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I purchased a Sony VAIO Superslim...

Strengths: Light, well-connected, nice performance for the price

Weakness: Memory max 384MB, poor software included

I purchased a Sony VAIO Superslim R505EL for MS Office, mp3s, and the net at home. I wanted performance, my wife wanted a sexy computer... we got both. The screen is beautiful. I have a Samsung 17" monitor, but the 12.1" LCD is so bright and sharp I don´t even hook up the external monitor. Sound output is pretty good and the keyboard is responsive. It comes with 256MB and 2 memory slots, but one slot has memory soldered on! Hence the 384MB max; fine for now, but with XP, 512MB is preferable. The docking station with the CD/DVD drive includes additional USB ports and a network connection. The 30 GB HD is big, but comes partitioned into two (which can be reformatted). The modem works well; I got speeds of 56K. There is also a CF Type II slot, floppy drive, Memory Stick slot, IEEE 1394 port, and an Ethernet jack. Well-connected! The DVD drive is fast, but Easy CD Creator can´t be used with it (Nero 5.5 works). The included software is fine for audio CDs, but is lacking for data CDs; no one-touch copying. Battery life varies greatly on how intensely you use it... as expected Sony advertises up to 4.5 hours. After using it for a few weeks, I am glad we got it; my wife loves it and it is light and beautiful, and powerful enough for home needs. A few memory and software issues aside, Sony gives a lot for $1550.

By shahnr - Aug 10, 2002

I'm in love with this little...

Strengths: Sweet to look at, fast, good battery life, very nice screen, light and slim

Weakness: sony's software sucks

I'm in love with this little jewell. It looks great and it runs like a champ. I bought this as a replacement for my hp5470 (big, heavy, no bat. life...) and so far it has out done it in every way. The screen is wonderful. It's bright and clear with fantastic color. The graphic chip is ok. I didnt buy this for games but if the need arise It should be no problem. My only gripe is with the silly sony software thats included. It sucks plain and simple. DVD's play great. The speakers are small but sound very nice. The over all biuld is solid. The keyboard is small but responsive and has a good feel to it. This thing is so light compared with what I'm used to...I love it

By themiz - Oct 28, 2002

Very good for what it is wtorth

Strengths: Small right Shift button, touchpad gets in the way if you type fast and with all ten fingers like i do, Memory max is actually 512 if you disable the 64Mb onbhoard and stick in a 512 stick

Weakness: Small right Shift button, touchpad gets in the way if you type fast and with all ten fingers like i do, Memory max is actually 512 if you disable the 64Mb onbhoard and stick in a 512 stick

This system was bought in 2009 used, and Honestly it is very good for it's age! The biggest quirk I can find with it is the right Shift button is as small as the rest of the letter keys but the other Shift button works fine since it is of a bigger size. Got the dock with it and it is great! Doesn't have a burner, but hell I use USB pens all the time anyway! Lightweight and portable I use it outside and on the bus occasionally..Works great anywhere! I bought it with No OS on it, and put XP on it, and even with all the unnecessary services turned off, It still runs a bit slow and I get the BSOD occasionally so I would NOT recommend putting windows ME that comes with it or XP for that matter, and DEFINITELY NOT VISTA OR 7 AS VISTA SUCKS FOR EVEN A YEAR OLD SYSTEM LET ALONE 5-6 AND 7 WONT RUN ON SOMETHING WITH SUCH LITTLE MEMORY CAPACITY OR CPU POWER. Sorry I capped that but I wanted to make that perfectly clear because I have had clients want vista on a Pentium 266 before and get pissed that I said I wouldn't because it'll run like hell and don't wanna be blamed. Overall a very nice book for what it's worth..Not as powerful as an aspire one but I've owned both, and they are on par with usefulness I wouldn't recommend big gaming on this one but the aspire one, yes..Bought mine for 100 bucks with good battery and docking station, probably only worth 75 as I bought it, but I got mine from some guy in york, pa named Nathan Roe, if you are to deal with him, don't, he will not support your item, he promised me if i had an issue, he'd help by coming to fix it, he wanted woney. Buy somewhere else, but this notebook is worth 75-100 depending on condition, mine was almost immaculate

By nathanmoyer21 - May 25, 2009

Never again!

Strengths: Cute, lightweight.

Weakness: Not enough memory to handle more than one large app. such as Word. Slow, slow, slow! Terrible battery life. Alps trackpad is a joke--twitchy, unpredictable, even with latest upgrade.

If you are a casual user, this might work for you, but I am a writer and give my systems hard use. This one turned out to be an abysmal failure. Frustrated me so badly I bought a
Dell at a much lower price and it's been terrific. Software
is for those who are into music, so if that's you and you have a lot of patience, go for it. Otherwise, don't waste your money.

By ptritsch - Aug 27, 2005

Vaio PCG-R505EL

Strengths: Fast, Takes Abuse, Put together in U.S.A.

Weakness: Hardware good, configuration from sony has to be reworked

Ive had this computer since 2001 and have seen it flying through the air, sparks fly numerous times off the case, and dropped many times, for this it has had a new hard drive and a new LCD, but I got an extended warrentee from Compusa, because I knew it was going to be abused. I joined partitons, I removed most of the items from the system tray and I used Intel Extreme Graphics drivers, removeing the ones that came from Sony. Other found the software sony had as sub par, I found that with the same processor on a desktop, that the sony software would capture a movie without hestation where Nero would not

By anonymous; - Dec 5, 2005