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Good Value for the Price

The P755 series are good Value for the Price. We will wait to read the reviews on the new S855, to comapre. I don't know how to adjust the Contrast settings on my s5198. Maybe VTXFrank can help. Thanks Toshiba.

By on - Sep 4, 2012

Best Value & Performance Notebook

Previously I used Satellite L305-S5970 and I impressed much with the performance. Now, I upgraded the L305-S5970 with P755-S5198 and I got the same quality Toshiba Notebook. I really proud of my New Notebook. Thank You Toshiba.....

By on - Aug 25, 2012

Noticeably faster than A665

Bought an A665-S6095 1.25 years ago with same features. The Core i5 in it was a little slow for my taste, so sold it to a friend and bought this high-end Core i7 to replace it. I obviously would not have bought another Toshiba if I didn't like the A665. I limit my laptop purchases to Asus and Toshiba due to their high reliability, but Toshiba wins every time because of features like Harmon Kardon speakers and back-lit keyboard. Unless you must operate your laptop for really long periods on the battery, they are great laptops. If you need long battery life, you should probably spring for an ultrabook. Just keep in mind, though, that an ultrabook will take a lot more out of your wallet.

By on - May 28, 2012

Great value

This laptop provides a lot of bang for the buck. I got it on sale at Office Depot. I wanted a new windows laptop and I has researched many including Dell, HP, and Lenovo. I read a report that stated Toshiba and Asus laptops have the lowest incidence of repair. This was backed up by a friend I have in the computer repair business who told me that he rarely sees a Toshiba in his shop. The laptop has an I 7 processor, 6 gb of ram, and a great graphics card. I have been impressed with the video playback using the Toshiba player and music sounds great also. I use external speakers most of the time but for laptop speakers the harmon/kardon are way better than you will find on most laptops. I priced several companies and they all would have been more for the same features. The only disappointment is battery life is not as long as I would like. My Macbook has much better battery life of course I paid about two and one-half times as much for my Apple computer. It is not two and one-half times better trust me. Overall I am very satisfied.

By on - May 11, 2012

Good value-Excelent support after the sale!

This seems to be a little above average product but I have found Toshiba aftermarket support to be second to none. This is my second Toshiba laptop, I did have a problem with my first one a couple years ago under a borderline warranty condition where the big box store I purchased it from blew me off. I contacted Toshiba service, they made arrangements to get it to them and within a week I had my repaired laptop back...and it sounds like this level of service is general practice for them. So far,this one has met all of my expectations, I am happy with it and will buy another when the day comes....just not from the big box store.

By on - Apr 19, 2012

Worst Laptop I ever had

This has been the worst laptop i have ever owned. It crashed on me after a year and problems started coming up the 1st month I got it. I don't recommend it to anyone.

By on - Apr 5, 2012

Tremendously Impressed!!

My only complaint is the included 6-cell battery isn't going to last more than three hours despite its 5+ hour rating. I didn't play a game to put that large of a strain on the battery, instead surfing the web with 10-12 tabs open in Firefox after having fully charged and discharged the battery three times. I did encode two movies and five CD's though as well as wrote 5 DVD's in doing the install disk utility. However, once you take into consideration the amount of power at your hands, the battery run time is great IMO. My older Brand X laptop wouldn't run 1.5 hours with a 12 cell battery, so this one is great! Weighing in at just over 5.7lbs, this laptop packs a huge amount of performance into such a tidy package! Ripping audio CD's is a breeze, encoding videos to different formats just gets done so quickly that I'm very impressed! You can also use the Nvidia discrete GPU to help transcode movies or audio files which makes the task go by that much faster. The backlit keyboard is a must in my opinion. Once you use one, you'll wonder how in the world you ever got along without it. The memory card reader transferred 1.8GB of pictures from my CF Memory card to the hard drive in less than four minutes. The included WiFi wireless adapter just SCREAMS! I mean, this sucker is the fastest wireless connection in the house and I have two laptops, a netbook, two iPads, four iPhones and two desktops all using wireless N adapters and none of them can come anywhere near the throughput of this Toshiba. The display is nice and crisp after you turn down the brightness and adjust the contrast a little bit. Out of the box, mine was way too bright. Turned down the brightness a tad and then saw I needed to adjust the contrast. After doing those two things, the display is awesome. It will reflect some bright background light, but no where near as bad as my other laptops. Over all, for the price, features and Toshiba reputation, you can't beat this deal!

By on - Apr 2, 2012


By far one of the best machines i've had the pleasure to get my hands on, Great quality, durable feel, just the complete package highly recommend for anyone who does high gaming apps or business.

By on - Mar 21, 2012

Best Ever!

Best performance and top of the line product at a great price! I love it!!!

By on - Mar 4, 2012

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By - Feb 23, 2012