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ASUS R2H Ultra Mobile PC

Strengths: Good sized, quality display. sturdy, detailed construction. Features galore !

Weakness: Hard drive was divided into 2 user partitions, both formatted as FAT. More documentation on individual components would be nice. No wrist strap included, although mentioned in the manual.

I had been lusting for a tablet PC for sometime, but was put off not only by the price, but the size and weight as well. I don't really care for the "souped up" mobile phones or PDAs that are powered by a Windows look-a-like operating system. I want a small, easy to read, easy to move, full functioning PC. Period. I want to be able to run most any app that I can run on my desktop. I've been reading about the new FlipStart that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is behind, and other than the fact that it isn't even available yet, it's too darn expensive.

Then, as I was window-surfing for a new motherboard, I happened upon this little gem. It fit my needs perfectly. A 7" touchscreen, full Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005, 768MB of DDR2 667 MHz RAM, 60GB hard drive AND MORE !! Yes, the processor is a Celeron 900Mhz, but I want this for the portability and convenience, not blazing speed, so if that is your preference, you may stop reading right now. But, if what I have written so far has you intrigued, then please read on.

After continuously vacillating one way, then the other, I bit the bullet and on a Sunday evening, ordered it. I can't say enough good things about the vendor, The price was great, and even though it shipped ground, on Wednesday, UPS was knocking on my door.

I can't begin to describe my excitement as I unpacked my prize. Even the box was beautiful in a simulated brushed anodized aluminum box motif, just like the unit. I carefully unpacked each item, savoring each moment until powering it on. (I can get quite obsessive about reading manuals cover to cover.. drives my wife bonkers).

Asus didn't disappoint. I've always known them for rock solid motherboards, but who knew ?? The attention to detail and the overall quality is readily apparent, even before turning it on. The engineering that has gone into this little computer is nothing short of amazing.

The software is full and complete with CDs of all software, a driver CD, and full restore DVD. The manual is very clear and specific, bearing no resemblance to some of the rather awkward "translations" I have seen in other products, even ones with very recognizable names. I could go on and on, but sooner or later I would run out of superlatives, so I will let the specs speak for me.
as shipped:
900MHz Celeron ULV processor
768 MB DDR2 667 MHz ram expandable to 1280MB
60GB PATA 1.8" HDD, 4200rpm
7" WXGA Touchscreen LCD 800x600 native resolution
1.3 Mega-pixel built-in Web-Cam
3 USB 2.0 ports (2 large, 1 mini)
10/100 Ethernet
GPS Navigation w/software
WiFi 802.11 B/G
BlueTooth 2.0
Biometric fingerprint reader for Trusted Platform Computing
Thumbstick cursor control & l/r buttons as well as arrow keys
VGA out via expansion adapter cord (included)
microphone input jack
headphone output jack
monaural speaker
A/V output jack
SD memory Slot
USB mouse

Another item in the box that wasn't mentioned anywhere in the manual, or online, a computer to computer USB transfer cable, and as with all of the other above features, software is included and installed when shipped. By the way, the handwriting recognition software works very well, even for my scribbling.

If you decide that one of these is for you, and order one, you might want to do so some of the things that I did right away.
1. Convert from FAT32 to NTFS
2. delete 2nd partition, and using a 3rd party disk utility software, make one large partition. (there is also a 4GB system restore partition that could be removed as well, since a restore DVD is included)
3. Stop some of the programs that auto-start to increase performance. (I originally had 87 processing running at start up, and now trimmed it down to 37)

Now, if you are still haven't made up your mind one way or the other, check out their slick demo at

Add it all up, and I think Asus has a winner. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is just what I was looking for.

By cjkoeb - Mar 31, 2007

ASUS R2H - Small nice handheld PC

Strengths: Small, Connection w/WI-FI, Bluetooth, IR, RJ45. Handwriting reconition, GPS.

Weakness: Slow speed, no CD ROM, no keyboard.

I enjoy this small handheld PC very much. The 1.8 weight still a little to heavy to bring it around. The speed is kind of slow but it is not very painful for me.

Not quiet a total mobility solution yet,but It is a nice piece to have if you do need a "real" mobile PC.

