Reviews for Toshiba Satellite A135-S4467 15.4" TruBrite Notebook - Intel Core 2 Duo T5200 1.60 GHz - Onyx Blue Metallic

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Very good for the money!

Strengths: T5200 Processor, 1 Gig Ram, FireWire/S-Video, Nice Screen, Pretty quiet, Toshiba reputation

Weakness: Windows Vista?, Lot of junk extra software preloaded,

This is the first laptop I've owned, so don't have much to compare to, other than the ones I've used that belong to friends and relatives. I did quite a bit of online research to get a good deal and jumped on this one for $699 w/o any rebates to deal with. I chose this over some others because of the Toshiba reputation, seems to be loaded with most of the features I wanted including firewire port, media reader, and dual layer dvd writer.

So far, it's been a little slow in terms of getting used to Windows Vista, but shouldn't be a problem after a while. Some of the programs I've tried loading said there would be compatability issues, which is a drag. Also, I wasn't able to install the ZoneAlarms firewall that I have on my XP computer at home. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I was looking for a relatively budget machine to do basic stuff, internet, photo/video editing, etc. I'm not a big techie, but for the money (at least until the prices drop next week LOL!), this seems like a very good machine.

By minitraveller1 - Apr 2, 2007

Satellite A135-S4467 Notebook (1.6GHz Core 2 Duo Mobile T5200, 1GB DDR2, 160GB, DVD±RW DL, Windows Vista Home Premium, 15.4" TFT).

Strengths: price and qUALITY

Weakness: NONE

Very nice product. It has all the features required of a nice versatile computer. I think the price was right and the shopping experience was good. Eveyone should buy this computer

By jinglisb - Apr 2, 2007

A Decent Laptop for Home Users

Strengths: Core 2 Duo processor T5200 is powerful enough for most home applications. 160 GB hard drive provides ample personal storage. Weighted around 6lb, this Toshiba model is quite portable.

Weakness: I'm not impressed with video performance when play DVD movie. Toshiba preinstalled bundled and trial software, I had to remove these programs for performance improvement.

This is a decent laptop for home users. Compared to some other models in the price range, this laptop offers plenty of features. For instance, the wireless switch is pretty nice. The quick launch hot keys on the left was handy as well. Overall, I recommend this laptop for casual home users.

By longmont81 - Apr 30, 2007

satelite A135-S4417 T2060 1.6Ghz Core 2 Due mobile, 2GB SDRAM, 160GB HD, DVD + RW DL, Windows Vista Home Premium

Strengths: Nice Sharp Clear Picture, Windows Vista Home Premium

Weakness: Compatabiltity issues with not being able to print to HP 2600n printer (network printer that plugs into RJ45 slot of router) No driver available from HP yet.

I'm very happy with the laptop as it replaces one several years old. Nice on/off switch for internal wireless card.

I have a workaround for the the HP 2600n not printing issue which is to share the file on network and print from Windows XP PC. HP does not seem to be in a hurry to provide new driver. I don't know if it would print if the printer was connected via USB instead of ethernet cable.

Keep an eye on price drops as rebates come and go.

no fingerprint reader on this model, but other models (with XP) have it.

Nice feature is to be able to enable disable touchpad via function keys as i prefer external mouse to touchpad.

Overal very happy with Toshiba satelite A135-S4417 . Nice alternate to A135-S4467 since it has 2GB of memory. I believe the 4467 has two 512MB memory chips so to upgrade it to 2GB, you have to buy 2 1GB chips.

Nice moderately priced high performance (Not the fastest out there, but you'd pay 2 or 3 times for slightly quicker laptop)

By fieldcrestcf - Mar 12, 2007

Light on surface, heavy on features

Strengths: Fast performance, Windows Vista Home Premium included

Weakness: Not fingerprint friendly, No webcam

I had this laptop for two weeks already, and I'm quite satisfied with it. It has Core 2 Duo T5200, 1 GB RAM (might gonna add more one day), 160GB HD 5400rpm, 15.4" TFT, DVD-RW, with only around 6lbs in weight. It's also has Microsoft Vista Home Premium, which serves an an added bonus.

I haven't found any minuses yet, but I do find the outer casing is definitely not fingerprint friendly. I'd love to have built-in webcam and bluetooth, but I know I could buy them separately later.

By kudoushinichi - Feb 24, 2007

Excellent High end laptop at a cheap price

Strengths: Good processor, 1gb ram, brite screen

Weakness: No good graphics card.

I purchased this laptop from office depot. SO far this has been an excellent product. It is extremely fast compated to my old laptop and the screen is excellent - not too bright and not too dark. The only problem is the graphics card is not great - not ideal for gaming.Other than that I am extremely happy with this laptop.

