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An overall great product

Strengths: All-in-1 package

Weakness: Glossy screen, overheating and included software

The Good: I purchased this laptop a couple weeks ago and am very pleased with its performance. The battery life is good and the weight is great. It takes a little while to adjust to the keyboard design, but it's not a significant adjustment. The laptop is delivered with bundled software and accessories (e.g., webcam).
The Bad: The glossy screen can make it difficult to view the screen if it's bright or glare on the screen. Also, the laptop runs a little hotter than other laptops that I've used in the past.
The Ugly: While I ordered this laptop with customized upgrades directly from Apple's website, it still arrived needing several upgrades to the existing software. This is annoying that some technician spent time to install software, but didn't update any other applications. So I spent the first two hours downloading software updates rather than enjoying the laptop.

By jldcpa - Sep 14, 2006

macbook 1.83ghz core duo

Strengths: great design, portable, easy to use

Weakness: gets really sometimes, LCD flickers

Over all very happy about this macbook. besides some heating and LCD light issues, everything else works perfectly. OS X is very easy to use. Great design, love how u can see how much battery is left while the thing is turned off. the slot loading dvd/cd-rw combo drive maybe annoying because it won't read those smaller CDs. Huge track pad made everything easy.

By hb333 - Mar 13, 2007

I'm simply enthralled

Strengths: Lovely, small, light, quick processor, gorgeous display, DVD and CD-RW capability as standard, isight built-in

Weakness: Gets rather hot depending on workload, it's so pretty you may get paranoid about stains scratches etc, etc.

Since this is Apple's first wave of Intel-based hardware, I'm always iffy about purchasing it, since new technology is notorious for having many annoying quirks and kinks that still need to be smoothed out. However with Apple's latest iteration of their base notebook product line, they did more than just improve the ibook and put a nifty isight/mic combo above the glossy 13" display, they also created a bargain powerbook, with more processing power than even the highest end configuration powerbook could muster.
Obviously with this macbook on the market, people will consider how well it holds up to its well endowed sibling the macbook pro. Just to clear things up, this notebook loses very little to the pro, so if you think buying this notebook is a big step down from the "professional" model laptop, then youre sorely mistaken.
First, the most apparent differences are size and material (the macbook comes in either a white or black polycarbonate case as opposed to the pro's alluminum alloy). The 13" screen is noticably smaller than the base pro's 15.4", but with the glossy display being so bright and sharp, it doesn't really matter unless you really need that 2" difference.
Another and more important difference is the level of support the macbook has in comparison to the pro. For gamers, i would not recommend you buy this particular machine. Its integrated graphics chipset is not nearly as powerful as the dedicated graphics card in the pro. For any software that demands a high frame rate, just know that the macbook was not designed for this.
For anyone that would eventually like to have an external display for their macbook just note: the macbook will only support up to 23" of display as opposed to the pro's 30". The resolution is the same for each notebook on the 20 and 23", so theres no worries there.
The macbook only sports one firewire400 port, as opposed to the pro's 400/800 port set side by side. So, if you were looking for something with a higher transfer rate firewire port the macbook wont accomodate you here.
Beyond these differences the macbook loses nothing in the way of performance capabilities. If you intend to use your mac for graphic design (such as photoshop painter, et al), your macbook is well up to the task, especially with its 2GB RAM capacity and mid-range display support.
Like all Intel-based macs, this one comes with the stupendous front row software, which pretty much integrates all of your entertainment features on one simple turntable display controlled via apple remote which comes as standard with all new macs. Everyone i showed this too gave me a plethora of oohs and ahs, even the macheads used to powermac G5's and powerbook veterans.

ONE THING TO NOTE: The macbook can get very hot, i mean like hotplate hot depending on what youre doing, working the processor, watching movies, or playing music for long periods of time will result in heightened processor workload, which raises the comp's temperature substantially. i dont have this problem often, as i usually use my computer unplugged(the more you keep it plugged in, ultimately this shortens the battery's lifespan). The same goes for the pro, so there's no difference here.

All in all this is possibly the best laptop computer out there, for the features the price is a steal, it can handle large multi-layered image files faster with a RAM upgrade, supports up to 23" of apple cinema display, sports firewire 2 USB ports and it has the ingenious magsafe adapter cord used on the pro, which is my favorite innovation given my mishaps with other laptops.

There is one quirk with this new hardware, though. Rosetta is the only thing that keeps many software applications compatible at all with the new macs. Once the universal binary is written for this new product line, this will be cured, and the move to sport intel chips will shine far brighter than the powerpc's ever could.