By howardt1 - Mar 5, 2007

A Techies Dream

Strengths: Portability. Upgradable...

Weakness: None.

I must say, I too have been lusting for this hot little item since I saw it online in 2006. At the time the price was way too steep to justify the buy. But when I saw $479 list price on Compuvest for a refurbished model, I couldn't resist. Mine arrived with all the original packaging, including the slipcase/cover, cables, and software, including the XP Tablet OS restore disk (a definite must and rare). First off, I have to say the wow factor of the design is awesome! I purchased this puppy as a portale media device. I own a massive eBook library, movies, and music, and the idea of having a portable PC powerful enough to play everything from ratDVDs (Google it! ratDvd is awesome) to Mp3s was appealing. First thing I did was check the forums about the 2gb RAM upgrade. I'm here to put your fears to rest! Yes! It works! I'm reading 1.98GBs of Corsair 5400 DDR2. And it moves with no lag time and has really helped with battery life. The battery that came with mine is the 4Cell battery and gets about 3.25 hours now on a single charge. I'm looking into the Solid State Drive upgrade and will repost on how that goes. I did have concerns about the SD Card Reader. I found nothing online verifying the reader took High Capacity Cards. Sure it's logical to assume a device like this would, but I was cautious. Ordered a 16GB Adata card from New Egg. Works like a charm! And I think the 32 Gb cards are out, now in SD format! Can't wait to load the 16 GB card up with movies (.avis). The handwriting recognition software is amazing! It is completely intuitive and very accurate. The encryption software and fingerprint scanner is great. Once you've set up encryption, you can effortlessly encrypt any file by selecting it and selecting "Encrypt" on the Right-click menu. You can set encryption to require a finger-print only, a password only, both, or either. Nice to lock up those diary/journal entries or "candid" photos and vids...:-)) And using the fingerprint scanner for the Windows login gets major points on the cool-meter! Sweeet!

I've purcharsed a mini keyboard/touch pad (the Solidtek USB Mini Keyboard With Built-In Touchpad) from CompUSA.
Gotta say not much of a selection in the way of mini keyboards out there today. This one is wired. There's a wireless version that I plan on buying...with somewhat mixed reviews. The wired version works like a charm. One hitch, it's as noisy as the average desktop keyboard and about the same size as the boards on the netbooks (92% the size of a full kybd).

Anyway, so far I've got a list of software installed on my Asus Tablet: Yahoo Messenger, Office 2000 Professional Edition (with Access & Powerpoint), Logitech Webcam, RatDVD, Nero 7. All seems to work well. It's not lightning fast, but hey! That's not the point. It plays movies and music like a charm. Handles spreadsheets, Visio, and even Visual

I'll keep you posted on the SSD upgrade.

By scrybe - Feb 7, 2009

Amazing liitle UMPC

Strengths: Great interface

Weakness: Celeron 900 + Graphics

The first thing you should do when you get this computer is to remove norton. From there you want to eliminate any startup programs and services that are unnecessary. Once it is cleaned up, it turns out to be a fairly snappy machine with amazing capabilities. Use streetdeck in your car with the built in GPS, play a mobile game of WoW at a WIFI hotspot. Take notes on the screen with the pen or your finger. Bluetooth pictures from your phone, or use your phone as a modem. Use skype to make a phonecall. There are thousands of amazing things you can do with a UMPC like the R2H. I love mine, it has to be the ultimate gadget. I've used the Q1, and I believe the Asus is a better machine.

By anonymous; - Jan 10, 2007

Asus R2H Ultramobile PC

THE GOOD: Large 7-inch screen; good battery life; built-in GPS. THE BAD: Bigger and heavier than other UMPC systems; underpowered CPU; difficult to input text. THE BOTTOM LINE: The Asus R2H is too big to be truly ultramobile, but its relatively large screen and decent battery make it good for on-the-go Web surfing and media playing, even if the onscreen keyboard is a chore to use.
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By - Jan 29, 2007

Asus R2h Ultramobile Pc

Asus R2h Ultramobile Pc receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 2.66 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #20 netbook computer of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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By - Jul 16, 2008