By sriram66 - Mar 20, 2007

Good Configuration and well designed

Strengths: Latest Processor (Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5200). Enough RAM for basic purposes (1 GB RAM). Big Hard drive (160 GB Hard Drive). Widescreen 15.4", clear and bright

Weakness: Little Heavy ~6.0 lbs. Average internal wireless LAN. Too many softwares PreLoaded. Poor Battery Life ~2 hrs (even on power saver mode).

Overall this is a very good Laptop and i will recommend this to my Friends. I like the way keypad is placed with lots of room for hand movement. The system is quite responsive and Vista is great to work with. I did not get any driver issues with vista.
The monitor is little glossy and the application for wireless connection is not informative.
Its a good buy!

By partha2 - Mar 21, 2007

Great performance

Strengths: Great performer for the price

Weakness: none

For the relatively low price paid, this Core 2 Duo machine is a nice package. Large hard drive, DVD burner and media card slots are nice bonuses. The screen is bright and clear. Battery seems to last about 3 hours.

By bwambolt - Mar 16, 2007


Strengths: Core 2 DUO, screen

Weakness: memory, battery

This was my first laptop and I mostly bought it for school use. It does all the stuff I need it to do. The battery runs for about 2 hrs, but I never had a problem of running out of battery as I always have a power source nearby.

The glossy screen is an issue when in bright light, but most laptops are glossy nowadays. It's a great laptop overall!

By roggan - Jul 13, 2007

Satellite Core 2 Duo NoteBook

Strengths: Large Disk 160GB, Built-in Firewire and SD card slot.

Weakness: Video Card uses shared Memory, Screen is very glossy(reflective).

Bought it from for $699 + tax. Good value for money considering all the built-in features. Video card is mediocre. I did not like the fact that the whole body is very glossy, which could be prone to scratch marks and quickly give it a dull old look.

By Bhagwan - Apr 3, 2007

Satellite A135-S4467 Notebook - A Great One

Strengths: Powerful laptop, reasonably light, acceptable price

Weakness: None

This is a powerful laptop with everything I need installed: Firewire/WiFi/S-Video/Card Reader, etc. It comes with a fast Core 2 Duo processor and a dual-format DVD re-writable drive. A 160GB hard drive is sufficient for any works. The 15.4" screen provides sharp display. So far, the notebook works fine and I am very pleased that it fits in my budget.

By ruite - Apr 12, 2007

Good but not perfect

Strengths: I am very satisfied with the speed of the processors and the light weight. The LCD is very clear and bright.

Weakness: Some of my softwares haven't upgrade to be used in Vista. It's inconvenient for me. Besides, I don't know why the wireless internet connection is weaker than my last toshiba laptop.

Be sure you have all compatible drivers and softwares before you format the laptop and install another version of windows, eg: XP. Because all the original drivers are designed for Windows Vista. When I installed XP, it was not recongize the display driver and network drivers. I use AT&T anti-virus software, and it hasn't upgrade to be compatible with Vista yet.

By talljulie - Apr 9, 2007

Toshiba A135-S447, 1GB, 160 HD, Intel Core 2 Duo and 1 GB DDR2, Windows Vista.

Strengths: The Core 2 Duo processor T5200 is powerful enough for most home applications. 160 GB hard drive provides ample personal storage. Weighted around 6lb, this Toshiba model is quite portable.

Weakness: I expected a little more speed with the Windows Vista Home, standar on this Notebook compared with my previous Windows XP on 3 years old Notebook.

When Trying to download and Install the "Xara Xtreme" package I could not finish up and the usage on the Virtual Memory was up to 100%. Then I change the VM to the Max allowed and it finish up in a minute. I'm planning to put some more RAM and Everything should be fine and hopefuly faster.

By anonymous; - Jan 15, 2008

Good Value

Strengths: Cheap, good processor, decent memory, big HD, DVD burner.

Weakness: System seems slower overall than the specs would have you guess.

My system seems slow and crashes constantly. I'm presuming I just have a bad HD, but havent had the time to take it in to get serviced. Overall, its a very good value for the money - better for home than work.

By anonymous; - Oct 15, 2007


Strengths: Fast processor, bright screen

Weakness: memory

Great laptop! I use this everyday and it has a nice bright screen than most other laptop's I've seen. The processor is really fast. Core 2 duo does all the cpu intensive task effortlessly. The memory although enough for most applications, can seem inadequate. But that's vista's fault not the laptop's.

By riseofnations - Jul 14, 2007

Toshiba laptop

Strengths: core2duo, 160GB HDD, portable

Weakness: battery life, video card, memory

Had this laptop for a few months now and has served me well. I only use for email, internet and to study. Can't play games on it even if I wanted to. The croe2duo is bottlenecked by the low performance intel graphics chip.