By Phantom404 - Jun 22, 2006

Macbook - A portable dream

Strengths: Small, lightweight, tons of features, fun!

Weakness: Screen has bad viewing angle, not enough firewire ports.

What can i say? I opened this thing up and of course, it came out of the box in style, like every other macintosh product. It's shiny and sleeek, and fast as hell. It does everything it's supposed to do and it even runs windows! You can't beat the price on this thing, for a laptop this is by far one of the best computers around.

By mabusfe - Aug 14, 2006


Strengths: large trackpad, 2-finger scrolling, thin notebook, large & bright screen

Weakness: case scratches easily, cpu whine

With the exception of the easily-scratched case (which one gets used to) and the CPU whine (which is very irritating in a quiet room), this MacBook performs wonderfully. The bright, widescreen display is perfect for watching movies. Battery life is pretty average at around 4 hours with Airport on and Bluetooth off. The fan is very quiet unless one starts up a CPU-intensive application (like any MS Office component).

I usually just put the MacBook to sleep rather than turning it off. Make sure you run Software Update periodically to get the latest bug fixes and firmware updates.

On the negative side, I did have to get it exchanged a few times because of problems with the keyboard and trackpad button.

By tindahan - Sep 12, 2006

Macbook $1099 from Best Buy

Strengths: The strengths of this macbook is that it is very slim and sleek. you have a built in mic and webcam,Also you can dual boot xp with this machine. great laptop. A++++++++

Weakness: kinda runs really hot on left side of the laptop on the bottom.

The 1099 has cdrw/dvd player and the 1299 has dvd burner. great product im a pc techy comin to mac world and i love it. this is a great macbook

By ismailnorrzai - May 26, 2006

Laptop lover turned to Macbook lover

Strengths: Sleek & fashionable design, Mac OS X, Cool features, Built-in-camera & microphones, Remote control, Flashy screen, robust ac adapter, keyboard & its shortcuts.. so on

Weakness: Heat dissipation, speakers, (media) files support with included applications,

I am big fan of laptops for their portability. And now I am Macbook owner, and I can say that with pride- because the machine is simply awesome!


Trendy: Apple is known for making things so unique and have proved themselves again by this low price sleek, flashy macbook.

OS: The operating system is great, if you have knowledge of any script/programming language, you can write your own stuff and personalize the applications the way you wish to look and work like unlike windows. I work on UNIX based machines and the remote access to those machines at work is really good. I can work remotely from home, so comfortably!

Features: Really cool features to play with, one I tried to make a slideshow of my photo collection and puttting the music in background- and it goes like a movie.

Webcam & Microphone: While using my instant messenger, now I don't have to plug my webcam and microphones. These are in-built in the system.

Remote control is another good feature.

Screen: looks great. The backlight on the screen gets off after every few seconds/minutes (one can set that time) and saves you battery life.

ac adapter: is small and robust, though the cable is small but you can always can a extension wire.

Keyboard: is so comfortable to type on. There are all kinds of shortcuts one needs. I like the volume up/down, and esp the one which toggles between mute and your current volume.

CD/DVD player sucks the disks so good.


Heat Dissipation: It really gets hot like hell. You cannot keep it in your lap for long time. So you cannot put it in your lap, so that means it is not a laptop. May be thats why Apple used the name Macbook :)

Speakers: Stinks. They are very weak, you would definitely need external speakers if you are watching some movie.

Media files support: File support is not good. I cannot play some of my media files. I haven't tried to install other media players though, it would be great if I can play those files on these externally installed players. I am sure about the compatibility of the externally installed players, but it is worth to try them out.

Technical support: The apple technical support is very expensive. Only one call is free for the first year. If you are making any calls during the first year or may be your first call after 1 year, each call would cost $50.

Although there are some weaknesses in this machine as normally they are there with any product, but the great features of this Macbook makes those weaknesses so small, that they can be just ignored for such a great machine.

By sumit_mac - Aug 16, 2006

Nothing like a Mac!

Strengths: Portability, media applications, virus protection

Weakness: Could use more ram, white might look dingy after awhile, gets hot, hopefully it won't be a problem

This laptop looks so cool! Very well packed. I got it in the back to school deal with the free Ipod Nano and the free printer & my student discount - great deal! I wanted a Mac so it wouldn't be as susceptible to viruses and it's got great media capabilities. It was a little hard to set up with the wireless router. It also gets pretty hot. I hope it doesn't affect anything, especially the hard drive. I got the extended warranty just in case but haven't had to use Apple's customer service yet. I love the look of the white laptop. It's got good battery life and it's light and portable. So far so good!

By valicky - Nov 19, 2006

A Macbook, more than just a computer?

