Saitek Eclipse Keyboard

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Our award winning keyboard design just got better. The Eclipse PC keyboard features patented TrueVu key illumination for use in any light, from day to total darkness.

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Interface Connection: Keyboard - USB

General Features: Palm Rest

Wireless: Keyboard - Cable

Layout Style: Standard

System Type: PC


Product Title: Saitek Eclipse Keyboard

Manufacturer: Saitek

Power Score: 4.2 | 23 Reviews

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cool looking keyboard with features to match

Strengths: led backlit along with solid built

Weakness: does not have tilt up feature

led backlighting is a real plus especially if you like to
type in little to no light plus it looks very professional
that everyone will notice along with led lighting being
the wave of the future in many products. also the keyboard
is compatible with windows vista os even though the specs.
don't mention it.

By dtu - Feb 18, 2010

Great standard keyboard

Strengths: Comfortable,Basic and responsive

Weakness: Pause break key not mapped correctly (Responds as numlock) and backlight is weak. The keys wear off.

This keyboard was given to me by teacher so far i am satisfyed with its performance except for the slight mapping issue and the keys are not too bright the wearing is not a problem as i could use a blank keyboard anyways i would reccommend this product to anyone that needs a basic yet functional keyboard.

By anonymous; - Nov 27, 2008

Delivers as promised

Strengths: LED backlight, good keyboard feel, same layout as our last keyboard

Weakness: none

We bought the blue version as a replacement for the desktop in our bedroom. We wanted something that worked at night without another light source. We also wanted something with a good keyboard feel. The keyboard layout was identical to the ones at work so there was zero learning curve. LEDs are the way to go for backlighting - brighter and longer lasting. The Eclipse delivers as promised with a...
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By Big Daddy - Jan 6, 2008

Paint will wear off after 1.5 years.

Strengths: It's cool.

Weakness: The back doesn't rise up very far. After about 1.5 years the paint will wear off.

For the price, (it's getting cheaper - yes) but when the paint wears off after 1.5 years, it's kinda annoying. It also has no hotkeys, and for the price. it should.

By Darrell; - Sep 17, 2007

Saitek Sucks

Strengths: Only strengths are that it looks cool & keystroke noise is minimal.

Weakness: weeknesses? crapped out after two months! the light is only usful on its brightest setting. only able to work on my xp pro system is to have a ps2 KB plugged in at the same time? wtf?

I called saitek in the UK only to be told they have never heard of such a problem when the forum on their site had multiple, and I do mean many, complaints about the issue and no resolution to it! anybody else?

By Divemaster43; - Apr 2, 2007

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