But, it does everything I bought it for, so am happy with the purchase. It's also a lot cheaper than similar spec laptops.

By bacteriophage - Jun 30, 2007

graet gramer computer

If youlike to play games or watch videos then this lab top is for u, has mutiply ways to save battery life or enhanced graphics, it is the best buy of my life

By jake2345 on - Jun 24, 2007

Great value!

I bought this computer 3 months ago and have since helped 2 friends purchace the same model. Currently it is the best value we have found for a good mid-range model with Core 2 Duo, and special pricing seems common. (Our's ranged from $699-849). I had a couple of problems with mine initially, but tech support and warranty service came through. The other 2 have had no problems at all.

By Laura on - Jun 20, 2007

It's Good

I am happy to use this labtop with the good price, but Vista is not enough to use it. Do not provide us any of drivers for win xp. But anyway, it is not bad.

By Sonata on - Jun 18, 2007

Awesome vaule!

As a college student this computer has absolutely everything that I need. I am able to store all of my pictures, music and data and run multiple programs without slowing down performance. This computer delivers, the battery life is long enough to get me through my classes without having to recharge. For the price I don't think I could have gotten a better computer elsewhere. I'd recommend this to anyone!

By Danielle on - Jun 17, 2007

Good Purchase

This laptop is a great buy at this price. It comes standard with Windows Vista Home Premium addition and a dual layer DVD writer among other things. Can do most of the regular stuff like watching movies, pictures and listening to MP3 songs with ease. But if you are a hardcore gamer you might want to add more memory since the system comes with only 1GB RAM. Although Windows Vista is great it still has some bugs that needs to be fixed. Also the Windows Media Player that comes with this OS will not play all vedio files. Overall a good buy.

By Samy on - Jun 16, 2007

Good value

Product was easy to use. No lengthy boot discs to make, or restore discs to make. All were included with the computer. Except for a few bugs with VISTA the system has worked flawlessly. Cool running and light weight.

By deebee on - Jun 16, 2007

I like toshiba,but

I like my Toshiba, but the new vista microsoft does not work as well I thought. I can't use it with some of my programs. I also causes the computer to frezze. Thats not good. The computer, however is great I bought it for my business. It could have come with more games. I love the switch windows feature. Over all I give it a 10 as I do dell. I also wish the battery power was longer.

By Howden4545 on - Jun 15, 2007

Good purchase

I've owned a few laptops, so this unit has some nice features vs. my previous laptops. Big screen, excellent color. I haven't used it on battery power much, so can't rate that. Machine is slow to turn on/turn off. Vista is new, so many applications with my company's computers don't work yet. I have to use internet rather than VPN connection. Once those programming problems are overcome with the systems I interface with, this should be an excellent laptop.

By TShep on - Jun 15, 2007

Not Impressed

This laptop has been repaired twice in first 4 months. First time the DVD R/W would not work. Second time, the USB ports needed to be repaired. Concerned that something else will go wrong if repairs are needed in first few months. Lost data had to be replaced both times.

By KevinMudwhistle on - Jun 15, 2007

My wonderful computer

I Really love the monitor and the keys are large and easy use. I also love the Vista program and security package received with my computer.

By tbone on - Jun 14, 2007

great little laptop

I have had many laptops and I like this one best. I use it for school and play and find that it suits my needs perfectly. The quality is an A+ and Microsoft's new operating system is fantasitc!!

By ellehuny on - Jun 14, 2007

Competitive Offering Overall

The Satellite A135-S4467 is well equipted to serve the serious college student. The Satellite line offers everything that most majors require and more. The 15.4" screen is bright (adjustable) and easy to read. The color is capable of accurately portraying the most beautiful photograph so that any movie or other recorded image appears as rich and true as the original. The controls, latches, switches and operator information are easily found and easily used. No doubt this Satellite A135-S4467 has features and capabilities beyond the needs of most owners. I look forward to discovering and using this amazing machine's full range of user services as my own knowledge and experience accumulates. My one experience with customer service was pleasant and my problem was solved quickly by a nice lady in Manila, The Philippines.

By TeaSea on - Jun 14, 2007

Toshiba a good buy

This computer has given no problems since purchased. Am somewhat disappointed with the battery life, but changeing to the Windows Vista interface is supposed to help in that area.

By Arthur on - Jun 14, 2007

for my first computer I think I did great

It's my first labtop and I love it!

