Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro Keyboard and Mouse

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Performance and style look better than ever. Get everything you've always wanted with a keyboard and mouse in one package! Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop gives you wireless freedom, stylish looks, and one-touch features. With customizable keys, optical mouse technology, and a cool design, it's the all-in-one desktop solution!.

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Interface Connection: Keyboard - PS/2, Mouse - USB

Included Devices: Mouse

General Features: Ergonomic

Wireless: Keyboard - Wireless

Layout Style: Split-Key

System Type: PC


Product Title: Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro Keyboard and Mouse

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Power Score: 4.3 | 3 Reviews

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The only reason I bought this...

Strengths: Wireless, Natural Keyboard, bateries last long.

Weakness: Random erratic functioning, software always specifies that battery is low, odd INS and END key layout.

The only reason I bought this system was because it was similar to my Natural Keyboard Pro (I needed to change it because it was too loud). Using the INS and END keys every day since the early 90s makes it diffcult to get used to the new layout (I wonder what was M$ thinking).

The wireless capability is good, although it will sometimes work erratically; a re-sync needs to be performed.

By zamo - Mar 27, 2005

I would rather have bought a...

Strengths: Large, correctly-placed CTRL and ALT keys. Good range.

Weakness: They included an EULA! An F-Lock key that by default is deactivated (hardware) and requires a hit before you can do anything useful with the top row.

I would rather have bought a keyboard from any other manufacturer, but this keyboard has the best placement of the CTRL and ALT keys that I could find. The EULA that this thing came with is hard to believe. You really have to hand it to Microsoft who have taken software form something with little perceived value into something that limits your rights in less than 20 years. They call this kit an...
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By turtlendog - May 4, 2003

I highly recommend this keyboard...

Strengths: Touch; extra custom buttons; convenience.

Weakness: A little pricey.

I highly recommend this keyboard and mouse. I have been anxiously awaiting a Natural keyboard that is wireless. The colors even match my computer. Installation took only a few minutes. The extra buttons across the top work great - unlike with some keyboards I have used. The price is a little high, but if you really shop around, you can find good deals, especially at Amazon.

By candtpreston - Mar 6, 2003

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