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ThinkPad T60 2623-D6U - Great Laptop with Some Weaknesses

Strengths: Great Build, Great Built-in softwares, Fingerprint reader, Comfortable Keyboard

Weakness: No Memory Card Readers, Weight, Slow starting and shutting down Windows, To install RAM we need to remove palm rest

Overall I think this laptop is quite good But not Excellent.

I had some bad experiences right after I purchased it. After starting Windows, I got an error message, but I think it's not a big deal.
This is my first Core Duo Laptop and I don't really see much difference with my Centrino laptop, especially in the booting and shut down process. I think it's because IBM has too many startup programs. In general program, it's quite fast, but I am not very impressed with it.

The biggest problem that I had is the display problem. It was grainy, textured, random variations of brightness. I needed to do some research to find out what happened, and I found in the forum that the BIOS version of 1.05 and 1.06 is the problem. I downgraded the BIOS to version 1.04 and finally it worked.

My conclusion is this laptop has a good performance and very user friendly. The keyboard I think is the best keyboard for notebook. The build is very tough and strong. However, too many start up programs make it really slow to start The Windows and shutting it down. I also recommend to upgrade the memory to 1 GB.

By washington82 - Jul 11, 2006

Solid construction... my daughter is thrilled!!!

Strengths: Lenovo/IBM support, easy set up, great everything plus the DVD burner and bluetooth built in.

Weakness: None

I got this for my dauhgter who is entering college this fall. She is so thrilled with it. The wifi works great. The graphics are awsome and the DVD burner and built in Bluetooth make it flexible and up to date.

She loves how light and solid it feels. Set up was a breeze. Oh yeah, just be sure you check the global time settings. Ours came with Hong Kong time as the factory default. We love how easy it is to update the software with the IBM Connection utility. There is no reason to even consider any other laptop.

We were lucky enough to get this with a $200 dollar rebate so after rebate we only paid $1300. Oh yeah, Lenovo offers an extended Laptop Protection warranty which we bought directly for them. It protects the machine from accidental damage. I don't know if any other laptop maker offers such coverage and it wasn't that expensive. Great thing to have for a college student. We fully expect this laptop to last the entire 4 years of college.

By jaronowski28 - Aug 6, 2006

dream laptop

Strengths: Duo technology,classic design from IBM

Weakness: only have 64mb video memory, not recommend if you want full Vista vision exprience

I admitted that thinkpad is one of the most carefully designed laptop in the world. With the same configuration, it almost twice as expensive as Dell.But it really worths its high price.
It has around 5 hours of battery life in most of the situations.
For memory, I highly recommended to self upgrade to 1GB to get the full dual channel technology

By popccpop - Jul 5, 2006

Thinkpad T60 - 2623D6U

Strengths: Excellent build quality, Sharp screen, Very fast relative to other Core Duo laptops

Weakness: May want to upgrade the ram, not incredibly light but manageable

I was researching various Duo Core laptops under Acer, Sony, and Apple. When you look through pricegrabber, you see many of these brands offering more features, more power, etc. for the same price or less. Like me, you are probably tempted to buy those because of the specifications/price factor. However, I recommend you focus on how all of it comes together. Further, you've probably read professional reviews on these laptops, but I've found that looking at user reviews generally gives you a better idea (not to make this one self-important, however).

You may have heard of Lenovo/IBM's excellent build quality as I did, and I assure you it lives up to its reputation. There is not a single piece of equipment on this machine where I can say there was a cheap part or plastic used. The screen's SXGA+ resolution comes sharp (though could be brighter) and with an ATI video card. There are a tremendous amount of little design features such as drain holes for the keyboard if you spill something on it, laptop drop sensors, etc.

A big selling point for me was how there wasn't a lot of excessive software built-in. Often when you purchase, say, a Sony laptop, you find a lot of pre-installed garbage that you'll never use. This laptop came with essentially three main things: Windows XP Pro, IBM's ThinkVantage software (very efficent/practical), and Google Desktop. The rest is up to you to install which is the way that at least I prefer - keeps the system running faster.

If you're in the market for Lenovo (or any other brand for that matter), and you're trying to decide which configuration is best in terms of value and performance, I would suggest this model (2623-D6U). I've looked around and compared plenty, and I feel this was the best deal. I would recommend installing additional RAM, though stock still runs fast. (By the way: this laptop will work fine on Vista w/ Aero Glass if you're concerned about that - I've installed and used it.)

