Microsoft K51-00024 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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Interface Connection: Keyboard - USB, Mouse - USB

General Features: Palm Rest, Ergonomic

Wireless: Keyboard - Wireless

System Type: PC, Mac


Product Title: Microsoft K51-00024 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Power Score: 4.0 | 6 Reviews

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I got this for my wife's laptop...

Strengths: looks good, software integrates well and easy to use

Weakness: no "back" and "forward" keys like the more expensive MS Optical Elite desktop, these are VERY handy keys when web surfing.

I got this for my wife's laptop and she didn't want to fork out the extra dough for the Elite desktop mentioned above, which I have for my desktop PC and truly love. However I got this one for less than half the price of the Elite, so I can't complain too much.

By edster92 - Apr 20, 2005

Okey, I have had this set for a...

Strengths: compact, soft feel of the keyboard, precise/responsive mouse, good battery life on mouse, awesome battery life on keyboard, lots of short cut on keyboard, good software for MAC/PC.

Weakness: keyboard can be loud?

Okey, I have had this set for a long time now. It was my brother's personal recommendation that drove me to get this. I have not regret it since. set up was easy for both mac and pc. It just works. The keyboard has a soft and responsive feel to it. But be a bit too loud for my liking. The mouse is good and precise. Never had any trouble with either. The top row short cuts are actually useful and...
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By yikes - Nov 1, 2004

Buy this keyboard, low cost and...

Strengths: Keyboard is set up well, and I have had no problem with the mouse, it's works well with no freeze ups. Just add that software for the keyboard and its great.

Weakness: Well, not sure if there is any weaknesses will let you know if some ever show up.

Buy this keyboard, low cost and just as good as any of the the setup that cost a lot more. Some review talk of the mouse being unusable, but it has been just great for me. The keyboard has software just add it and its great.

By zx9speedy - Feb 12, 2004

Although the keyboard is...

Strengths: Keyboard feels excellent and responsive, keys well shaped and spaced, comfortable to wrists. Good features.

Weakness: Mouse frequently locks. That is, moving the mouse (even many inches) produces no pointer movement. This happens so often that I cannot use the mouse, and I am about to return it.

Although the keyboard is excellent, the mouse is nearly unusable. I have tried using the mouse on many surfaces and the tendency to lock and not respond to movement occurred on all of them

By jsdata - Mar 11, 2003

This keyboard/mouse combination...

Strengths: Good keyboard feel, many extra buttons.

Weakness: Mouse feels "slugish", neither component responsive enough for 1st-person shooters.

This keyboard/mouse combination has an excellent feel, and would recommend it for people that have light to normal computer use. The problem is the lag or sluggishness when playing arcade or 1st-person shooters. The components are rated to be able to work up to 6' away from the receiver (allowing you to hide the receiver), but all of the keyboard status lights (NumLock, CapLock, Flock) are on the...
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By MrLefty - Jan 17, 2003

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