Reviews for Acer Aspire 3000 3002LCI 15" Notebook - AMD Sempron 2800+ 1.60 GHz

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A great Deal

Strengths: The value for this laptop and price is great. Bought it for 399.00 plus tax. The memory is expandable and should be done. Found a battery online and now I can operate for 3 hours none stop.

Weakness: Only comes with 256RAM and a weak Battery. All replaceable though.

As mentioned above, I found a battery that extends my run time to 3 hours. Amstron LCBTP03003, check it out. I added 256MB memory also for $26 which included shipping. I love this laptop now. A great deal and value.

By ricus - Oct 24, 2005


Strengths: Good Prosessor Speed and a wonderful screen. Acer acessories are easy to use and surfs the net incredibly fast.

Weakness: Low memory, 40GB hard drive, and low ram 256 mg.

A good PC. Adesent companion for traviling on the road. Especially when there you are doing buisness. Its simple to use, fix, and the customer support I rate a ***** star.
Acer may not be the most known computer but it seems to be the best no matter what.

By jss_jms - Aug 28, 2005

Review for Aspire 3002LCi Notebook

Strengths: Great Laptop if you add some RAM

Another great product from newegg. Great Price. Laptop runs fast. The battery life is short, but is perfect for college especially if you won't need the battery. It has a great display, and runs everything perfectly. It's not a gaming machine, but no computer really is.

By gooberpea33 - Oct 8, 2005

Great Laptop Low Price

Strengths: Very fast,WIFI works great, bright screen, the third "mouse" button is great for navigating and scrolling. Telephone support.

Weakness: Low battery life. Hard disk partitioned to equal C and D drives. Slow before I upped memory to 512MB.

I couldn't be happier, so much so I prefer using the laptop to my desktop even when I am home. My Aspire 3002LCI actually came with a Sempron 3000+ processor, I immediate upped the memory to 512MB. I found telephone support very helpful when I accidently deleted my D drive partition.

By healthychef - Nov 27, 2005

Good product

Strengths: good screen

Weakness: low memory

But a good tool! If you can it's good to have a backup battery and to add some extra memory, is not a very powerfull notebook but will do the job ok.

By popescumihai - Nov 24, 2005

A Great Notebook For The Money

Strengths: Features and reliability for the price.

Weakness: Needs more RAM to speed things up and the battery is very short on time.

Purchased this notebook for my wife to use in her teaching. It has very nice features for the money but I quickly realized that it needed more speed. An additional 512MB was inexpensive and really sped things up for her. The addition of a Linksys router lets her use the computer wherever is convenient throughout the house and a wireless mouse eliminated the frustration of using the notebook-style cursor for drag-and-drop applications. For the money this notebook is equipped for upgrades without hassle and is perfect for everyday usage.

By SOOTHSEEKER - Jan 3, 2006