Lastly, depending on when you read this review, there's a great rebate going on right now from Lenovo which makes this a steal in my opinion. I bought for $1440 without realizing there was a $200 rebate, making it extremely competitive with other brands.

Hope that helps!

By varunm - Jun 14, 2006

Thinkpad T60 - A Great Laptop

Strengths: Size, screen, speed

Weakness: Memory, weight, finger print reader

Overall a great computer! Third Thinkpad I've owned, and my favorite by far. The Core Duo processor is fast, and because there are two cores, the interface is very smooth. It's not quite as light as my T40, but it's very small. Although the hard drive is 80GB, only 66GB are available. The finger print reader only works only so-so. There's not a lot of memory, given the other specs, but it's not too expensive to add more.

By adamatw - May 25, 2006

Thinkpad T60

Strengths: 1) Build Quality 2) Keyboard 3) ThinkVantage 4) Looks professional 5) FingerPrint Reader 6) XP PRO 7) 1400x1050 (SXGA+) 8) Battery life 9) No Junk Software and so on.. Ain't it enough ??

Weakness: 1) Screen quality can be better 2) Speakers can be better 3) 512 MB RAM ! ( Aint we in 2006? ) 4) No S-Video, Card Reader

Guess the summary of strenghts and weaknesses says it all. Machine runs very fast. Runs very cool. Even after extended usage, it is not even 'warm'. No lockups/hangs/issues so far.

To elaborate more on the strenghts..
*) It is an ultra professional, very well built and good looking notebook. (Pure black.. not one of those flashy/shiny ones..) Hold it and you'll know it will last.

*) The best feature of this notebook is the keyboard - keys are exactly placed & sized where they should be on a standard keyboard (not cut in size/placed around in corners here and there). The feel and response of keys is excellent.

*) ThinkVantage software is great. Any novice to 'computer management' can do any task like installs/backup/recovery/trouble shooting etc. with great ease.

*) Fingerprint reader - ya this is more like sci-fi, but it saves me a few seconds of having to type in the password everytime. Just swipe a finger and you are good to go!

*) Higher resolution (SXGA+) means more details visible on screen. Reduces scrolling and very good for imaging apps like autocad etc. But it is a better idea to increase the 'font size' in windows along with higher resolution.

*) Battery runs good. Runs 3 hrs with wifi constantly on. May easily go upto 4 with 'reserved' usage.

*) Relatively clean machine w.r.t softwares installed. No junk software installed like on many other notebooks.

What could be better ..
*) Screen brightness/sharpness - its not 'the best'
*) 512 MB RAM - with this config and in these times, what are they thinking - 1 GB is a standard ! And with their new design, RAM upgrade isnt the easiest thing to do on this machine.
*) Sound / speakers can be better however it is not a multimedia notebook, so cant complain much.
*) S-Video / Card reader not present, again these minor things are very good to have built in.

All said and done, I purchased this gem after like a month of research and is the best deal around by cost-benefit analysis, if you arent looking for a very 'flashy multimedia notebook'.

Cheers !

By jignesh_barai - Jul 31, 2006

This laptop rocks

Strengths: Solid, extremely functional, good size

Weakness: adding 512 mb more memory good idea

Ubuntu works great on it after a little tweaking- sound wifi everything, love this thing

fast, very customizable
may be pricey compared to other brands but worth it

By doublebock; - Jun 6, 2006

It works, but would not purchase again, as it missing DVD-RW parts

Strengths: price is reasonable

Weakness: No DVD+RD funtion which suppose to have

I bought this computer as a gift to my best friend in China. Overall it is ok for him. There are 2 points:
1. window's XP pro for the computer don't have original software
2.In description showed have DVD-RW but it actually don't have. So my friend have to pay extra money to buy this parts in China for this computer. Since the computer already in China, I can't return for exchange. I mention it in this comment. I hope can get an answer.

By bluemoon90640 - Nov 6, 2006

The best in the biz

Strengths: Generous student discounts; Crisp, high resolution screen; more USB ports; Dual-layer DVD writer; runs cool and fast; dedicated video card; fingerprint reader; comfortable keyboard

Weakness: Still no firewire; no S-Video(!); too many running processes; rattling lid

This is my fifth ThinkPad – previously I owned 760, 600e, R50 and a T42. So far, the T60 has not disappointed despite the change from IBM to Lenovo. The laptop retains the classic, black-matte look; the case does not flex and overall construction is solid. Compared to the previous-generation T42, there is now 3 USB ports instead of two, and a large, extra air vent instead of the parallel port found in the back of the T42. This allows the computer, while equipped with a faster CPU, to run cool. The fan is much quieter than my T42.

