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I was allready using rechargeable...

Strengths: Looks, features, feel, rechargeable mouse, cordless range is good and works along, side by side, by my older computer and its Cordless Freedom with optical Mouseman without problem.

Weakness: none

I was allready using rechargeable batteries in my Optical Mouseman and liked it very well, but the MX 700 charger is great and the new mouse has more programable buttons - very nice!

The wireless range is better - by a few feet - and I have had zero problems with the hardware or software in Windows XP Pro in my very heavily loaded AMD system.

I'm ready to trade the other two year old computers Cordless combo for another MX Cordless Duo.

By AlexanderAkulick - Sep 17, 2003

I have looked at many wireless...

Strengths: KEYBOARD: lightweight, flat, volume dial, shortcut labels on front of keys MOUSE: "Cruise Control" buttons for easier scrolling - just click, perfect weight - substantial, not heavy, rechargable

Weakness: None that I have noticed

I have looked at many wireless mice and keyboards (I live in a dorm. They are everywhere!) After I saw this combo, I decided to get it. The chargable mouse is an important feature because regular wireless mice eat batteries. The charging prevent replacing the batteries every three weeks. The mouse hardly need recharging. I usually recharge it weekly. The keyboard has a nice feel. Its really flat and light, so that it is easy to type on my lap. Most of the extra keys for the combo are customizable. For whatever reason, I really like the volume dial. It's unique shape makes it easy to find. The other reviews say there is a slight lag with the keyboard. I think they just have their receiver placed next to or behind something that shields the signal from the keyboard. I don't really notice a lag unless I have my receier behind my lamp. Everything is great about this combo. The Bluetooth version would be nice, but it costs a lot more. This is a great deal. You can find it for prices below the cost of the included wireless mouse alone. (The mouse is also sold without the keyboard.)

By beeth - Feb 4, 2004

The mouse is a fantastic upgrade...

Strengths: Wireless, large array of customizable keys, recharger, keyboard look and feel

Weakness: Button placement/size on mx700 mouse, minor keyboard lag

The mouse is a fantastic upgrade from an explorer 1.0A. The recharger is handy and the mouse doesn't really feel as heavy as I thought it would over a wired. Sensitivity and response are top notch.

My biggest complaint with it are the various buttons on it. The scroll up/down and task switching buttons are in very awkward locations to reach. I'm very used to the comparatively large back/forward buttons on the explorer so I'm having difficulties adjusting to Logitech's much smaller buttons located uncomfortably high from where my thumb rests. All in all a good upgrade, I'm hoping I get used to the buttons.

The keyboard however I'm 100% pleased with. The customizable "media" buttons let you control any media player you wish, be it Winamp, wm9, or whatever. I can now adjust volume, play, pause, etc winamp from my keyboard without having to make it the active app(great for music control while gaming). I also like the large complement of other keys which I've customized to run the main applications and games I usually play instead of their default functions which I won't miss.

The feel and ergonomics of the keyboard are also much better than I anticipated. Although it doesn't look as comfortable as an MS natural, it's actually as good if not better. I'm quite glad as I can never bring myself to get a natural due to the split keyboard setup which seems very awkward for gaming.

Overall: keyboard 10/10, mouse 9/10

By Sanctusx2 - Oct 15, 2003

Well i read the good reviews here...

Strengths: It can work through the wall!!

Weakness: mouse battery does not seem to last long..though it does say charge 3 times. for maximum affect.. only charged twice

Well i read the good reviews here and i decided to buy the product. i am very satisfied. i wanted to be able to use the tv to surf the web and so i bought this wireless keyboard and mouse. I am even able to play games on tv using the mouse which can work on almost all types of surface. Much to my surprise this wireless keyboard and mouse works throught the wall. Wireless is definitely the way to go if you got the extra money dont think twice go for it. The quick keys are definitely a plus. thanks for all those who took time to write the review and helped me to decide on this product.

By prvt21ryan - Aug 20, 2003

I wanted a black keyboard,...

