Toshiba Satellite L635-S3030 13.3" LED TruBrite Notebook - Intel Celeron P4600 2 GHz - Gray

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Toshiba believes it's never too early to stir kid's mind through exciting, innovative technology. So give them the computer they want, with the peace of mind you want, by bringing home our Satellite L635 Laptop for kids, a PC tailor-made for young family members, and parents who want greater control over what their children see, do and enjoy.


Product Title: Toshiba Satellite L635-S3030 13.3" LED TruBrite Notebook - Intel Celeron P4600 2 GHz - Gray

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Power Score: 4.6 | 26 Reviews

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My Poor choice...Bad investment...Overpriced

RAM is not sufficient....have to restart all the time to keep from crashing. Not enough physical features for what you pay...way overpriced. Sound quality and volume is absolutely the worst ever. I definitely cannot recommend this product. I am very disappointed in Toshiba. I thought they were a step up from the competition but I was wrong.

By on - Oct 9, 2011

Love it

good computer Could use more gb for price.

By on - Sep 29, 2011

Challenging start

Laptop kept on crashing due to incompabilities with 3rd party software. In addition, many security and system upgrades were needed. Laptop still crashes and needs frequent restart. Disapointed with performance even after adding 4G of ram.

By on - Sep 26, 2011

Not just for kids

I have been shopping around for a new, reasonably portable laptop and found this sitting on the shelf at our local tech/entertainment store. It's more powerful than a netbook, but at the same price. Has some nice rugged features and that's a plus for me being a tech savvy person. I'm constantly in the need for a all around use system and this is unbeatable for the price and the size isn't...
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By on - Sep 19, 2011

love it

fast simple and works NO hassle no bull it just works

By on - Aug 28, 2011

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