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great laptop... ok keyboard

my previous laptop broke down suddenly and i had to quickly decide on a new one. i was lucky that i saw this one :)... it has all the features i wanted :)... was a little over budget but the features for that price was pretty good... i work on the laptop a lot and the only crib i have is the keyboard isnt that good... it looks very good but the feel isnt that smooth... but if u can look past that and get accustomed to it.... its a great piece of equipment for the price :)

By on - May 13, 2012

great laptop... ok keyboard

my previous laptop broke down suddenly and i had to quickly decide on a new one. i was lucky that i saw this one :)... it has all the features i wanted :)... was a little over budget but the features for that price was pretty good... i work on the laptop

By swingingant on Adorama - May 13, 2012

Very happy

Great purchase, speed-performance excellent...only minor negative is I'm surprised they don't offer a keyboard protector for this model to prevent dust etc

By on - Mar 13, 2012

Great, other than AV port inopertive

Good, other than my printer port inopertive after 3 weeks, What do I do? Send it back with all my programs installed? My other Toshiba was a workhorse for 5 years, but I have a short in the screen. The screen must be positioned just right for viewing. I have it hooked up on a large moniter which does work well.

By on - Mar 1, 2012

Lightweight, lots of features

This is a good laptop for personal and travel use. It has lots of features and is lightweight. I feel it will replace my desktop AND my netbook which I use for travel. It has 6mg RAM, built-in DVD and 600+ hard drive.

By on - Feb 29, 2012

Toshiba Protege So Cute!

A long time ago, about 13 years ago, I had bought my husband a Toshiba Satellite when they first came out (unfortunately on the way to Afghanistan it was stolen about 4 years ago). About a year after buying my husbands Toshiba we liked it so much we bought one for myself (about 12 years ago). Once he retired we bought him a new laptop an HP at a very good price, its been okay but the Vista is not all that user friendly. When the Windows 7 came out, my old Toshiba was becoming outdated and finding on-line support for updates is getting limited and we decided to buy me a laptop but unfortunately I decided to try a Gateway it was at a great price. I got it home and I have had problems with it from the beginning, half the time the Wi-Fi fails to work and their customer service for technical support was more then lacking. After serveral of years of frustration using the Gateway I decided I needed to look into buying something different, something that was dependable. While my old Toshiba (almost 12 years) is outdated it is the most dependable unit ever! And yes we still have it and it still works GREAT:) I have never had a problem with my old Toshiba ever and I decided to come home to the Toshiba brand and that is when I decided to look into the Protege. I wanted something smaller and lighter, for the longest time Toshiba didn't have the smaller laptops and my husband saw this one on a TV commercial and told me about it. I looked into it, it had everything I needed in my desires for a new laptop and it is sooooooooooooooo cute! The HD is eye-popping, the sound is not so good but it wasn't on my Gateway either. My old Toshiba has GREAT sound so what is lacking in sound with my Protege it more than makes up with HD! I can get small speakers for it if need be. I love, love, love my new Toshiba Protege and will NEVER buy another brand again! Oh, and Toshiba's technical support is AWESOME, I have always experienced goodness with their support whenever I needed to call about my old Toshiba. Thank you Toshiba for making the Protege!

By on - Feb 8, 2012

Perfect for me

I wanted to replace my 5 year old Satellite. It lacked speed, # of USB ports and had a small HD. I had all my media files on multiple external drives. I also had a 10 inch Lenovo netbook that I used for travel. I had a list of features that I wanted and had been looked for 6 months. I finally found the R835-R81. It had everything except a Blu-Ray. I decided I didn't really need that.

By on - Feb 6, 2012

Very happy with it

It is a very powerful computer, with all the ports/interfaces I wanted it to have, with DVD drive, and very light weight. All of these at an affordable price. I'm very happy with it and expect to have it for many years.

By on - Jan 24, 2012

Best In Show

I have own over 7 toshiba laptops since 1990. I have also bought them for clients and family. It is the best quality in the market and that includes Apple.

By on - Jan 18, 2012

Great product, a few things could be improved

I rated this Toshiba 5 stars because of my overall positive impression. To be honest, I'm quite happy working on this machine and definitely recommend it to business professionals who are often on the road and don't want to sacrifice the variety of ports and connectivity options in favor of ultra-books or tablets. I choose this model instead of a VAIO SA series model, and for the last 2 months I have no regrets about my decision. The pros: very lightweight, sturdy keyboard, variety of ports (1xUSB 2.0 port, 1xUSB 3.0 port, 1xUSB 2.0/eSATA port,VGA, Gigabit, HDMI), long lasting battery (taking notes during business meeting with wi-fi on - above 7 hours, movies - about 5 hours; heavy multitasking without the Eco function ON - about 3 or 4 hours); stylish design. The cons: no back-light keyboard (although this is not a deal breaker, one or two times I missed that feature when it was pitch black); probably not very contrast LCD display, but that could be something related to settings or due to my distorted color perception :); a little bloatware - the Bulletin Board and some timeline program. The laptop doesn't emit too much heat, when Eco mode is ON, you could almost tell that the bottom surface is cool; the noise in Eco mode is absent, a little bit more when multitasking, but in a while it fades away, it's not bothering. My machine is with 6 cell battery; probably with the 9 cell battery the results will be better. Although there's no quick charge, the recharge time is tolerable. Hope that all this is useful to someone interested in buying the Portege R835 :)

By on - Jan 13, 2012

Portable, Competent Laptop

Portability is very important to me. At about 3.2 pounds the Toshiba Portege R835 is easy to carry around.