By missi on - Jun 14, 2007

Works better with Linux

Battery life is short but acceptable for a consumer level laptop. Very slow with Vista. I need to re-install Vista without all the extra software it came with to see if that will speed it up. After doing some video editing, the laptop took almost five minutes just to shutdown. Start up speed is almost unacceptable. Taking over two minutes from pushing power on to getting to a working state. With linux, very fast, less than 30 seconds from pushing power on button to working desktop (including time to type in login information). Runs beryl without a problem. Overall, I am very pleased with this laptop. This is my third Toshiba laptop. I recommend them to anyone looking for a consumer level laptop. There are better ones out there, but they will cost you a lot more.

By VMan38 on - Jun 13, 2007

a few problems with Vista

i love my new laptop but i'm having a little trouble with Vista and downloading media files. even after adjusting security and privacy levels, they still can't download to my computer. i have to go back to my old XP. it also doesn't want to recognize my MP3 player. as well, nothing can be added to my media player library. i have ripped CDs and they will go to a folder but won't add to my library. i have all the latest versions of everything and i still haven't figured out the problem.

By cclowery on - Jun 13, 2007

Great Buy

I highly recommend this product for the average computer user. I use it for business purposes, web surfing, and watching online video. It's fast, versatile, and easy to use.

By ba1234 on - Jun 13, 2007

Great Notebook Purchase

This was a GREAT purchase with alot of features. Worth every penny! My friends/family are impressed at the look and features. I checked around and I am glad to find such a nice deal with all the great features. Best deal ever!!

By whitehat22 on - Jun 12, 2007

Gameing this is not

This is a PC built alot more for work then video games.

By KYmcke08 on - Jun 12, 2007

A Very Great Buy

This computer has many great features. I love the DVD and CD capabilites. I have had only one problem with this laptop and that was with the DVD/CD player. It worked out perfectly though because all I needed was to download a driver from the Toshiba website. The tech support for this site and the people on the telephone are nice and very helpful. I love this laptop, it is probably the best purchase I ever made.

By thatonegirl on - Jun 12, 2007

Nisha's Thoughts

I bought this computer about 3 months ago. So far it has been working great for me. It has a decent price and is very durable. The only complaint I have is that the mouse is very sensitive so be careful because it will close your window really fast and the battery life is short.

By Nisha on - Jun 12, 2007

Computer's great - Vista, not so much

The computer is great. Battery doesn't last as long as I'd like but none of them do. I was pretty peeved with the computer until I realized it was all Vista "features" that were irritating me. Wireless works well everywhere I've been.

By Droffops on - Jun 12, 2007

Much better without Vista

I am very happy with this laptop now that I'm running Ubuntu on it. When I am logged in as an administrator, I now have admin privedges! Go figure! There is an issue between the 64 bit version of Ubuntu and flash player, but hopefully that will be resolved soon.

By sgtlyon on - Jun 12, 2007

Agony to Ecstacy

I had a bad experience with my original purchase and Circuit City. I wrote the President and CEO and described the problem concerning the defective laptop and the unprofessional service. I did weeks of research on this product and was more than convinced that it was an incredible buy. So I persisted to resolve the problems and ultimately received my 100% in working order Toshiba Laptop Computer. I actually follow your stock now. I love this computer! It's better than good, it's great.

By CJ135 on - Jun 11, 2007

Excellent Value

I purchased this notebook with the intention to use it simply for business and mobile computing. Since then, it has taken over as my primary machine and I haven't looked back. No hangups and very easy to set up and use. Toshiba has earned themselves a new customer.

By snake9921 on - Jun 11, 2007

Liking it!

Overall, it is great and I am enjoying, especially the screen quality. I was surprised how slow my programs load, but that may be a characteristic of the fact I have so many programs. Much better than my previous Dell and it seems to work well with Vista.

By Dutch on - Jun 11, 2007

Very Good System for the Money

I bought my system in February and have enjoyed using it. The performance is good and the only problem I have noted is the software for the Toshiba Card Reader seems to be buggy and fails occassionally. I did try to load Windows XP in addition to Windows Vista and got everything to work except the sound driver. My employer won't allow Windows Vista on the corporate network so I can't use my system at work... It would be nice if Toshiba made Windows XP drivers available on their website.

By BillyBob56 on - Jun 11, 2007

Great machine for the cash

This notebook is as good as my work computer that cost about $500 more. It has been fantastic. The only drawback is the battery is not long enough for a mid-range flight

By BAT22 on - Jun 11, 2007

Very enjoyable

I am not a computer genius and my old IBM laptop gave out on me...Toshiba was recommended and I have had it a couple months and have really enjoyed it. It is easy for me to use and understand. Have already recommended Toshiba to others that are buying laptops.

By GNO1 on - Jun 11, 2007

Fine all around example of a laptop

The only fault I've found with this laptop is the Windows Vista operating system. This system would be so much easier and faster to use with the "old" Windows XP system. Other than this one problem, this is a excellent machine.