Strengths: Style, ease of use, size, ready to use features (like built in isight), screen brightness & resolution.

Weakness: Still heavier than I'd like, but I guess a laptop is never going to be SUPER light. It is significantly lighter than my former Dell laptop. The white keyboard worries me. It might get dirty?

When I opened the package up, I was pretty amazed. Apple knows to pack things in high style. I wondering if turning it on to use would be as easy as those new Mac Vs. PC computers have been saying. They're pretty true. It is ready to use right out of the box. Transfering my data was a huge drag, as I was using a 1GB flash disk, but there are many other transfering options out there. I love the laptop so far, everything is new to me, since I've been using PCs all my life. Everyone that uses a Mac seems to love it... I might turn into one of those obsessive cultish Apple lovers too.

By vannies - Sep 6, 2006

Macbook: Style & Performace @ Bargain Price

Strengths: Sleek White Design, Powerful Intel Duo Core CPU, OSX Tiger, Bootcamp to run native windows apps, Built-in iSight Camera, Ideal size/weight for mobility, Excellent 13.3" 1280x800 LCD

Weakness: For powerusers, base specs too low: only 512MB Memory (RAM) 60GB Hard Drive, I upgraded to 2GB RAM and 100GB 7200RPM drive from Its noticably faster. TV & 2nd Monitor cables not incl

I bought my first Apple computer 2 years ago. It was a 15" G4 1.5Ghz Powerbook. I used it primarily at college where I am a computer science student. It was a nice machine, but the aging G4 chip was too slow for my taste. OS X made up for the lack of performance with slick UI and its ease of use, but I still wished for a faster Apple notebook.

Enter the new Macbook with the Intel Core Duo CPU! Apple made an excellent choice switching to this new CPU. Its a significant improvement over my Powerbook G4. Not only is the Macbook faster, it has a whole slew of new features, such as built-in iSight camera, motion sensor, improved keyboard and touchpad, magnetic power connector and lid, longer battery life, etc. These small touches make Apple hardware so cool.

I also really like the 13.3" widescreen LCD. Its the perfect size and resolution. Its good for mobility and has enough screen space for my favorite applications. The new screen also has a glossy finish. IMO, it makes the colors of the screen look richer/deeper, but it also adds a little glare.

I also love Bootcamp, which allow you to install and run Windows natively on the MacBook. This is extremely useful for some of my work and class projects where Windows is unavoidable. In the past I had to use slow emulators such as VPC or another Windows machine. Both of which were pretty inconvenient. Now my Macbook can run Windows at fast native speed using Bootcamp, or I can use Parallels ( to run OS X and Windows simultaneously at near native speeds.

The Macbook is an awesome value machine for the price. Its about 1/2 the cost of my old PowerBook, yet it offer so much improvement. If you want a superdrive, you should step up to the next Macbook model. But otherwise, you will not notice a speed difference between the 1.83 and 2Ghz models. Instead I would save the money and put it toward more ram or a larger faster hard drive which will offer more noticable performance improvement.

I did consider the Macbook Pro, but performance benchmarks did not show much of difference between the Macbook and Macbook Pro. For the price difference, you get a larger screen, better graphics card, and aluminum shell. I prefered the Macbook since the 13.3" screen makes it easier to lug around from class to class. I wouldn't mind having the better graphics card, but in this case the smaller size was more important to me.

I've only had this Macbook for about a week now, but I've been very impressed. Everything works well. The screen is perfect (no dead or stuck pixels). I'm getting excellent battery life with a over 4.5hrs on a single charge. And, it feels noticably snappier than my old PowerBook. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase.

Check one out at your local Apple store.

By tejesh83 - Jul 6, 2006

Wonderful computer

Strengths: Lots of features, speed, sleek

Weakness: Would like more ram standard. One firewire port

I've had this Macbook for a couple of months now and love it. Glossy screen takes a bit to get use to. Really like the magnetic battery cable and the way you can extend the power cord.

By Happymac - Oct 28, 2006

First Mac purchase in over 10 years, well worth it!

Strengths: Amount of unique features, reasonable price, Mac OS

Weakness: Case dirtiness, glossy screen (depending on your personal preference)

It was time to replace my PC/Dell laptop, so I thought I'd go for a Mac before my student discount ran out. I had been waiting for a reasonable priced Intel mac, and here it came.

Compared to PCs at the same price, I was surprised at all the unique features that came with this machine: Firewire, Bluetooth, iSight camera, and more. But also a bit surprised of the 512MB RAM; should really have 1GB and I plan on upgrading. Rest of the hardware components seem good, and I don't play games, so integrated video shouldn't be an issue.

