Reviews for Toshiba Satellite A215-S4807 15.4" TruBrite Notebook - AMD TL-56 1.80 GHz, Turion X2 - Onyx Blue Metallic

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Pretty Good

Strengths: Runs smooth, Webcam

Weakness: Slightly Heavier, Thicker and Looks Bulky. White Keyboard feels weird!

I compared this with the previous model Toshiba A135 series Core 2 Duo 1.6 (667FSB) with 1GB RAM. One thing I immediately noticed is, this AMD laptop runs Vista much much smoother than the other one.

This one however, generates (exhausts more heat from the side) and therefore will consume the battery quickly. It's slightly thicker towards the rear side and heavier compared to older A135 model. But it comes with a webcam, and the Toshiba label on the top cover looks much slicker.

It looks allright but touching the new white keys give me a really weird feeling. It's like touching chalk. I've absolutely no idea why they used this new invention! This white keyboard thing should definitely be optional.

If they solve the thickness and weight, and white keyboard thing I'd buy another one.

I'd recommend it to somebody who's not picky as much as me.

By anewculture - Sep 3, 2007

Toshiba A215-S4807

Strengths: 15.4 screen bright, X2 Amd dual core, 2 gig mem

Weakness: Battery life 1 to 2 hrs.

I purchase this computer at circuit city, it is good for the price. Computer for me was fast enough, the screen was excellent and comes with Vista Premium not home. You will be happy with this notebook except for the battery life. AMD X2 was supposed to have longer battery life, but unfortunately it isnt. Grab an extra battery instead

By jamo888 - Sep 28, 2007


Strengths: nice screen thats about all

Weakness: Poor touch screen, cheap lates

I have had this notebook since September of 2007. Never dropped it or did anything to give physical damage. All of a sudden last month the latch to open the laptop broke off. I called Toshiba they said its not covered under warranty and I would have to pay at the minimun $25 to fix it. Mind you I have a 3 yr warranty. Now I have to open it with a narrow sharp object until I take time and money to repair it my self. How cheap can they get and how embarrassing for me to have to open it like this everywhere I go. I will never buy any more products from them.

By msk180 - Feb 19, 2008

XP is not supported

Strengths: Big and Heavy, good exercise

Weakness: Graphics, little to no support outside Vista. Touch pad causes cursor to jump all over the place. No driver support outside Vista

If you are not a USER this is a pretty good laptop. If you do any development it is weak, as Vista and Sql Server are incompatible. I have run into quite a few of these issues where I have had to jump through hoops because of this operating system, so I can\\\\\\\'t really blame the hardware; but Toshiba said if I wanted XP I should not have bought this laptop and no they are not going to even think of doing drivers for XP. Nothing over 640x480, no network connection, no, no, no. Too many no\\\\\\\'s. They also did not post my review a couple of days ago.

By OhHenree - Nov 17, 2007

Toshiba Satellite A215-S4807 Notebook

Strengths: fast, heavy

Weakness: froze up all the time

I purchased this a year ago now but after 6 months of using this notebook it started to froze up constantly everytime I will open a new browser. The price is pretty reasonable for $800 the features are gret except for that problem.

By anonymous; - May 16, 2008

Great value, good performance

I don't normally write reviews, but I have been very pleased with the performance of my Toshiba A21-S4807 laptop. I have owned a Dell and a Sony laptop, and the Toshiba has out-performed both of them. The special price from Circuit City enticed me to consider this laptop and I wanted to make sure I had at least 2mb of RAM to run Vista and related software. I use it mostly for standard business applications and have not have any problems since I bought it. Battery life, while better than the Dell I had, still is not optimal.