By Jodibeep on - Jun 11, 2007

Still learning

I find the signing on is cumbersome with the MAgnifier and narrator.

By 6453 on - Jun 11, 2007

Good Value

I'm just a novice user and I believe this laptop is a good value. However, it appears that Windows Vista has caused many problems in getting/installing updated software programs, even from online.

By teemsum on - Jun 11, 2007

I like it

Nice feautures, battery life needs improvement.

By chaconm1 on - Jun 11, 2007

Great Laptop

Really like the Satellite A135; has lots of good features, easy to operate, very lightweight.

By rvg40 on - Jun 11, 2007

Value Performer

I use this laptop mainly for business applications, and have been very satisfied with its performance. The battery lasts about two hours in word processing, which is adequate for me. If you travel a great deal, I would recommend purchasing the upgrade battery. I have purchased a wireless mouse and 10-key pad, both of which self-installed and work flawlessly. The computer is light and easy to carry, logs on and is ready to use quickly, and has a decent wireless receiver. At $800 on sale, it was a bargain.

By lukethelawyer on - Jun 11, 2007

Satisfied Customer

I'm quite happy with my Toshiba. It feels a lot better made than the Dell that we also have. The dell is about 9 months older, so we'll see how well th Toshiba holds up. My son spilled half a bottle of vitamin water in the Toshiba, and it has not affected it(once we got it cleaned up). Vista is supposed to be a slower operating system, but the computer works plenty fast enough for me and vista is actually nice once you get used to it. The computer does lack MS word, but i knew that when i bought it, so i'm not holding it against it. I woud definately recommend this computer and would surely recommend a Toshiba over a Dell.

By EKWII on - Jun 11, 2007

Core2duo laptop at a great price

Strengths: Strong CPU, Home premium system good for "readyboost", spacious SATA harddrive and reputed brilliant TFT Screen

Weakness: Only 1 GB of Ram, junks of pre-installed software and heavy

For $699 no rebate and no ship,it's still a good price in the market almost 3 months after pruchase. It offers middle-to-high performance to handle a lot of daily activities needed of a loptop like this, especially multi-media except gaming. The only downside is the 1 GB ram pre-installed, but with ram price dropping day by day, it's not a big deal to add one more GB at only $19.00/GB.

By Philamour - Jun 11, 2007

Impressive Product!

I purchased the Toshiba Satellite for my wife, and set it up with myself as administrator. It works flawlessly, though I did delete most of the extraneous software that we would not use. Wait state is minimal, and Windows Vista runs beautifully, although a bit different (and better) than Windows XP SP-2. Battery life of the standard battery pack is relatively short, but acceptable given that we do not normally spend long sessions on battery power. I do miss having a connection speed indication when connecting via dial-up. Physical construction is substantial and the keyboard layout and indicator lights are very user-friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend the Toshiba Satellite to another person!

By Ronald on - Jun 11, 2007

good work LT

Works well, except Toshiba flash card continues to fail and needs to be shut down to eliminate failure pop-ups.

By steven on - Jun 11, 2007

Excellent laptop

I bought two satellite A 135-S4467 one for my daughter. We are both very happy with the computer. This was the fourth and fifth Toshiba laptops we've bought in the family. These were also the best. One issue with the Toshiba laptops is that they last much longer than they are are adequate. The previous Toshibas were updated to the max but outlasted their capability to handle the latest software. None of them had any need of repair in all the years we owned them. The latest Toshiba purchase is the best of them all. Everytime I talk to my daughter she says she loves her computer. We have not even seen all the features yet and are amazed by those that we are familiar with.

By DrDave on - Jun 11, 2007

very pleased

My laptop has lived up to its reputation as a quality product.

By Tricia on - Jun 11, 2007

Good buy for the money

Overall, the laptop is worth its price. The only complaint is the available battery life needs improvement. The Windows Vista operating system is rediculous with all the permissions you have to give to do anything. They should have localized the security to the areas where it is most needed. Not Toshiba's fault, but still irritating.

By Patty on - Jun 10, 2007

Very good product

Great notebook for the price!

By chrisdoc2 on - Jun 10, 2007

Excellent Product

For a non-technical user, this laptop has been excellent. Graphic display, speed, ease of use are all the best I have experieneced in my 15 years of home computer use. The only criticism, which mirrors many laptops, is that battery life needs to be longer. Vista is 'so-so'. Ideally, this computer would have been outstanding in my rating if I had XP instead of Vista. jackbmc

By jackbmc on - Jun 10, 2007

Was a great purchase for me

After my old desktop computer bit the big one I knew it was time for new and I decided on a laptop for the portability. I heard Toshiba was good so when I went looking to purchase this was the best one for the money I wanted to spend. I am very happy with it. The Vista though still has me learning...I'm glad there are "dummies" books.