The computer is equipped with the newest Intel core duo processor. With 1 gigabyte of ram (a free upgrade I obtained from, this computer is noticeably faster than the Centrino processor. The T60 comes with 64mb of ATI x1300 video card; initially, I was afraid that this video card did not meet the Windows Vista Aero requirements, but upon running the upgrade advisor from Microsoft’s website, this video card CAN run Aero safely, albeit by borrowing some of the computer’s memory. The monitor on this particular model is the SXGA, and comparing it to my XGA screen on my T42, the monitor is noticeably brighter and crisper than the latter. I highly recommend the SXGA over the XGA to future buyers.

There are some minor drawbacks – one is that there is still no firewire. I find this odd, considering there’s a DVD burner; I assumed that this laptop was made to be used for video editing. Also, by adding larger fans in the top left corner of the computer, Lenovo left out the all-too-important S-video port. Those who want to hook the laptop to a TV are out of luck. Lastly, like my T42, the lid rattles a bit when closed. This is a minor problem but still, a bit annoying.

I was able to get a very good deal on this laptop – most people don’t realize gives students discounts. To get it, go to “Education”, then click “Students and Alumni.” Students can save up to $100. I also got a promotional Ram upgrade to 1 gb. A ram upgrade is a must, considering how much processes are running on this computer. Even after cutting down unnecessary processes, it still consumed 370 mb of ram.

Overall, I highly recommend the T60.

By dale182 - Aug 25, 2006

Great Notebook

Strengths: Size, Speed, Build.

Weakness: Price

I purchased this notebook specifically for graduate school and after a month of use I am very impressed. You will pay a slight premium for this notebook but in my opinion the price is justified. The computer is light but sturdy and the screen is clear. It should also be noted that the keyboard is the best I have ever used.

I would highly recommend this model as it gives a perfect mix of function and style. I would also suggest upgrading the memory to 1GB, but that is your choice.

By blibuit - Aug 8, 2006

Thinkpad T60 - Great experience

Strengths: Very fast one.

Weakness: Need to add memory & get a DVD burner

Very fast..with very high speed bus & this processor and the finger print
Very good for working experience!

Still using and the TFT screen with no DVD burner at all.
Add memory is a good idea, and this is not for multimedia at al.

By nongkorr - Jun 15, 2006

Too much software

Strengths: Nice feature set

Weakness: Too many memory resident programs, slow down performance Slow login time Slow application performance

I have been a loyal thinkpad customer for a while now. But, this latest model comes crammed with bloatware, that severely hampers system performance. Lenovo should come out with a "lean & mean" option, that doesn't include all the unnecessary software applications.

By john330 - Feb 21, 2007

Thinkpad T60

Strengths: building quality, excellent sceen better than sony XBRITE screen, cheap compared to its quality and configuation, only $1300.

Weakness: none so far

Ir seems Lenovo improved its screen technology significantly, compared to the old T43 model and sony S580, it's bright and natural. The machine is very quiet and cool, and the building quality feels better than T43 too. worth every penny.

By hellow2006 - Dec 21, 2006

Great Notebook For Students

Strengths: Keyboard, Weight, Screen, Speed, Build.

Weakness: Price, lack of ports

I bought this notebook to take with me to Law School. I knew before I purchased the notebook that I would be paying a bit extra for the THINKPAD name and the build/durability that the line is associated with. Upon first inspection, the notebook seems to live up to the name. I purchased the 14" screen which makes it light enough for easy portability, something necessary for school and/or business. I was also very surprised at the relative quietness of the fan. I had a number of programs running at once and it never ran above the minimum.

Type a sentance on the keyboard and you will instantly feel the difference. The ThinkPad keyboard is without a doubt the best keyboard on a notebook in the market today.

The only thing that the computer seems to be lacking in the number of imput ports. There is no SD slot, for example.

All in all, this is a great notebook for any student or professional looking for a fast, light, and reliable computer. I am very glad I made this purchase and do not think that the high price should hold anyone back from purchasing this notebook. It will really be worth it in the end.

By anonymous; - Jul 5, 2006

Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad T60

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