By on - Jan 4, 2012

Great machine

Quick, responsive, great keyboard, Only think I'd change is the cord which is causing problems the way it lays.

By on - Jan 2, 2012

Believe Reviews

Looked around for a while for a small, portable laptop that still has a CD/DVD drive, and that can withstand being lugged around day-in, day-out. CNET and other popular review sources gave this machine top choices and many reviews argued that it was the best machine given factors of price, weight and performance. It's fast, lightweight, and has metal casing. I've had it for a couple months and so far, so great.

By on - Dec 31, 2011

Excellent laptop

Works perfectly

By on - Dec 28, 2011

Best Santa Gift Ever!

This laptop was purchased as a Christmas gift for my 14 year old daughter. This computer provides all the bang of a computer in a small, lightweight size comparable to the Mac Air. So far, she loves it!

By on - Dec 28, 2011

Very good laptop

Wanted a compact laptop to take on trips, vacations, etc. as well as to use at home, but wanted one that could handle tasks such as photo editing, etc. The P-81 seems to be just what we were looking for. My son also has a Toshiba laptop and has been very happy with it.

By on - Dec 26, 2011

Laptop exceeds my expectations

I purchased a Portege R835-P81 for personal use while traveling. I travel a great deal and wanted a small easy to carry laptop that still has the computing power I need. Ths laptop exceeds my expectations. It is small and lightweight, easy to transport through airports from city to city. I also has the computer power I need for work and personal pleasure.

By on - Dec 24, 2011

I am pleased

I bought this laptop because I wanted something small and lightweight but still fast; I am very happy with my choice. Two weeks later I bought a laptop for my son and we decided just to take him to Best Buy to pick something out. Wish we had just ordered online like I did for my new Toshiba as that went much smoother. We got th heavy sales pitch for all the extended warranties and added software that we did not want then had to stand in a long line.

By on - Dec 21, 2011

Nice Laptop

Nice laptop with I5 processor and 640 GB. I love it from day 1

By on - Dec 21, 2011

Nice and Light. Prefer the Satellite.

This laptop and nice and light - very easy to carry around, and it has the cd/dvd player, which is nice (some smaller ones don't). The speakers are terrible though, and the keyboard is just average (I had a Toshiba Satellite before this one, and even though it's years older, I really prefer it!) The speed on this (i5, 6BG) is fast, but it drops connection every once in a while, and the Satellite never did that. Running multiple programs is average. The weight part is the most it has going for it.

By on - Dec 21, 2011

Very powerful well designed

I needed a small powerful and lightweight laptop at an affordable price. The R835-81 is perfect in all respects. The i5 processor in very fast and efficient. This machine is not designed for entertainment (the speakers are pretty bad) but it is great for everything else. The keyboard has a nice feel to it - the keys are nicely designed and very high quality. I really love this machine and it is a perfect match for what I use it for.

By on - Dec 18, 2011

Selecting a new laptop

Thin, yet sturdy. Lightweight, but solid. From the start, this unit has good response time to the ON-button. Only modest software promos, and easily set up for personal use. It has a high level of intuitive anticipation. Download, Transfer and Copy speeds among devices (thumb-drives/flash drives and USB drives is real good) Chose CHROME to use as a browser and it's working quite smoothly, with no issues. Am quite pleased with this Toshiba Portege selection.

By on - Dec 16, 2011

A very solid product

This is a well-made machine. It appears to be durable and very portable. I've used it for several weeks and have no complaints about performance, battery life, and its feature-set. It boots quickly and connects solidly to even sketchy wi-fi signals.

By on - Dec 9, 2011

Performance & Portability at a Great Value.

Good light laptop with solid performance and 6.5hours of battery life. Be aware that there is no bluetooth and if you run compute intensive programs, expect to hear the CPU fan.

By on - Dec 7, 2011

Great buy!

Love the memory, the very light weight. I am set for years to come.

By on - Dec 7, 2011


I like the HDMI port. It was a snap to show photos on my tv I like having a dvd drive. Battery life seems ok

By on - Dec 6, 2011

Great Laptop

If you're looking for laptop with loads of features and also under 4lbs, this is the solution. Wonderfully compact, yet fast and effecient.

By on - Dec 5, 2011

love it

Very light weight and easy for travel. I am very pleased. It boots up really really fast. so far I am in love with this handy laptop.