By Fiddleman on - Dec 7, 2007

Laptop convience

My wife and I purchased this laptop a few months ago and are really pleased with it. Since this purchase we have gone wifi and take it every where when we travel. There is a problem with the screen going black on occasion and we must rebot the computer any hints on correcting this would be helpful. Overall I am very pleased with this computer and have recommended it to many of my co-workers. Thanks Tony

By kodi on - Dec 3, 2007

best computer i have

the toshiba is a great computer with all the features that i need to go from work to home

By lorraine on - Nov 27, 2007

Great purchase for the price range

I purchased this laptop a few short months ago and have been pleased with it overall. There have been few problems and I feel that it offers good features for the price range of the laptop. One big plus for me is that it came with Windows Vista Home Premium, a decent processor, and 2 GB of memory. The laptop itself is sleek-looking and typically gives great performance. However, like another reviewer I have had the problem with the screen just going to black randomly, for no reason, even though the laptop indicates that it is still powered on. Holding the power button and restarting the machine is the only method that brings it back, but it is a hassle when you are in the middle of working on something and it does this. Thankfully, this has only happened a handful of times and does not occur often. I have changed the power options on the laptop, but have still had it happen... Nevertheless, it appears to be a minor problem. I do wish the graphics card was better and more compatible with some games, but laptops aren't designed to be gaming machines in general, so that's to be expected, particularly with one in the same price range as this one. The only other negative I can think of would be that the laptop does not have impressive battery life. Depending on what programs are running, I can get at most 1-2 hours with the laptop running on battery alone. Overall, I'm pleased with this laptop and Toshiba, and recommend it as a good middle-of-the-road laptop.

By JemStar on - Nov 27, 2007

only will buy a Toshiba

i bought an HP at first in within 24 hours had to return it. i traded it in for my GREAT toshiba

By on - Nov 25, 2007

Good buy

I purchased the laptop 3 months ago. I haven't had any real issues with it. The problems encountered were due to Windows Vista itself. The only set back is the short battery life-it barely last an hour.

By on - Nov 24, 2007

Initial processor problems

This laptop has great features and okay performance. It is a very good value overall. The one problem is with the speed stepping for the processor. The unit kept locking up (1-2 times daily) and would go to a black screen that only holding the power button could solve. I tried testing the memory with mem386 and updating the video driver before I finally broke down and reluctantly called tech support. To my surprise, the tech was friendly, efficient, understandable and competent. Marvin led me to the power options to disable powering down the processor and bingo, no more lock ups. This must be a common problem because he knew exactly what my problem was with only a minimum of description. Overall a good machine, but battery life will suffer without the processor stepping down when inactive.

By barnards1 on - Nov 19, 2007

always room for improvement

Great laptop. Problems with computer powering out at inconvenient times on or off line. Longer battery life is always a plus. Love the larger keys and the accessories.

By teelabrat on - Nov 12, 2007

Awesome deal

I bought this laptop based on features for the price. What I got was a GREAT deal on a laptop I am very pleased with as far as features and performance.

By HarleyET512 on - Nov 12, 2007

2nd laptop purchase

This laptop is awesome. I'm not into all the tech stuff too much but this one does everything I need and then some. I love Windows Vista. The screen resolution is incredible. My daughter's laptop was not a Toshiba and now I wish it was, I don't think I'll ever buy anything else. My only concern is the battery life, i wish it was a bit longer.

By MayBNxtYr on - Nov 12, 2007

fairly happy with purchase

I just wish the computer was a little faster.

By dooj on - Nov 11, 2007

My Favorite Toy

I really love having my very own laptop. A few times the screen has gone blank while I was using it, and I had to manually shut down and/or restart to get the notebook to respond, but other than that, it has been a great & useful tool.

By taximom54 on - Nov 10, 2007


The Satellite A215-S4807 is slow with Windows Vista, even though it's running with 2 Gigs of memory. It tends to overheat, and the screen blanks out if left on for an extended time.

By Llama on - Nov 10, 2007

deceptive purchase

i purchased this laptop in 3 months ago and had to return it within a week because the screen just kept on dying on me even in the middle of typing! it would not respond to any keys so i had to turn it off with the power button and run it in safe mode. i thought it was a problem only with that particular one so naively, i exchanged it for the same model. the same thing kept on happening. i had to call Toshiba over 8 times; they helped me download drivers, i changed my power options, etc. it seems to be working ok now, but i don't put it to sleep anymore: i simply shut it down completely when i'm not using it.

By chemE on - Nov 10, 2007

Reliable laptop

Purchased this lptop for two children in college and then got one for myself

By allclem on - Nov 10, 2007

Good Computer ...but

This is my 1st notebook. The flash player doesnt work.

By rodknee on - Nov 9, 2007

Excellent Machine

It's everything I need and more, I recommend this to any one.

