HP (Hewlett-Packard) TouchSmart tm2-2100 tm2-2150us Tablet PC - 12.1" - BrightView - Wireless LAN -...

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With unparalleled versatility, the HP TouchSmart tm2 lets you touch, draw, type or move everywhere in between. This compact yet powerful notebook converts to a tablet with a simple twist. Next-generation multi-touch technology puts endless creative possibilities at your fingertips. Slim and stylish, the HP TouchSmart tm2 can make everything you do faster, easier, and way more fun.


Product Title: HP (Hewlett-Packard) TouchSmart tm2-2100 tm2-2150us Tablet PC - 12.1" - BrightView - Wireless LAN - Intel Core i3 i3-380UM 1.33 GHz - Brushed Aluminum

Manufacturer: HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Power Score: 4.4 | 11 Reviews

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I received my Hp touch smart in May of 2010 as a birthday gift. I was really excited that my computer was a touch screen and when it was first set up it was really nice, but as time went on the quality of the computer diminished. I first started having errors when the computer would first start up, then I started having problems with the battery, then the wireless, and now the motherboard. It...
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By amazon2010 on HP - Jul 25, 2011

Really nice tablet + PC

As a frequently traveler, I was looking for the power of a PC with the small form factor of a tablet. Windows 7 as the primary OS as well as MS Office and Visio 200x are a must for me. Thus far I'm been very happy with the TM2. Although the mouse was a little quirky with the default / out of the box drivers, after an HP update all is now well. For me this is the laptop I've been looking for--...
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By DaveFromCali415 on HP - Jul 21, 2011

Bring back customization

This is the best and only laptop I will ever buy. I am a techie nerd, owning 6 personal computers, my main which is Alienware. I have owned the Touchsmart Tx2 and now own a tm2t. Previous laptops to that have been Gateway and HP. I know my computers, and I love the Touchsmart series laptops. I can play Fallout 3 on my Duo Core tm2t, and then flip the screen over the watch a movie on an airplane....
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By Leif on HP - Jul 19, 2011


I searched for a long time for something that would be a compromise between a full size Windows 7 laptop and a slim tablet that would also be affordable. This seemed to be the device that would meet those needs but didn't live up to my expectations. Starting with the keyboard - I knew that there would be fewer keys than a full size keyboard, but I found it difficult to live without the PgUp,...
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By critiquename on HP - Jul 17, 2011

Incredible Computer. Simply Incredible!

One of the best purchases I've ever made. I customized my TouchSmart with the i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, and 500 GB Hard Drive. I've since maxed out the memory to 8 GB, and upgraded the OS to Microsoft 7 Professional. For me, I wanted the portability of a tablet but the horsepower of a desktop. The TouchSmart is the perfect fit of those two needs. Its just an incredible computer that gives me good...
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By deviousmind on HP - Jul 11, 2011

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