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Very Dim Display - unacceptable!

Strengths: Fast, nice design

Weakness: Very very dim display! Even with brightness maxed out and latest drivers, it is unacceptable. Also lots of light leakage on this display.

I returned this laptop a day after purchase because I was so disappointed with the screen.

I researched this laptop extensively before purchase and was really looking forward to getting it in the mail, but had not seen the screen.

I have two other laptops: A Toshiba and a Dell and would rate those as "average" brightness, and this screen was much less bright than either of those. If it would have been "average" I would have kept it, but it strained my eyes to read text in a brightly lit room in the daytime. You can completely forget using it outside.

I was not hoping for brightness on the level of Sony Vaio, etc., but I can't believe Acer equipped this great machine with such a dim screen. Search for other reviews of this notebook online and you will find similar comments about the screen.

By Xyllian - Jun 26, 2006

A great little notebook.

Strengths: Fast. Great looking notebook.

Weakness: Has problems when it goes into sleep mode. Often I have to restart in order to get sound. Backlight stays on when screen blanks during screensaver. WIFI and bluetooth go offline if unplugged.

So far so good. I've used this computer for several months now without much of a problem. It is faster than my desktop at work. It has a few weakness and would of liked multi-media controls, but would definitely buy it again.

By jcsullivan - May 4, 2006

Brilliant laptop!

Strengths: Fast, light, large hard drive, crisp display, battery life exellent.

Weakness: flimsy plastic cover at air vents

I owned a HP 3.2Ghz P4 laptop before and the Acer is much better. The battery life is more than double than the previous laptop and it is also faster, the CPU runs much cooler. The display is very sharp and number crunching like encoding video files or working with Raw photography files much faster. The bluetooth phone is also quite handy. 120 Gb hard drive a bonus.

By BenBotha - Feb 11, 2006

Almost perfect

Strengths: screen, nice disk size, nice amount of ram, camera buil in, 512 mb video card.

Weakness: some idiot from acer didnt know we are in 2006 and we are supossed to use NTFS partition instead of fat32 (also they made 2 partition). ok, nothing is perfect

my best buy , really recommend. the mouse button is a really hard but the laptop is almost perfect, the dvd works like a VCR, really cool. You can beat acer on that deal. Others like sony, ibm ... etc, will be forced to drop prices because of that.

By ed2009 - Mar 3, 2006

Best buy!!!!

Strengths: From internet browsing to playing the latest demanding video games, this laptop performs like nothing i have seen before. Blazing fast performance and stylish design combined.

Weakness: All of the heat is blown out from the right side - thats where you have your external mouse :( Also some sadist gave the hard drive a FAT32 format and split it into two equally sized partitions!!!

One of the best lap-tops out there. It packs some of the latest pieces of hardware and makes very good use of them. A perfect price/performance ratio. You will not find anything like this for the same price. This system allows for fast video editing, high-quality gaming, amazing connectivity options, long battery life, and the weight is also acceptible. The design is also very sleek and stylish compared to many other laptops out there. I recommend the 8204 to anyone who seeks blazing fast performance (gaming and/or working) and wants to keep up with some of the latest technology. Some companies offer more powerful laptops but most of their products are extremely overpriced and pack TOO MUCH power. No application or game that i know of utilizes the power of two GeForce 7800 GTXs and an FX-60 processor to their full extent... You will not be disappointed with this new Acer's innovation. A built-in webcam is also a definite plus!!!

By Vlad_I - Mar 30, 2006

Acer TravelMate 8204WLMi

Strengths: Nice display, good battery life, not too heavy, nice overall design, very fast processor - especially with engineering programs.

Weakness: Not enough documentation, Bluetooth hard to set up, no separate CD with drivers and Win XP operating system. HDD is split into 2 equal drives, and both are formated in FAT32.

Acer's got a winner with this product. I bought it to run RF engineering studies when I am visiting client sites. The whole package hums when processing the studies. The computer is very light weight - it feels like it weighs less than 6 pounds with the battery. Kept trying to configure a custom computer with the older Sonoma processor and the price always pushed $2000. decided to wait for the TM8204 to become available. The $2500 price is steep, but the overall package is money well spent.

Acer needs to provide more documentation. Their web site is difficult to navigate. For $2500, they could supply A CD with the drivers and the Win XP OS. Also, who is the idiot that formated the drive in FAT32? The 120 GB HDD is split into two equal drives. I was able to convert one of the drives to NTFS, but without a separate CD containing the drivers and the OS, I am reluctant to convert the "C" drive.

By Shel10 - Feb 20, 2006

A high end good laptop

Strengths: The processor is quite powerful. The speedstep technology is well appreciate here. The memory is useful in most CAD applications. The graphic card works fine. The display resolution is excellent.

Weakness: But it's not a bright screen as I saw on a couple of stores. The price is high but quite adapted to this product. The file system is FAT: no comment. THe OS is only provided on the hard drive.

- The first time I started the computer I saw this application saying I need a DVD-R in order to make a bakcup of my operating system. I denied that and I took a first look at the laptop: nice, no bright screen but good resolution anyway, the camera works just fine, no very useful application installed, wifi works well...

- Then, I started with my WinXP Professional CD and I formatted the hard drive with a NTFS file system. On the Acer's website you can find every single driver for all the hardware included.

