Microsoft K50-00001 Natural Multimedia Keyboard

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Take command of your keyboard experience in comfort and style! One-touch buttons take you directly to your favorite multimedia activities- navigate music and video clips,surf the Web,start many of the programs you use most, and more.With custom blue accents and a stylish ergonomic design,this keyboard adds dynamic features and vibrant looks to any desktop.

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Interface Connection: Keyboard - PS/2

General Features: Palm Rest

Wireless: Keyboard - Cable

Layout Style: Split-Key

System Type: PC


Product Title: Microsoft K50-00001 Natural Multimedia Keyboard

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Power Score: 4.1 | 18 Reviews

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Hot keys include My Docs, My Pics,...

Strengths: Keys feel good & solid.

Weakness: None

Hot keys include My Docs, My Pics, Calculator and Sleep. Includes a disc that installs driver allowing to program the hot keys. Also has media buttons w/ volume control. Very comfortable and "natural" feeling when typing. Small price to pay to decrease the chances of getting carpel tunnel of the wrist.

By lartacg - Jan 26, 2005

It did not come with a box so it...

Strengths: I like the natural keyboard style

Weakness: sort of big b/c of the extra keys

It did not come with a box so it didn't have instructions, and I can't figure out how to use the shortcut keys on the top of the keyboard. But other than that, the keyboard is just fine, and if I knew how to use the shortcut keys, it'd be a lot better.

By lopham - Jan 24, 2005

The additional 1 push keys are...

Strengths: I was able to reroute the 1 button keys quite easily. Price is great - people don't know what they're missing. Use an ergonomic keyboard and a trackball mouse!!

Weakness: Extra key portion too high to leave extension legs in up position and get put away with the keyboard drawer. Moved a lot of the keys to different locations. Not good for touch typists.

The additional 1 push keys are much more useful than I anticipated. I have been using an ergonomic keyboard for years and like this model better than the last one I had. Really nice to have the volume controls include all functionality and easy to use. Instant access to the calculator - I use it all the time! And, a 1 push logoff or sleep button too. Other than it's size (much bigger footprint) I...
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By cvrowlan - Oct 16, 2004

To save my wrists, I bought this...

To save my wrists, I bought this KB under $20. The multimedia bottom are helpful. F function are off when start. don't like the configure of the Delete and End bottom. I'm preparing to buy Logitech elite keyboard to replace this one. In a word, this is a great keyboard, but not the best in my opinion.

By lebice - Oct 5, 2004

I love using this keyboard....

Strengths: snappy keys, comforatble setup

Weakness: color, hotkeys

I love using this keyboard. Although it took me little longer to get used to (compared to the regular keyboards), it actually helps my wrists and I'm able to type faster. I'd definitely recommend this product!!!!

By jijilove6514 - Sep 21, 2004

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