By Northstar on - Nov 9, 2007


great machine for the price. I added a stand alone battery and got all the life that I need. Very satified

By jhawk225 on - Nov 9, 2007

Satisfied Purchase

I've been very pleased with the performance of my Toshiba Satellite and have the confidence of its reliablility.

By Augie38 on - Nov 9, 2007

Better Battery would make perfect

Bought this laptop a couple of months ago and it has performed beautifully. The 2G Ram is a must with Vista. Price was best of the bunch and has everything I was looking for and more. Only disappointment is battery life. Don't know if it's a systemic problem or a one time flaw with battery company.

By FCfacil on - Nov 9, 2007

smoking hot

It's a blast furnace, generates heat around the touch pad. No extra USB ports in the back,hate power plug on the side. Wireless switch is hard to find. Good speed for the price

By delaplane on - Nov 9, 2007


i am happy with my laptop is very good i have my programns and i buy another because i love the digital pictures and i so happy with this product thanks for sale good things

By luci on - Nov 9, 2007

good for the money

i always like toshiba product good quality and reliable. my only concern with this one is that the graphics card is not that spectacular but it still looks beautiful with vista. It staggered abit try to run high graphics games but since i didn't purchase it for that function it is cool. it is price really well it does not run hot as i have read before by other and it definetly has enough ram and i like that i can expand it to my likeing . i am looking forward to enjoying this fo rthe next 3-4 years

By krisllf on - Nov 8, 2007

good deal for price.

Good computer for the price. Battery Life is very dissapointing. as is the Junk programs loaded at start up. I was a little upset that I had to pay $40. to the dealer just to removal all the unnecessary junk. The computer runs much faster now. still having problems with shutting down, but I bet that is a Windows Vista problem. I was a little upset that I could not use my current Printer I had because of Vista, but that is a Canon problem not toshiba. I like that fact that I was able to get 2 gb ram at this price point, becasue Vista alone uses 1/2 that. over all a good comp, but will probably ahve to up grade the battery with in the year unforunatly now the $699.00 becomes $850.00 so is this a good computer at that price Point? Over all I think i received a pretty fair deal. I understand the marketing strategy and putting juck marketing and unecessary programs int he comp, but when I took it in the tech told me he was able get much faster seepd by deleting much of the jusnk and turning off about 15 to 20 differnt profgroams that loaded automatically, but were not needed for startup.

By thsapp on - Nov 8, 2007

Great value for price

this is a very good computer for the price. Lots of power [memory] allows Vista to run better than most laptops in this price range. I do have problems with my fingers triggering the touch pad while typing, but I am learning to keep my thumbs up,,,,,

By kazooljh on - Nov 8, 2007


I thought this laptop was an exceptional buy for the price. Plus, the 2048 MB with the 160 gig hard drive was awesome. Windows Vista needs at least 1000 MB just to run at an acceptable level, but with 2000 MB, you will definitely run faster. I've had no problems with this laptop. I told a friend about it and he went out to purchase one too. Great laptop for a great price!

By Romeo on - Nov 8, 2007

Great Value for a Great Brand

This laptop is a great value! I've had mine for about 2 months now and the performance is pretty good. My only complaint with it is the fact that the battery doesnt last too long but otherwise, I am satisfied with my purchase.

By reginaslim on - Nov 8, 2007



By RicardoJ11 on - Nov 8, 2007

Excellent 1st Laptop

This is my first laptop. I am extremely pleased.

By DenCoMan on - Nov 8, 2007

Best buy

Very good computer, it runs fast. One problem is the battery life is horrible on it. You have to keep it plugged in all the time if you are wanting to work on it for over an hour.

By Rach83 on - Nov 8, 2007

Such a value we bought two

This product was a wonderful value. My husband and I both bought one.

By maryw1173 on - Nov 8, 2007

Great Deal

This has been a great deal for me. It was the best of everything I wanted for the price paid. I have had no problems with it and I use it all of the time.

By Mcirv on - Nov 8, 2007

Very Satisfied

Purchased laptop for collegiate daughter who is a very savvy PC user. She is delighted with the machine. Only concern is the heat level of the electrical adapter.