Everything on this machine just "works". As an advanced Windows XP user, I was surprised how easy it was to setup iTunes, AirPort Express, 802.11 wireless, iPods, etc. I have worked with Macs in recent years, but it is quite something to experience daily. Other included apps (Front Row, iChat, iPhoto, etc.) are quite good especially since Windows equivalents included by OEM are often only shareware or other junk.

A few apps aren't still ready for the Intel platform (most notably in my case MS Office) and must run under Rosetta which slows things down a bit. But otherwise, everything else works good. I use Firefox/Thunderbird for web/email; basically works the same way it does on the PC (lovely.)

The notebook does get hot like others (and Apple) suggest; but not a big issue for me. Glossy screen: good quality (although I have one stuck pixel) but shows fingerprints and dust easier than a matte screen. This, however, can be cleaned easily.

Battery life seems in excess of 3 hours for standard tasks, which is good enough in my book. Also a bit annoying that standard DVI/RCA/VGA outputs are all extras -- no one really uses mini-DVI for anything yet.

Touchpad has unique features (two finger tapping for context menu/right click, and two finger scrolling) which make up for only have one button (hard to get used to coming from Windows.) Keyboard is different but comfortable. Infrared remote for media control is also excellent, but Apple should have made it RF. Also note I opted for the CD-RW/DVD (no DVD burner/superdrive) -- I rarely burn anything, and don't plan on burning DVDs.

Have not yet tried Boot Camp to install Windows, but will eventually try.

Overall, I'm happy.

By compcons - Jul 10, 2006

Fabulous machine for Windows as well as Mac OS!!

Strengths: Using BootCamp (+ Input Remapper) it turns into a PC!! Great price. Clear display.

Weakness: Without an accessory sold apart, you can't use external monitor. Relatively chep design of keyboard and palm rest area. Relatively heavy (not so much, but not light)

I have hesitated before deciding to buy it because lots of people had commented about the heat under the left wrist. Because my HP laptop died just after 1 year warranty for the enormous heat from the CPU, I worried about that. However, I came to know the heat was not a big matter under normal condition. I turned it on for about 18 hours in order to install BootCamp and Windows XP, but it was not that hot. I sensed some heat when I checked the temperature from the front to the back, but it was quite tolerable to me for that price, yeh, it’s not a MacBook Pro.

I can’t stop writing before telling about installing of Windows. The simple version of my opinion is GREAT!!! I experienced Virtual PC about 10 years ago (-_-;), I was so enervated then. But the dream of implanting both Mac OS and Windows on a computer comes true!!! BootCamp is really amazing even though it is a “public” Beta version. If you format the windows part as FAT32, you can write files under Mac OS, as well as read them. Or you can only read files under Mac OS if you format the windows part as NTFS. Mac OS enables you to use the windows part as like a removable storage. Even though it has only 512M Ram, I didn’t feel any need to upgrade it yet. It is faster than my Inspiron 6000. It is converted into a real windows machine.

However, there are some minor problems using Windows on this fabulous laptop. There is no right click on an apple computer and the keyboard is different to Windows PC. Search “Input Remapper” and install it. It is the most stable solution until now. You can’t use the cute remote on Windows. There is no driver for iSight. Internal speaker is still on when using a headphone. I hope these problems could be solved in the near future.

By kidlove - Aug 3, 2006

Nice Laptop

Strengths: Cheap (Compared to its performance)

Weakness: Not good for use

I have to say this is a good laptop at its price. However, there are several weak points. The CPU is very powerful, however, the laptop is very hot (maybe because I am using Windows on it). The screen is very sensitive to view angle. Not good as my Dell 700m. The keyboard looks nice and very confortable to type. However there is no pgup, pgdown, del keys. It is very unconfortable if you want to us Windows as me. The palm rest is also very unconfortable. Though it looks nice to be sharp on edges. However, my wrists feel bad about the sharp edges. Overall, I would say it is not an excellent laptop for professions.

By happybuy - Oct 3, 2006

I am so happy

Strengths: Reliable and inexpensive. I had a question about networking - with no hold time a knowledgeable technician at Apple told me what the issues were - a nice change from Dell's or Microsoft's pathetic cs

Weakness: absolutely none

After years of putting up with poor systems from Dell and pathetic support from Microsoft ($35 to report a bug? Give me a break), I have switched to Apple and will never buy a PC again. Priced the same as PCs, with excellent customer support, I don't know why anyone buys PCs. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is the only company to increase its market share in the computer market (ignoring iPod) so folks are catching on. Dell is pathetic - I bought an expensive Dell 2 years ago which never worked - they ignored my many pleas - I even wrote to Michael Dell and Dells' board of directors - all too arrogant to respond. And of course Microsoft doesn't care about the quality of its products. So I will be buying Apple from now on.