By sadlermnmfan on - Jun 10, 2007


I saved up over a 6 month period to purchase a new laptop computer. The day came that I needed the use of it. I walked into a local national level retailer and 10 minutes later walked out with a Toshiba. I had no preference prior to that day, just knew that I was only spending $850 total tax included. The salesman directed me to the Toshiba Satelite and it rang up just under my mark. Went home plugged it in and no worries since. I liked the Microsoft trial version of Office. It gave me the opportunity to view before purchasing. I have had no issues and am happy to give a very positive review. Moses Columbus, Ohio

By Moses on - Jun 10, 2007

Great Purchase

This is my first laptop, so I didn't know what to expect. This little guy works great, living up to the level I expect from Toshiba. I use it for work (I'm an insurance agent, and all my info is loaded on it). All the junk could have been left off (like AOL, etc.), but I just blew it out. Windows Vista is a memory hog; but that is not the fault of Toshiba.

By catsmeow4 on - Jun 10, 2007

Value for Money

This is my second Laptop and I am very much satisfied with the overall performance of the Laptop. The features of the laptop is very good, but few importanct features that are missing in the Laptop are the built-in Mic, Webcam and the Bluetooth. If you dont need them as part of daily life, I would surely recommand this Laptop...!!!...

By Arul on - Jun 10, 2007

So far, great laptop

Have been a laptop user for over ten years, almost all Toshibas. Am still getting used to this one - keyboard slightly to the right because of video panel on the left. Keyboard also doesn't always want to strike the letters, so I spend time backtracking in my writings. Other than that, the display is sharp and bright, Vista has been better than I expected, the fan is semi-quiet, so I'm very pleased for now. We'll see how it holds up on a trip to Italy.

By Lari on - Jun 10, 2007

great Value

Overall a good machine - seems plenty fast. My only complaint is the flex in the keyboard and the placement being slightly offset to the right. The previous satellites had better keyboards. The laptop is advertised with a gig of ram and expansions up to 2gig. What they don't tell you is that both expansion slots are already used and to upgrade, you must buy new modules.

By kb7skb on - Jun 10, 2007

First Laptop Purchase

This was my frst computer purchse on my own. I was worried about what to buy. Once I decided on this laptop I have never regreted it. I love the overall performance. This computer has never let me down.

By Giggletwins on - Jun 10, 2007

It's awarite

I'm not a big tech guy but this laptop is pretty good. I don't like Vista. I've had a few hang ups and the battery seems to die quite soon but it's alright.

By netboxonly on - Jun 10, 2007

No mute button

Why? Why have a miserable dial that is thin and hard to find? Why not have a mute button? For $1000.00 why is there no blue tooth? Other than that the battery has begun to shorten its life within 3 months. The rest of the parts are performing their required functions without flaw.

By Olen on - Jun 10, 2007

Good laptop

I was concerned about jumping to Vista, but my Toshiba laptop made the transition simple. It has a clear screen. Good network support and has accepted all of my programs. So far it has done everything I have asked it to do. I would like a little longer battery life.

By bugdoc on - Jun 10, 2007

easy to use

i've just started in computers and this one is by far the easiest to use that i looked at.

By bjmako on - Jun 10, 2007

Nice Laptop

Really nice laptop computer. Looked at other brands, but decided on this computer based on my needs. The only things I don't like are the short battery life (about 2.5 hrs) and the easy way the outside of the computer scratches. It's pretty, but not practical. Otherwise, am very satisfied. I have a desktop computer that I use for work, and wanted a computer to manage my music, for entertainment, and for internet. Very impressive picture if you want to use it to play DVDs. Buy one!

By AMMJ on - Jun 10, 2007

average product

I brought it 4 months back from office max for $750. I am happy to get it for that price but the performance is not good. Its wireless area heating up with in 30 min. so I feel uncomportable to keep my left hand on laptop. bettery life is very poor. other problem is while opening the laptop you need to hold the bottom and then you have to open the lid otherwise you can't open the lid.

By Shiva on - Jun 10, 2007

I'm happy with it

I bought this laptop because it was a great deal at the time. It does have everything I need, just bigger and heavier than I would ultimately like. The only thing I would wish for would be another Meg of RAM. Technically it's been fine, except I've only had it 2 months and have a line of dead pixels on the screen, which I have to get replaced now.

By HY56 on - Jun 10, 2007

Best Laptop purchased

Love using it. Easy, fast and the Windows Vista is great. We travel alot and take it along. i have a hard time getting it back from my husband. He is seriously thinking of buying one.

By pdglpn on - Jun 10, 2007

Hate keypad...

