notebook and love it. It has P3 1.13GHZ processor that runs faster than my Compaq 2.7GHZ Celeron desktop with Windows XP Home when running MS Office XP. It came with 128MB ram, upgrade it to 256MB and with a noticeable speed. It feels durable, well built, fullsize keyboard, lightweight. Good value for the price @ For those who are looking for lightweight, daily use, on the go type Notebook with exceptional value, this model is what I recommend.

5 Star Review PowerBook 15.2" Notebook - PowerPC G4 1.50 GHz (512 MB RAM - 80 GB HDD - DVD-Writer - ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 - Mac OS X 10.3 Panther - 1280 x 854 Display - Bluetooth)


rmb303 - (August 22, 2004) The best purchase I have ever made. The screen is lovely, the boot-up time is phenomenal, and the integration between the operating system (Mac OS X) and the bundled applications (iTunes, iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband etc.) is just amazing. In short, just what I'd expect from Apple.

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