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Excellent computer

I've had tecras for over 10 years, and the A11 S3540 is fantastic. It's very fast, supports lots of memory (4gb installed), works great with my dynadock (to add a second screen and simplify home/office connections), windows 7 64 bit is a big update from vista! Note: I had to figure out how to disable the touchpad when typing (in the control panel...) and then I became a happy camper! (start/control panels/mouse/advanced tab/advanced feature settings.../touchpad tab/click on the 'disable tapping' in the "operations during key input" box). I'm on the computer all day long, and this unit is wonderful to use, and is very capable for all the tasks I need to do (general office work, and a fair amount of engineering design, server maintenance). I've even loaded the Microsoft Virtual PC, so I'm able to run programs that only run in XP, on a virtual machine within windows 7. It's really the best of all (computer) worlds!

By on - Dec 5, 2010

Good product for the money...

I like this laptop. I was looking for a new laptop to replace my Fujitsu. I compared all the major brands and found this to be the best value on the market with this configuration. I also like the fact that it came pre-installed with Windows XP. I was able to use all of my existing software (after de-installing from my other machine) avoiding additional upfront cost of buying Win7 compatible software. Also, some of my equipment will not be compatible with Win7 and I defer that cost of upgrade until a later date. This product configuration gives you that choice having the faster machine while using your XP configuration.

By on - Jul 26, 2010

Industrial Working Laptop

Good laptop for the industrial workplace. Would be better if it had better battery life and more vertical screen resolution (I miss the 1024 of old screen) for programming. Serial port is superior to having to use a USB want-to-be for many industrial hardware connections.

By on - May 1, 2010

Sleek with all the right features

Still early in the ownership of this product, but first impressions are that this was the perfect choice for my needs. THE ONLY REASON FOR NOT GIVING 5 STARS IS MY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME/EXPERIENCE WITH THE TECRA A11. The only area of concern is audio volume. While the built-in speakers are on the front of the laptop, it seems they don't offer a sufficent amount of volume to compreshensively be heard if someone near by is carrying on a conversation in a normal speaking voice. [NOTE: in these cases I have been watching/listening educational media, or DVD movies... NOT music audio] I will revisit the review area in a couple months to provide an update once I've had a bit more time in the drivers seat of the Tecra A11-S3540.

By on - Apr 17, 2010

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By - Jul 7, 2010

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By - May 21, 2010

Toshiba Tecra A11-S3540

The A11-S3540 is a business-oriented notebook PC from Toshibas A11 Series and is an upgrade to the A11-S3530. The laptop features an 15.6" HD+ LED-backlit display with a native resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. It utilizes an Intel Core i7 processor, 4GB of DDR3 memory, and a 320GB hard drive. The laptop also includes a built-in DVD SuperMulti drive and integrated nVIDIA graphics. The...
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By - Feb 2, 2010