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The Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro design encourages a natural hand, wrist, and forearm position. Its features include 19 hot keys that provide one-touch access to the Internet, your e-mail, and your favorite multimedia controls. With its IntelliType Pro software and two built-in USB ports, plugging in peripherals is easy. The Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro comes with a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

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Included Devices: (Not Applicable)

Interface Connection: Keyboard - USB

Wireless: Keyboard - Cable

Layout Style: Split-Key

System Type: PC (Intel x86 Compatible)


Product Title: Microsoft Natural Pro Keyboard

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Power Score: 4.7 | 3 Reviews

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My first natural (i.e....

Strengths: Comfortable; many useful hot keys; ergonomic

Weakness: Ergo design makes it a bit awkward for gaming, takes a bit of time to get used to

My first natural (i.e. ergonomic/split-key) keyboard several years ago got me hooked. It took some time to get used to, but once you do, there's no going back. It IS more comfortable to type on after the adjustment period (which is only a few days give-or-take, depending on how often and how much you type) than a standard key layout. The hot keys do not include a bunch of things that you never or...
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By atdiekmann - Oct 23, 2004

I have one of these at work. It's...

Strengths: Easy on the wrists.

Weakness: Takes a little getting used to.

I have one of these at work. It's very easy on the wrists and will hopefully help me avoid RSI (carpal tunnel syndrome). I like it enough I'm buying one for use at home. The top row buttons are great for controlling volume, starting My Computer, Windows Calculator, back/forwards/reload and all that (not all buttons are available in OEM versions). One word to prospective users: BE CAREFUL WHERE...
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By tsmith35 - Sep 4, 2002

If you want a natural keyboard, I...

Strengths: Very comfortable, quiet, and useful. 2 USB ports.

Weakness: Big

If you want a natural keyboard, I would recommend this one. The USB ports are very useful, as are the extra 19 buttons. It is a big keyboard, so be prepared to give up some desk space.

By Rell4 - Jul 8, 2002

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