PWR+ Pwr+® 14 Ft AC Adapter Laptop Charger for Gateway NV Series NV53 NV55c NV52 NV53a NV79 NV59c...


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Pwr+ Platinum Guarantee * Pwr+ products are CE/FCC/RoHS certified. * Warranty: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee / 18 Months - Free Exchange (Pwr+ pays for shipping) * Please contact us with any questions or concerns - we are here to help! (Phone service is available) * Products trademarked Pwr+® are marketed and sold exclusively by Pwr+. We focus on providing quality power products and excellent customer service ... and we also ship your order the same or next day (Amazon order processing time varies) ! AC Adapter Description * Rapid 3.42 Amp Charger * Overheating Protection with Smart Chip * Overload Protection with High Quality Wires * Anti-Interference Feature with better Isolation Materials * High quality, rubberized texture extra long 14 Ft AC/DC Cord Compatibility: Gateway NE Series NE51b16u NE51b18u NE51B19U; NE52203u NE52204u NE52207u NE52209u NE52210u NE52213u NE52215u; NE56r10u NE56r11u NE56r12u NE56r13u NE56r15u NE56r16u NE56r27u NE56r31u NE56r34u NE56r37u NE56r41u NE56R42u NE56r43u NE56r45u NE56r47u NE56r48u NE56r50u NE56R52u; NE57004u NE57005u; NE71b06u NE71b10u NE71B11u NE71B12u; NE72206u NE72207u NE72208u NE72213u NV Series NV51b08u NV51b15u NV51b35u; NV5214u; NV52l06u NV52l08u NV52l15u NV52l23u; NV5302u NV5378u; NV53a24u NV53a52u; NV55c03u NV55c35u NV55c38u NV55c49u NV55c54u NV55c56u; NV55s02u NV55s04u NV55s05u NV55s07u NV55s09u NV55s14u NV55s15u NV55s17u NV55s20u NV55s28u; NV56r06u NV56r10u NV56r14u NV56r38u; NV570p04u NV570P07u NV570P08u NV570p09u NV570p10u NV570p11u NV570P18u NV570P20u; NV57h20u NV57h26u NV57h43u NV57h44u NV57h48u NV57h50u NV57h54u NV57h57u NV57h58u NV57h73u NV57h77u NV57h96u; NV5927u NV5929u NV59c63u NV7310u NV75s02u NV75s26u NV76R29u NV76r38u NV76r43u NV76r44u NV76r45u NV76r47u NV77h05u NV77h18u NV77h19u NV77h20u NV77h23u NV7802u NV7915u


Product Title: PWR+ Pwr+® 14 Ft AC Adapter Laptop Charger for Gateway NV Series NV53 NV55c NV52 NV53a NV79 NV59c NV78 NV54 NV57h NV59 NV76r NV73 NV55s NV50a NV52l NV55 NV57 NV570P NV51b NV56 NV77h NV44 NV58 NV75s NV51 NV56r NV73a NV50 NV76 NV79c; PEW91 P5WS0 95 Q5WTC NEW90 P

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