Strengths: Cordless, Looks Good, Recharging Cradle, Lots of Keys, Dont know what more you could want, Keyboard Feels Good, Mouse has page forward and backward keys, plus scroll forward/backward keys

Weakness: Dont know if I'm going to like the acceleration feature at all. Right now I have it turned down low and is better but I can always turn it off later.

I wanted a black keyboard, cordless, and a cordless mouse that was as accurate as a corded. Thats exactly what I got and more. The convenience keys on this keyboard are extensive and include volume controls, FF, Rew, Pause and stop as well as quick keys for email, messenger, webcam, search, favs and home among many others. My order went extremely smoothly too. Ordered at 1pm on Monday and it arrived at noon on Thursday. Price was the lowest I found, beating Amazon by $8 and Best Buy by $19

By SteveQ - Jun 26, 2003

Plenty of things to like about...

Strengths: Keyboard is great, quiet, useful function keys. The mouse is wonderful for any application; no problems with FPS, or any other game type.

Weakness: None to me.

Plenty of things to like about this combo. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. Convenient receiver/charger device is handy. If you are looking for a wireless combo, this is the one to buy.

By warlok - May 27, 2004

I was so impressed by this...

Strengths: Easy, flawless installation.

Weakness: The fast forward/reverse keys only advance to the next or previous music track. I haven’t figured out how to make them fast forward/reverse.

I was so impressed by this keyboard/mouse combo I went right back out and purchased a second MX Duo for my other PC.

There are so many buttons that can be programmed. And because of Win XP, many keys are automatically programmed upon installing the unit. For example, the My Doc, My Pic, My Computer, My Music, etc. keys automatically go to the correct folders. Or, you can customize these keys yourself--but why bother.

Other keys like My Home, Search, and Shopping can be customized to your favorite internet sites.

The MX 700 mouse has 8 buttons, also customizable. Or you can leave the buttons pre-configured to their default settings as I have done: no need to fix something that isn’t broken.

On the left side of the keyboard there is a little scroll wheel, back button, and Go button (for entering URL’s). I love this feature because I can sit back in my rocker chair with the keyboard in my lap and navigate the internet without even using the mouse. How’s that for convenience?

I was pleasantly surprised to find that in both my units the mouse was sufficiently charged out of the box, so I could install the units immediately. Batteries for the keyboard are included in the box.

Lastly, I feel badly for those below who were unable to make theirs work correctly. All I can do is speak for myself. I have Win XP Pro and I followed the install instructions for the MX Duo exactly as written. I had zero problems with both of my installations.

I can’t say enough about this outstanding cordless keyboard/mouse combo. This one should go down as a “classic.”

By daDave - Apr 4, 2004

Cordless is the only way to go,...

Strengths: Looks, Ergonomics, Performance

Weakness: None really, mouse is a little heavy, but it's rechargeable so kind of expected.

Cordless is the only way to go, I'm going to pick one up for work too. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade. Keyboard is nice, it's light and flat. I haven't used many of the one-touch buttons, just the ones for listening to music. The box said a six foot range, but I think it's more like 10 feet.

By jswalworth - Jul 8, 2003

Wow! This mouse and keyboard...

Strengths: easy setup, great looks, highly functional with great extra features, reliable, works perfectly, high quality, battery charge lasts a long time

Weakness: Hard to complain about anything but it would be better if it didn't need to plug into a power outlet. I guess that's the drawback for saving money with the rechargeable batteries.

Wow! This mouse and keyboard combination is fantastic! I will never stick with the conventional stuff again. The 'back' button on the mouse is a great convenience - all mice should have it. I bought this package for my new laptop and the setup couldn't have been easier. Easy to customize and configure. A great purchase!

By mdeering - Jul 7, 2003

As expected, this top-of-the-line...

Strengths: * A myraid of keyboard hotkeys * Even the mouse has 8 buttons for various operations * Rechargable, optical, and wireless features on the MX 700 make it the best mouse out on the market.

Weakness: * It's a little hard to remove the keyboard battery cover to replace batteries. Definitely no other weaknesses.