By HeliPilot on - Nov 8, 2007


well i got the laptop and wow i havent had one this is fast and the features that i thought i would never use in my life boy was i wrong i m hooked on them now i use the web cam and dvd burnner all the time and the vista features are totaly awsome with the dvd watching graffics and i love the online tv it plays i travel all the time and this thing is my side kick so im wouldent buy any other brand now that ive had this one my two last computers i had usaly crashed the first three months and this thing is takeing the abuse from me and alll my web n downloading

By chaos on - Nov 8, 2007

very satisfied

This was my first laptop purchase,and for the money I spent I feel like I did extremely well! I wasn't very pleased with the service I got from Circuit City! When I got the laptop home,after waiting a week because they didn't have any in stock, I turned it on & found out that somebody had been messing w/ it! Everything on the desktop was in the trash bin & it had been turned off wrong & started in safe mode! Of course nobody at the store knew of any of that matter! Besides that I've had no problems w/ my product & am very satisfied w/ my purchase as of this date! I purchased the extended warranty thru Toshiba Direct! Hopefully I'll never have to use it! I would recomend this product to anyone! I use mine daily!

By americanbadass on - Nov 8, 2007

Overall - pretty good

I was looking to upgrade from another laptop I had that was 5 years old. This laptop has all the memory, storage, speed, etc., I needed for the applications/programs I run. I haven't had any problems with it up to this point. Good price for a good laptop.

By deltaV on - Nov 8, 2007

Good computer

I am enjoying my laptop. I am a grad student and purchased it to use multi media programs. So far, so good! No complaints.

By chriso on - Nov 8, 2007

Solid Performer

I use it for internet, microsoft office suite of business products and storing pictures and videos. It is a solid performer and I have had no problems. I have been disappointed with the battery life considering I don't do games or other resource intensive activities but it is not enough of a problem to poo-poo a recommendation. This is a nice machine. Also, Toshiba plasters their name on the lid which is a pet peeve so when skinit comes out with a wrap for this machine, I will cover it up.

By michaelm on - Nov 8, 2007

Pretty Good Computer

I think my next computer is going to be Toshiba as well. Not bad at all.

By Woody109 on - Nov 8, 2007


I'm sorry I'm not happy with this purchase... This computer is not what I was thinking it would be. I type and the space will move and I'll have to retype it, and if I'm on to long this laptop act like it get LOCKED so I'm NOT HAPPY. The sad part I have only had it for about 2months............

By jamminjohnson on - Nov 8, 2007

Bad keyboard

I type upwards of 100+ words a minute and this keyboard constantly makes the cursor skip around the page, at random, to different lines and words. It is extremely frustrating and I'm calling toshiba this weekend about it. If it wasn't for this horrid defect in keyboard quality, I may consider it a decent laptop.

By Fjorgyn77 on - Nov 8, 2007

Satellite A215-S4807

I have a problem with the keyboard. Whenever I am typing the cursor jumps position and will even send out incomplete emails. Battery life is low as well.

By saulters5 on - Nov 8, 2007

Great computer

I love my laptop. I purchased it for college and spend half my time on it doing other things. The only thing I am unsure of is that my card reader is not working properly, but that may be an easy remedy. Other than that I love my laptop!!

By ShannonS on - Nov 8, 2007

1st Laptop

I bought this laptop and had problems with the driver. The screen would just go black and pretty much go to sleep. I had to install 3 different drivers before the current one worked. Other than that this laptop has done everything I bought it for. Goodluck to anyone else and try not to get frustrated if it happens to you....customer service was very helpful

By cukoo4u on - Oct 24, 2007

good for me

I am a math teacher and use this laptop, running through a projector, to display powerpoints. I keep everything work related on it and have everything backed up at home. I'm certainly glad I bought it, I use a lot more than I thought I would. Went with this model b/c it was the lowest priced with 2 gb ram. still somewhat slower than my desktops, but that's to be expected I suppose. Favorite thing, the laptop is RELIABLE. I have not had any problems and it's been almost 3 months.

By dashreeve on - Oct 17, 2007

Wow is the memory upgrade expensive!

The machine is performing as expected - a good value for the price paid. Dislikes have more to do with trying to find upgrades - folks at the Circuit City I purchased the unit at did not seem to be aware that laptops have batteries in them, much less how to get a higher capacity battery for this one. The 2GB memory upgrade (to get to 4GB total) from Toshiba is more expensive than what I paid for the computer!