- Now it works well and I am pretty happy with it: excellent CPU performances, nice external look (carbon fiber is great), good HD capacity, good GPU, great panel resolution....

Nice :)

By Zytrahus - Jun 5, 2006

Device Driver Flaws, Terrible Support

Strengths: Specs look good on paper

Weakness: Device Driver Flaws, Hand Warmer, and Terrible Support

There is apparently a defect in the drivers for Windows XP that come with this laptop that makes the F10 and F11 keys not work. The keys work fine in BIOS mode and even in Windows if you use the Shift or Ctrl keys also. Very strange but a big problem for a .NET nerd like me because Visual Studio uses those keys extensively.

Want to check for yourself? Bring up IE 6 with any web page and hit the F10 key. What should happen is the word "File" in the File menu should become active. When I spoke to their technical support he tried it on one of their machines and saw the same problem but rather than admit there was an issue, the idiot tried to convince me that the F10 key wasn't supposed to work.

I've also never been able to get Virtual PC to work on this machine (I have 2Gigs of RAM). Whenever I run a virtual machine, the hard drive in the laptop starts thrashing even though the virtual machine and virtual hard drive are located on an external drive.

All of this combines to make this laptop unusable when I travel as I use virtual machines extensively when giving demos and doing development. It's a shame, because this laptop had great potential.

By dotnetfan - Aug 7, 2006

Acer Speed

Strengths: Speed, Solid Design

Weakness: Weak in bass sound.

I could hardly wait to receive my notebook. After tearing apart all the plastic wrap I began loading my laptops with my applications. I was very well pleased to be able to run my QuickBooks Enterprise Solution software with my customized software enhancements. This and other applications such as Legrand contact manager running in the background did not slow down processing speed. I need this speed type ability as I am an accountant software consultant, and now this new notebook will make a good impression with my clients. I can't wait for a tablet pc with this speed.

By netresult - Feb 18, 2006

It's a great machine - very good performance.

Strengths: Speed and Performance.

Weakness: It's kind of heavy and a little thicker.

Besides speed and performance, the multi-media (sound fidelity), screen resolution, and embedded web-camera work very well and creates a wonderful sensation of a complete integrated environment.
The only issue is the size, I found it a little thicker than what I was expecting, it make it harder (size and weight) to be carrying it around.

By claudiobatistasilva - Jun 2, 2006


Strengths: Looks

Weakness: Runs hot and crashes.

No local fix it places if under warranty. Must be sent to Texas. 3 week turn around. No rebate until you do this 3 times (9 weeks of down time). They can't fix problem.

By pdxgal - Jun 30, 2006

Very disappointed

Strengths: Light, sturdy case

Weakness: The SD card slot and firewire port are inconveniently located on the front of the case where they interfere with easy use. And yes, the screen is dim. Most important, it's unreliable.

Although the laptop worked well for the first nine months that I owned it it has been to the shop four times in the last three months and is waiting to go back for the fifth time. The first issue was with the hard drive, then the CMOS, then a heat sensor, then the case was improperly put back together rendering both the bluetooth and WiFi inoperable. At this point I got "expedited" treatment and it only took 10 days to get it back. Today, after reloading programs it decided to start acting up again. After "regaining the hard drive" it only took a little over an hour to start up. I've never had a computer experience the likes of this before; I've owned several and worked on dozens over the past few years. I wish I could get my money back and put Acer in my past. I paid $2370 for this beast.

By egb47 - May 16, 2007

TravelMate TM8204WLMi Notebook is greatest

Strengths: Every thing in this computer is over my what I have in the past!

Weakness: If I have to say one weakness that speaker on this computer sounds very low, and screen is not super bright.

This computer is good for people that want it to have a super performance computer. I have been use this computer for 3 months now. Everything run at top speed. When you will design to reinstall your computer, it's only need about 15-20 min to get back to manufacturing default. The design is super nice, the outside is made by carbon fiber. Every friend of mine said my computer is the best all the time. But I think anybody buy this computer should buy a separate speaker, the speaker in this computer is not so great. The hard drive divided into two 60 GB as default, it may affect some people.

By eddyzhuo - Jun 19, 2006

hmmmm, for this price

Strengths: TFT, speed of hard disk, empowering technology

Weakness: CPU, size of hard disk, GPU, soundspeaker

Ok, this laptop is cool, but perhaps i'm very hard with the computers. For this price Acer could improve more the laptop.

Sata hard disk run over 5400 rpm instead 7200. For loading applications it's an inconvenient. The TFT screen is an inconvenient also. Brightness is degraded. You must look just in front of the screen. Empowering technology slowdown the performance of this laptop. It's necesary uninstall empowering for fasting performance. Speakers ... for this laptop wrong.

In other way, laptop is very cool, like camera, CPU processing, fast graphics processing, fine keyboard, and communications cool also. Brilliant Carbon fiber case and very oriented for professionals, smartcard for data protection, voIP, 5 in one card reader and more.

By anonymous; - Mar 9, 2006

This laptop smokes the Marlboro Man!

Strengths: Amazing Speed, Very Light, Excellent Screen

Weakness: Curved Keyboard Takes Some Getting Used To, Sound Lacks Oomph!

Amazing Laptop even with the minor weaknesses, I run heavy software development tools and this thing sings like a bird! Can't wait to really test it's paces with a massive app in Visual Studio 2005

By anonymous; - Feb 18, 2006

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