By on - Dec 4, 2011

laptop review

Works great - problem with USB ports loosing connectivity, wireless network shutdowns occasionally. Just installed BIOS and patch that should resolve this. We'll see .....

By on - Dec 2, 2011

love it

i've used toshiba laptops for a long time--but this one is the best. fast, lightweight, long battery life. i wanted light but with dvd, and this has it. only problem so far is that the speaker isn't loud enough for joint viewing of movies.

By on - Nov 26, 2011

Excellent Overall

Excellent speed. Light weight and very portable. Good looks. Excellent performance so far.

By on - Nov 17, 2011

Not that good!

My school implemented a new system and we all got this laptop and so far I can tell the laptop has not been working so well doing simple tasks like opening word would cause the computer to lag a lot and the program would not respond. Now I can tell you I am a mac user and for the price this is $100 less than the lowest moddel mac and comparing it to my mac (lowest moddel mac) it does not run that well, to push that even more I can't install any thing on it (because it's a school laptop DUH!) and it still runs slow. On my mac iv'e installed hundreds of apps and games (steam gaming app) and it still runs smooth. If you like PC I guess its not that bad But from the perspective of a mac user its really bad. the choice is yours!

By on - Nov 5, 2011

Powerful, Lightweight, Reliable, what's not 2 love

I'm a very tech savvy person and have worked with all kinds of laptops from Toshiba, Acer, Asus, HP, Compaq, and Apple. I have to say I'm amazed of how great this Portege is, it's definitely lighter than many of their rivals, and it carries an i5 Sandy Bridge processor, and it's equipped with a large amount of ram and hard drive space. From Squaretrade Warranty, Toshiba was rank #2 in reliability in laptops with the least malfunctions after three years, with Asus landing at #1. The reason why I prefer Toshiba is because they only make Netbooks/Laptops in the computing world. All the other brands they make laptops/desktops/all in one pcs. Toshiba however, only focuses on portable computing. I've worked with the previous Portege, the R700 /w the i3 processor. The one thing that blew me away was that it's a 3 pound 13.3 inch laptop. The Macbook Air at the time was lighter but it didn't have an i3 processor. This new updated model though was a great find for me. I was looking around for a new laptop for my girlfriend. She asked for a bigger monitor than her netbook, much faster, and something that would last for a long time. The screen seems pretty reflective in high lighted setting, say outdoor in the sun, this may boast as an issue for some. However, 90% of the usage on a laptop for many users out there is indoor. When using this indoor I see no problem whatsoever. It plays very smoothly HD quality videos with no lag. The brightness is very bright as well, I see myself turning the brightness down mostly and could still see just fine. It's bright enough on medium setting and it's LED. The i5 2.4 ghz processor is one of the latest ones for laptop thats just about right for your everyday multitasking job. It also has a turbo boost technology that could crank it up to speed to 3.0 ghz if it needs to under big work overload. This is useful for those gamers out there or those who want to do photoshop. It has 640gb HD. Usually laptops have 250GB or 320GB but this has 640GB!!! That is twice as big as the average laptop HD size! You will not have to worry for a long time regarding laptop space on this laptop. Trust me, if you're not going to be downloading many movies or plan to put 1,000,000 pictures on this thing, you're going to be really happy wit this large amount of space. 6GB of ram, this is what lets you run multiple applications and windows at the same time. 4GB ram seems to be the average of most laptops, so again it goes beyond the standards once again. You can run ten internet windows, watch a movie, and run a webcamming conference and that 6GB of ram will let you run everything just fine without any lag, thanks to that large ram. Only 3.2 pounds. Tats less than a pound more than those really light netbooks out there. Netbooks go for 2.5 pounds, the Portege is at 3.2 pounds, and the Macbook Pro goes for 4.5 pounds. It's very ultraportable and can fit nicely inside your handbag/backpack, it's also very thin as well. This laptop quality is very durable material as well. It's not some cheap plastic material, it's actually well made like a professional. If you didn't know yet, Portege is a business designed laptop. Lastly, with this entire processor, ram, hard drive space, and being ultraportable, how long will the battery last? It says on the standards it should be 9 hours long! That's amazing! I however have heard about tests and from real life tests you'd probably be getting 7 hours of battery life realistically. But the great part is that Toshiba has the "ecosaver" program equipped that really helps conserve the battery longer and helps you measure how much "watts" you're using. Overall for the price, this makes a great laptop, and the best part is this just came out quietly this month, October 2011. I plan to update this review as the months go by to see if my girlfriend runs into any problems. But comparing this to my Unibody White Macbook. I think this laptop seems to be much more powerful and faster than mine. It's light weight, powerful with a great processor, up to date on going beyond the standards on RAM and Harddrive space, and long lasting battery life to get you through your day on the go. You won't be disappointed with this purchase.

By on - Oct 27, 2011

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By - Nov 18, 2011