By Nosty3201 on - Oct 12, 2007

A couple of probs, but ok otherwise

I have had the PC stop working (the screen died out totally) 4 times since i have had it. There is no consistancy. Am wondering why. Other than that, the machine is working fine.

By UserCAL on - Oct 10, 2007

great laptop

This machine is super fast - compared to my 6 year old IBM 15G thing. Easy to use, screen is bright and clear, has lots of features, great price for them. The touch pad is touchy, sometimes doesn't move and sometimes it flys with barely a brush touch, so I use a mouse. Still getting used to Vista, but I love my laptop!

By kaydee on - Oct 4, 2007

Good Bang for the Buck IF....

Your not looking to do anything graphics heavy. After turning off the dreaded Vista User Control Access (Cancel or Allow) and cleaning out all the trial ware garbage that is pre-installed. This laptop runs great, wireless holds a good signal, And overall has great performance with much more RAM than other machines in the same price category. However it does suffer from a rather short battery life (30-45mins) and the ATI X1200 does not perform well enough to run even low end older games much less newer games. Also I reconfigured my laptop to dual boot Vista-Fedora Core 7 which again brought me back to the ATI X1200 problems, even with downloading and installing ATI's drivers for Linux it will not run in anything higher than 800x600 resolution on the display which is native 1280x800

By Phoenixhawk on - Oct 2, 2007

Excellent Purchase

This purchase was worth my money!

By ShaeW5 on - Sep 29, 2007

i love it

I am the greatest fan of toshiba laptops ever...i bought this laptop from CC and asked my cousin to bring it to me here in pakistan. I wish such a great company should come to pakistan and put outgreat sales here so ppl could see wat a piece of art and reliables machines toshiba makes. Thank u

By nabeel on - Sep 28, 2007

Best Quality for Money

This product has plenty of features that are very useful. The only features that I wish it had would be a serial port and a fax modem. The built in web cam and WIFI are very useful. The laptopn in conjunction with Vista make it a pleasure using this computer.

By veteran on - Sep 26, 2007


This was the 2nd laptop I've had. The first was a Gateway. My friend talked me into purchasing a Toshiba Satellite, which I am glad that he did. This one is much better and was a "steal" for the price and what I got. I did a lot of research and I am satisfied with what I recieved.

By Shanny on - Sep 26, 2007


This computer is so slow. I bought it about 2 months ago and instantly started having problems with it. Half of the time I cant get it to shut down or restart. Opening a program takes almost a minute. Windows Vista is nice, but takes a while to get used to. Battery life isn't that long, especially if you are a student and need to bring your laptop to class and use it all day. I just would not recommend this laptop.

By reesespieces on - Sep 26, 2007

Great buy!

I was looking for a 64 bit dual processor with 2GB ram and this was an outstanding value. Nobody else came close even with an educational discount at the big D. My only nit pick is the touch pad as it doesn't work as softly as my Dell at work. I'm running VMware using this box to host several virtual machines and it works flawlessly. Didn't realize I had a GB capable network interface until I plugged it up. Very forward looking machine. I should be able to accomodate the 64 bit OS and have enough RAM for anything.

By wmwinkle on - Sep 26, 2007

Great for design

This computer is over th standard, the 2GB in memmory is enough to run Windows Vista smoothly since Windows Vista takes over 800Mb of them! I have tested this machine with Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver, Word, Excel surfing over internet and chatting in MS and it has never got slow. The only problem that I have had is the Toshiba Function bar preinstalled that stopped working after the first Up-to-date downloaded for Vista, but I don't miss that bar. The features pre-installed in the computer works ok, and are helpful, you practically don't have to install anything else, like writting programs, post-it programs and office programs. Great bargain for the price

By Macanario on - Sep 25, 2007

A Great Value

I bought this model to use for work. I should have bought it first. My other laptop doesn't even come close to it in features, or performance. My co-workers would love to get their hands on one too!

By grampa on - Sep 25, 2007


I love this little computer,Its fast and easy to use, But I read the review from the person who wrote about the jumoing curser,,I hate it too and I dont know what causes it to jump, Im with her FIX the Cursor.....The mouse pad seems to jump around alot also,Great buy compared to all of the other ones I saw for the same price.