I love everything about this Toshiba except the keypad. I have to retype more than 50% of my words since the keys have to be struck MUCH more firmly than any other computer I have ever owned. I end up with one or two letters missing in many of the words I type, which drives me nuts! I wish the keypad was more sensitive to touch, then I probably would have no complaints. (The speakers aren't great, but I run all of my sound through a Bose, so it's a non-issue.)

By LegalNurse on - Jun 10, 2007

Great laptop

I have had this laptop for a few months and its great. I love how easy it is to use. The only real problem I have is that the window size changes when you tap on the scroll down arrow.

By joebob on - Jun 10, 2007


Great buy, good price

By RELCSA on - Jun 10, 2007

Good Laptop for Good Price

I've had my Toshiba laptop for about 6 months and really like it. The only problem I've had is that this Toshiba Flashcards Not Responding error pops up every once in a while, and I'm not sure why. But other than that it's been great!

By Techy on - Jun 10, 2007

best laptop i've ever owned

i am very satisfied with my laptop purchase. i have gotten my monies worth and i've only had it three months. i have stop using my desk top altogether even the one i have at work because my toshiba works much better. it runs fasters and is easier to navagate.

By meme on - Jun 10, 2007

Dual-boot with Kubuntu

Very pleased with this machine except for 1 major problem area--Microsoft Vista. This computer really crawls with Vista. When I prepped to multiboot Linux, I lost Vista when I resized the partition. The restore disc worked well. (Would like to see a return to a full installation CD) Tried more than a dozen Linux distros before I found one that correctly set up wireless service. (Kubuntu "feisty fawn") Can't really comment on the battery life. I set the machine aside until I resolved the wireless problem. I'm keeping Vista only for customer support reference.

By Pennatomcat on - Jun 10, 2007

Excellent hardware, but.....

Excellent hardware. Software stinks. Buy it if you intend to put another operating system on it or demand 64 bit Windows Vista. The only hardware drawback is the lack of a touchpad on/off switch. It has to be turned off with the operating system which Windows Vista can't do. If you want to use your favorite trackball or mouse, you have to install Linux; Ubuntu and Kubuntu work great with this machine. If you don't disable the touchpad, the cursor skeeters off to parts unknown every few minutes and you end up typing where you didn't want to. Windows Vista is a drag. Won't run all software. It is slow as molasses in December. It crashes repeatedly. Security ain't what it is cracked up to be; it took me ten minutes to hack into it and delete a directory. Since it is 32 bit operating system on a 64 bit machine; that makes it 32 bit computer and no better than any 1.6 GHz garden variety 32 bit single core machine . If you install 64 bit Linux that makes it a 64 bit dual core machine which really cooks and never crashes -- at least not in three months. Fedora FC6 and SUSE Desktop 10.2 doesn't work; there is an ACPI conflict which causes it not to shut down properly and neither the ethernet nor WiFi will work. It all works with Ubuntu and Kubuntu.

By TravelingGeek on - Jun 9, 2007

Second time's the charm...

I got this computer about two months ago, and got a wonderful deal on it when I bought it. I took it home, started learning it, and aside from having to get used to vista, I was very happy. However, a month after purchasing it, the computer died on me, and I had to send it in to the company to get it fixed (turns out the motherboard was dead after a month). While I am frustrated with that aspect, I have still enjoyed the computer, and am hoping that the need for repair so soon was a fluke.

By chachieskimo on - Jun 9, 2007

Great Deal

I think this is an awesome machine for the price. I wanted a machine with dual processors that would run Vista and Office 2007 and this one does it quite well. I have had no problems with it so far, except for something that keeps it from shutting down, but that only happened after a Vista fix. I'm hoping Microsoft will eventually fix that. I don't believe it is anything connected to the laptop itself. It runs all my games and I can work with several Office documents open at once, as well as different apps at the same time. I tend to push my machines, and so far, this one hasn't disappointed me. If it holds up, my next computer will probably be another Toshiba.

By Trish on - Jun 9, 2007

My First Laptop

Wish I had bought one sooner!

By CathCooks on - Jun 9, 2007


I compared with other computers and found that Toshiba laptops were alot better design, graphics, sharpness and style was appealing.

By alexx2969 on - Jun 9, 2007

Great Machine

I have been very pleased with this laptop. I have not had any problems with Vista. I do think Vista is an improvement over XP. I do wish the battery life was better.

By hddaz on - Jun 9, 2007

Good laptop

I bought this laptop in Feb/07.Nice,bright screen Light weight,160 gig HDD 5in 1 card reader.Wifi ready,dvd burner.It's still run fast and do what I want to do.Recomend for a general laptop(Not for gamer ,thought)

By Bluman on - Jun 9, 2007

happy with this purchase

I bought the Lap top after thorough research, I am very pleased with the its operation. The speed could be a little faster bit otherwise it is a great buy.

