Reviews for Acer Ferrari 3200 15" Notebook - AMD Athlon 64 2800+ 1.60 GHz - Red

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I've screwed up a few times...

Strengths: Graphics!! Battery Life DVD Quality Bright Screen - High Resolution Comfortable Keyboard Good Aesthetics Almost every feature available Thin & Light for a Performance Notebook

Weakness: Doesn't read Olympus xD cards Hard to keep the glossy red cover clean

I've screwed up a few times before, buying notebooks with either integrated graphics or bulky and hot. The Ferrari is NOT one of these. The Acer Ferrari 3200 is the best notebook I could have imagined using. I'm a fan of Ferrari, but that was not the sole reason for buying this laptop, instead, the all-in-all features in a well-designed chassis that is not the titanic like an XPS or the thick slab of concrete like HPs... Anyway I'm rambling.

I can't believe the benchmarks, I've upgraded the RAM and I haven't had the slightest problem with anything. I recommend this laptop for the gamer, the businessman, the student, or anyone who doesn't want to buy into the cheapness offered by the big US companies.

By kerith - Feb 11, 2005