By MSTERRYTAG on - Sep 25, 2007

Nice Laptop-Nice Price

My first laptop was a gateway..This is far superior. It moves very fast with my DSL. My only problems are with vista compatibilty with my scanner and the battery life is very short. Perhaps I'm not charging and using properly. Overall I would definitely recommend this. It was recommended by a freind and I shopped around for a month before my purchase.

By Bearsgirl on - Sep 25, 2007

glad we have it

We purchased this instead of a desktop and we are very happy with it. It is a great computer for the price. We did purchase a wireless mouse with it, to make it easier to use. We homeschool, so it gets a lot of use. We have only had it a couple of months, but we are happy with it.

By patticake on - Sep 25, 2007

Satellite A215-S4807

I bought this laptop for school use. Wireless was easy to set-up, and features are nice. I have had one Windows crash, but this is a Vista problem, not Toshiba. The battery life could be better though.

By ejgpm3 on - Sep 25, 2007


Well I purchased product a week later the circuit that connects to motherboard for battery charging fried laptop has been in shop almost 2 months with the part on backorder

By shepz on - Sep 25, 2007

An Unfortunate Experience

I purchased 2 Satellite A215-S4807's and each has the same apparent product defect -- the display will suddenly turn black during use. This is not the "sleep" feature, for when the malfunction occurs, the on light remains blue, rather than flashing red as it does during "sleep" mode. Further, the laptop is not "awakened" by a quick touch of the on/off switch; it will not awaken unless the laptop is turned off by holding down the on/off switch for about 5 seconds. Although the laptop can easily be turned on again, it returns with a Window Error Recovery, and all of the unsaved work is lost. Circuit City did NOT honor its claim of a 1 month warranty period; its sales man was later shown to be wrong in indicating the period was for 1 month, but for 14 days. I requested the exchange on the 15th day. I have been working with Toshiba Support. They, nor the Authorized Service Provider could find the error, but suggested it my be result of a virus downloaded via music file over the internet. Neither laptop has music downloads; one laptop has no 3rd party downloads. This malfunction has occurred once already while I am completing this response!

By Phreda on - Sep 25, 2007

fits the need

It was time to purchase a new computer due to last one croaking. This one fits the need well. 2 gigs of memory keeps it running well and it has plenty of power for everyday task. I believe it is one of the best values for the money/price range. Battery life is OK but could be better. I can play a 2 hr DVD on the bat power but I would like a little more for the standard batt. The only negatives is that the standard batt could last longer and the key board does not like light strokes. I'm always having to retype a word due to not useing a heavy key stroke. I feel liek I am pounding the keys sometimes just to make sure that it takes the stroke. I would say it is great for the average person and / or student . 4 out 5 stars for me. It is powerful, quiet, great display, burns dvd's/cd's, all in all it is a nice little laptop.

By resq01 on - Sep 25, 2007

Toshiba with Vista

I bought the Satellite with Vista Premium and made sure to get at least 2GB RAM due to problems with Vista freezing when RAM was only 1GB. When it worked, the laptop was great - nice and clear, great features. But I was plagued with random screen blanks that could only be restored by restarting. Toshiba tech support couldn't solve and Circuit City Firedog couldn't solve - I gave up after trading the laptop in and having the same problem repeat with the second one. I gave up, returned it to Circuit City and bought a different laptop with Windows XP instead -- it appears the problem is with Windows Vista running on the Toshiba Satellite and I wasn't going to wait for someone to figure out how to fix it while my kids in the meantime were losing their work when the laptop "crashed" on them repeatedly.

By Plumeria54 on - Sep 24, 2007

Good Purchase

Battery life is good. Webcam is a nice features. Runs quietly. I do have a few software issues but the computer is workig well.

By Suzie on - Sep 24, 2007

great value

i have a dell desktop computer at home, but i needed a computer that i could travel with...this one has great value and i've had no problem using it when i needed to. it's very easy to operate, although i did get a wireless mouse to make navigation easier. i was not comfortable with the built-in mouse. i have a friend who works at a major electronics store and he is very computer savy, he highly recommended this unit and i am very glad he did!