By nandi on - Jun 9, 2007

Great Value for the Money

I researched new laptops for 2 weeks before I came to the conclusion that the Toshiba A135 S4467 was the best value out there at the time. I wanted to experience Windows Vista without buying a whole new desktop system, plus I like to surf the net from my easy chair. The internal wireless adapter instantly hooked up with an older B system wireless router, base station that I owned. The screen is bright, 160 GB hard drive and 1 GB of memory is plenty for what I intend to do. Vista is interesting, and its fun to explore the new operating system. My neighbor was impressed and she ran out and purchased one herself for her teens. Glad I was warned that the fan is on the bottom so you can't really just sit it on a pillow or your lap, you need a hard surface to allow it to breathe and cool off. A month after I bought it, I can still see I got a good deal.

By MusicMan55 on - Jun 9, 2007

Good bang for the buck

Although I am not a fan of Vista, this computer is treating me well. About the only thing it really needs is at least another gig of memory, Vista tends to use nearly that much for basic processes. It's a good value and I'm glad I bought it.

By loveless on - Jun 9, 2007

excellent product for the price

So far the laptop I have purchases has been more than useful in my daily routines. I am not too sure about Vista, the operating system, but the laptop itself has performed admirably. I would make purchases from Toshiba in the future if they continue to produce outstanding products such as the Satellite A135.

By aerynsun on - Jun 9, 2007

For not ever owning a computer

I am very impressed with this computer! I love to just play on it even though I got it for school!

By hazeleyes306 on - Jun 9, 2007

Not bad for inexpensive laptop

After waiting for ever for Vista to go through the first run setup I played with it for a while then loaded Suse 10.2. So for those of you that want a laptop that runs Suse and Mandriva this is a good choice for the money. Both Suse and Mandriva do not see the SD reader but I don't care about that. Suse supports the laptop better for power savings features. I replace an anthon xp 3000 desktop with this one and the laptop is faster. Too bad the only os you can get for this is Vista. Anyhow for the speed it's worth the money. How fast does it run Vista, I have no idea.

By LinuxUser on - Jun 9, 2007

Very Good Notebook: Not So Good Battery Life

This computer has performed very well in all categories except battery life. I can't believe Toshiba would put such an inferior battery in an otherwise great notebook computer. The battery lasts less than 2 hours while watching a movie. Barely two hours if you're doing anything else. This is the second Toshiba notebook that I have owned. I never had this problem with the first one, which was puchased in 2003. My son uses that now. Even though he's on the second replacement battery, it still last longer than my Satellite A135-S4467's battery does. Toshiba should give us a substantial discount on the optional extended life battery for this notebook computer.

By on - Jun 9, 2007

Very good computer

This computer has all the features I need. It is very fast and the new Vista has been trouble free with the exception of compatibility of a couple of programs. The battery life could be a little longer.

By Jimmy22 on - Jun 9, 2007

Very Good Purchase

I use the computer for school, burning DVD's, for work, and for personal use and it is very good for all. I definitely feel that I got my money's worth.

By angelarenee1013 on - Jun 9, 2007

First Home Laptop

This laptop replaces my old HP Pavillion desktop. I have nothing but good things to say about the Satellite A 135. It suits all my needs for running Office 2007 and surfing the internet. I use a Lenovo at my workplace and the Toshiba is 10 times the computer.

By mchmrk on - Jun 9, 2007

1st Vista computer

My wife and I love are new laptop. The speed is amazing! We are happy with the ease of use.

By daveman1328 on - Jun 9, 2007


We tried and tried to install in a partition XP but could not as it wouldn't accept XP drivers. This was the reason I bought was to teach XP and Vista on this laptop. I installed another 1gig of memory to upgrade to 2 gigs. I don't know why, but it keeps telling me I am running out of memory and system mechanic needs to scan to free up memory.

By martidon on - Jun 9, 2007

Toshiba Satellite A135-S4467

THE GOOD: Inexpensive; decent performance; dedicated media controls. THE BAD: No high-end CPU or video card options; poor battery life; flimsy keyboard. THE BOTTOM LINE: The Toshiba Satellite A135-S4467 is a middle-of-the-road system in every way, but it starts to look more impressive when you factor in the budget-friendly price, making it a solid choice for mainstream users.
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By - Feb 26, 2007

joy toshiba satellite a135 s4467 factory refurbished notebook pc intel core 2 duo t5200 1.6ghz, 802

Joy Toshiba Satellite A135 S4467 Factory Refurbished Notebook Pc Intel Core 2 Duo T5200 1.6ghz, 802 receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 0.69 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #1,037 laptop computer of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS'...
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