By derekoppen - Jul 17, 2006

If this doesn't convert PC users, what will???

Strengths: Light, drool worthy, easy to use, packed w/great programs, still love it after a yr

Weakness: White shows dirt, but cleans up easy. PC users who bash Macs.

Yes, I'm a long time Mac lover. This is my 4th & 5th mac (yes, I loved it so much I bought a second so I didn't have to share with my kids). (And by the way, I still own 3 of those 5 macs, I only sold the other 2 because I felt guilty owning 5 computers for only 3 people). I've loved all my macs but what I really loved when I first bought this macbook is that when I'd take it out with me for business, as soon as it came out of the carrying case you'd hear oohs throughout the room. It definitely has that drool factor (as do all mac products). I won't list all the standard stuff which you've probably read a dozen times already. But I upgraded the hard drive to 120gb, maxed out the ram and I couldn't be happier. Still after over a year, I'm completely happy with the speed, the look and the ease of use. I haven't even had the urge to look at any newer models because I'm content with what I have. How many PC users can say that about their computers?

Things I love and can't live without now:

Magnetic battery cord (how many times has this save my sweet laptop from a drop to the floor?)
Bright clear LCD screen
OS X 10.4 - Great improvement
Little hidden isight camera
Ridiculously ease to use programs like imovie, idvd, itunes, iphoto, photobooth and even garage band. Oh, which by the way FREE! Comes with the computer, unlike a PC which only gives demos.

I definitely recommend macbooks, or any mac for that matter. If you can use a PC you can learn a Mac because they are so much easier to use.

By imaggiez - Nov 25, 2007

First Timer

Strengths: Style, Easy to use, Fun Fun Easy to upgrade

Weakness: Couldn't upgrade at the store in Korea

This is my first Mac. I am so happy I decided to go with Mac rather than a pc. I would have liked to beable to upgrade at the store, but I guess I will be saving some money and upgrading later!!

By anonymous; - Nov 5, 2006

MacBook Review

Strengths: Large trackpad, low-travel but responsive keyboard, widescreen display, cheapest in the MacBook line, easy access to RAM and hard drive, quiet

Weakness: Small default RAM (512 MB only), dust magnet, on the heavy side

This is a very solid and thin laptop which weighs a bit over 5 lbs. The case is entirely plastic so make sure everything functions well out of the box. The glossy screen, as well as the enclosure, are dust magnets. Cleaning is extremely easy though - just use warm soapy water. I like the large trackpad which aside from the normal functions can also do two-finger scrolling.

The remote control is great. I've used it in conjunction with Front Row as well as a program called iRed Lite, which allows one to overload the functionality of the remote (e.g. use for PowerPoint and other apps).

The Mac OS X operating system is easy-to-use. The iLife suite simply works as advertised. If one is into programming (or wishes to learn how to make Mac OS applications), be sure to install the Developer Tools.

This is definitely one of the best notebooks in the market today. I highly recommend it.

By anonymous; - Jul 13, 2006

still needs some work

Strengths: i love the macbook, and anything mac pretty much puts out. the new macbook, is lightweight, sleek, and slender, i love the keyboard and smoothness to it

Weakness: it only looks good... one issure after another with the screen, blurring, fuzzing, and losing color-again and again... it is not as fast as i feel it should be for being nearly five times as fast,

i do love MAC, so please understand, it hurts me to say these words then for you to read them... the processor is not as fast as i thought it would be at all, my G4 powerbook 1.25 is just as fast, but i suppose that is the risk you take buying a 1st genereation of any new product. i would wait a little bit before purchasing a new one.

By anonymous; - May 30, 2006

$2,000 MACBOOK

Strengths: All around Great

Weakness: 512 Memory

Everything is just supurb with my new MACBOOK. I had just bought a Ibook 3 days prior to the release of MACBOOK and took it back and got the MACBOOK which I cant seem to shut off . It looks and runs like a champ! You wont be dissapointed!

By anonymous; - May 21, 2006

13-inch MacBook Core Duo/1.83GHz

The MacBook is very impressive, not only compared to the iBooks and PowerBook it replaces, but also compared to its new Pro brethren. It offers almost everything that people would need in a laptop. If you use non-native apps often, and prefer a SuperDrive to a Combo Drive, consider one of the faster models. But if you're a hard core 3-D gamer, the MacBook is not the Mac for you.
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By - May 26, 2006

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