By kristyandbear on - Sep 24, 2007

excellent purchase

excellent purchase for the price. not very happy with unexpected random blackouts and cursor jumping while typing (I think is the Vista)...overall I am very happy with my laptop.

By alizul on - Sep 24, 2007

Very happy customer

I bought this to do some light video editing and I love it! It does what I need it to do. My only complaint is with Windows Vista, and that's Microsoft's problem.

By dwags1981 on - Sep 24, 2007

great purchase

this product is a great purchase. i use it for college and it was a very good price. i feel that i can do mostly everything and i am very happy with it.

By aviseck on - Sep 24, 2007

Laptop Review

So far this little computer has met all my expectations.

By Catbelly on - Sep 24, 2007

Great laptop for the price.

Overall, the Toshiba Satellite is a great Laptop to buy. The price was great at Circuit City. The performance is great. The only problem I have is the battery life; about 2 hours. I would like to have a battery life of 4 hrs or more.

By medicstudent on - Sep 24, 2007

I love it!!!

Love the laptop. great resolution and performance. however windows vista is horrible. it's slow asks too many questions, but i do love the side bar and the features along with it. vista seemed like a great concept that was forced out the door way too early. it bricked up the router in my apartment etc. the only thing i do not like is the lack of battery life with the laptop. I do highly recommend this laptop but try to locate one with XP. Lastly the Toshiba DVD maker takes wayyyy tooooooo lllloooonnnnnggggg to render. Purchase a different program if you're going to make homemade dvd's with menus.

By Burke on - Sep 24, 2007

good value, decent system

Great video display, plenty of RAM for Vista, good performance speeds and responsiveness. I was disappointed that not all of the hardware is natively supported in (Ubuntu) Linux, though I've been able to work out most of the issues to make it usable.

By blahquaker on - Sep 24, 2007

My daughter wants it.

We are having fun with this thing. We get on it right when we enter the house. We like it better than the desktop. My daughter goes to college next year and I told her I will buy her one, she doesn't want a new one, she wants this one. LOL The only thing that doesn't work for me is that my discs I use for school will not download because of Vista. There needs to be something done about this.

By Freda on - Sep 24, 2007

My first notebook

I am a Kitchen and bath designer. The program I use is very graphics laden. I bought this product because it has the RAM, video card and processor I need for that pogram. I like the product( the notebook itself ) very much. It has a great feel, the monitor is very good and the keyboard is smoooooth. It is interesting, however, as I read the reviews posted, to see the word VISTA (note capital letters) appear so frequently. I have wasted many hours...... Well, I could go on for a while, but I will not. For this reason alone, I can not recommend this product.

By Cragon on - Sep 24, 2007

worst computer i've owned

i never dropped the computer, spilled anything on it, treated it badly, but the computer just broke on its own within the first month of purchase!!

By mk725 on - Sep 24, 2007

Still Learning

I love the convenience and reliability of my new Toshiba laptop. It was a great deal and I am really glad I bought it. I did get a LOT of help at Circuit City in choosing the right product for me. I have never used a laptop before, so I was surprised at the sensitivity of the scroll and other keys, but I learned quickly. It is pre-loaded with a bunch of great features that I have yet to use (web cam!) but I am sure they will come in handy someday!

By vickib1955 on - Sep 24, 2007

Great Laptop

I have been using this laptop for about 1month now and have no complaint.I use it for keeping medical records and so far it has worked great.For the price $699.00 @ circuit city you can't beat this laptop.It could have a better battery life but i guess you cant have everything.

By BILL42 on - Sep 24, 2007

Great Price

I haven't had this laptop very long but so far I am very pleased with it. I am really happy with the screen. This one is not as glossy as the HP I had. I am not crazy about Windows Vista but didn't have a choice.

By PDinOregon on - Sep 24, 2007


I like everything about my Toshiba except the sound volume is very low. It seems is should and could be a lot better. Don't care for the cables attached to the side and not the back, because they seem to take up a lot more room. My volume wheel on the front of the laptop doesn't work, at least it doesn't change volume. Connecting to the internet is excellent and easy. The picture is bright and clear. Over-all a very good buy.

By happyhillbilly on - Sep 24, 2007

Best Purchase at this time

This is my first laptop. I've used several laptops in the past and they don;t compare to this one. It took me a few days to find everything this was due to the fact that it was my first expierance with Windows Vista. The only negative I could find was the battery life was very short compared to other laptops I have used. It lasted only 1/1/2 hrs. others 2/11/2 to 3 hrs.. Features are first class as is the performance. The price of $700 was unbelievable for a 2 gig of memory, most others are much higher in price. I find it difficult to get off this computer whether it's for work or being on the internet. Awesome machine Toshiba!!!!!

By sandman5tx on - Sep 24, 2007


I like the price for this laptop. It has 2g of memory and 160 hard drive-just what I needed. The only thing is I wish it had a number keypad on the right side and wish the battery lasted longer. Overall I am satisfied with the laptop!

By kcush on - Sep 24, 2007

lacking here & there

one thing jumps out at you right away, the lid has been changed ,I didn't notice till I got it home.if I had seen this i would have bought a different model. over all this is a great computer.BUT I do not like the lid and I despise vista premuim what a headache trying to access my own files. the amd processor is fast and I like it. toshiba , like everyone else tries to sell products by giving you trials, but you can zap them easily. I would recommend it based on previous complaints (lid)

By paulc on - Sep 24, 2007

Sound problems

The sound control on this machine seems to rotate forever in either direction and I have trouble turning it up even though all the settings on the machine are at maximum volumn. I tried to get the machine fixed, which they will do, but I have to either be without it for up to 10 days or take it to a place 80 miles from where I live and then they do not know whether they can fix it.

By Russ on - Sep 24, 2007


I really was excited about the purchase and it seemed great but my laptop now just shuts off on me everyday.. I will be in the middle of doing something and it completly powers off, very dissapointed!

By blukoolaid75 on - Sep 24, 2007

Good Purchase

The system gets hung quite a few times if used for long periods. This should be improved. Otherwise, excellent performance

By ProfessorRMD on - Sep 24, 2007

Possibly great

This laptop is great...when it isn't freezing up. I am currently going back and forth to the Toshiba techs, where they can't seem to duplicate the problem I am repeatedly having. It will lock up at random times. Otherwise, the features are nice, the graphics seem to be great, I got plenty of RAM for a good price, and if we can fix the issue, I will love the computer. I've only had it for a month, so I have not yet given up hope.

By JSEMO on - Sep 24, 2007

Jumping curser!!!

I love the computer. It is a great product on everything but the freaking jumping curser. I will be typing away I am a fast typist and the curser will jump to somewhere in the middle of the letter and I will be typing text in the wrong spot. My husband toshiba does the same thing. Also sometimes I will mishit a button and it will take me a page back. Some shortcut somewhere. You must get a prompter to ask if I really want to do that action. Otherwise. I just love the product. Quick uploading, fast processing speed easy for the end user. Just fix that dang jumping curser please!!! warm wishes, Autumn

By autumnmeadows on - Sep 24, 2007

Great Computer

Great laptop....I'm in my 3rd month of using this computer and have no complaints...great buy for college students, well, for anyone really!

By trafty7 on - Sep 24, 2007

Sweet deal!

Bought this Laptop based on memory, processor, Harddrive space, and price. Would have to say the volume could go a bit higher for DVD/MP3 playing... but that alone is the only thing im limited to with this Laptop. You'll be surprised at the speed and ease of use. Very user friendly features as well. 10 thumbs up on this one... OH!.. lol

By Surfborden on - Sep 24, 2007

Good Product

Good Product, features, sound, etc.

By YoJo on - Sep 24, 2007

Great Labtop for price

Battery life could be better but other than than labtop has a lot of great features and is ready to go out of the box, would be great if blue tooth was built in also but i can live with out it.

By 74novaboy on - Sep 24, 2007

Good machine but, Vista is slow

I really like the machine. The battery life really is not that long but, for me that is not a big deal. What really got me is how much of a memory hog Vista is. It looks cool and has some nice features but, for having 2Gigs of RAM it's not that quick. I can't see anyone buying a laptop with Vista with anything less than 1 Gig.

By PeruvianPistol on - Sep 24, 2007


good computer, nice features

By on - Sep 24, 2007