As expected, this top-of-the-line keyboard/mouse combination from Logitech, one of the best input device manufacturers in the world, is on par with what is expected of a combination keyboard/mouse with optical and wireless capabilities.
- The optical mouse has a very responsive optical system. Even though it is wireless and optical, the mouse does not have the slightest lag or inaccuracy in it's movement.
- The first rechargable/optical mouse out, this feature is definitely worth the cost.
- The wireless keyboard is loaded with hotkeys for just about everything you ever wanted. It's stylish black interface is also a plus.

I would definitely recommend this product for any high-end user who want to feng shui his or her office. This is the perfect cordless/optical combination out on the market. A++

By yaufong - Jun 23, 2003

The weaknesses are nothing to look...

Strengths: Very responsive and comfortable mouse, the included rechargeable batteries last at least 2 weeks before needing a recharge, and more macro/function keys than you can shake a stick at.

Weakness: A slightly weightier mouse than expected, and I would love to see this combo with a natural keyboard, this mouse, and the cradle.

The weaknesses are nothing to look at unless you're a complainer like me.

As for everything else, this combo is EXCELLENT! If you're looking for a better experience in front of your pc, or a more efficient way to spread out (without worries of cords) so that you're not always hunched over like some mutant, then get this combo!

Even without the natural keyboard, your wrists and your back will love you, will thank you, and will reward you for not contorting them anymore. In all honesty, I can't ever see myself using a keyboard and mouse the say way ever again.

Look at it this way... these two components are the most underrated in the industry. You spend way too much time in front of your monitor to sell yourself short on a screen that's too small, so you invest in a good one, right? Well, don't forget about the keyboard and mouse. The two most used components, and the two that are your true gateway into everything that you do in front of that screen. Why not splurge an extra $50 on a combo (and make sure you get this one with the cradle to recharge your mouse).

Though you may not want to use all of the function keys offered, the ergonomics alone should have you singing to a new iTune.

I've used both the MS and the Logitech versions of these LED mice. Logitech wins easily.

By ohiotech - Sep 18, 2003

The WIRELESS mouse is the biggest...

Strengths: The WIRELESS part of this set (especially the mouse) and the rechargeable mouse are the best strengths.

Weakness: The keys have to be depressed a bit too far--a shorter depression length would be better. The volume dial should be replaced with increase and decrease buttons.

The WIRELESS mouse is the biggest benefit. I wish the mouse had a button on the left side of the mouse which then could be programmed as a double-click button.
The wireless keyboard is nice too. The feel of the keys is good, (although you have to push them down a little two far.) The extra buttons are mildly helpful. I wish there were buttons for increaseing and decreasing volume rather than a dial. The dial is loose and difficult to set quickly and easily--seperate buttons for (micro) volume increase and decrease would be better. Finally, the legs with which you can change the angle of the keyboard should have rubber or felt 'feet' so they do not scratch your desk.

By BradLRoberts - Jul 1, 2005

I had the same keyboard package...

Strengths: great controls on the keyboard and a rechargeable mouse

Weakness: None

I had the same keyboard package only without the rechargeable mouse. When I upgraded my computer I got this combo to go with it. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the new combo. I still have all the great controls plus I don't have to replace the batteries once a month. The keys seem to be a bit quieter when typing as well.

By ccasey6 - Apr 14, 2004

Based on another review, I thought...

Strengths: Many one-touch launch keys, design, scrolling volume pad, incredible response for a wireless product- even better than my older wired mouse.

Weakness: None. Keeping the mouse/keyboard receiver base at least 8 inches from other electronic devices is a little bit of a drag, but not a major drawback.

Based on another review, I thought I would have to charge the mouse a long time before using it. But it was ready to go out of the box, and lasted a good 2-3 hours before the battery really needed to be charged...pretty good for a product that might be sitting on a shelf somewhere for a while. The keyboard keys feel good and respond well, and the mouse moves VERY well and is slightly lighter than the mouse included in the regular Elite Cordless Duo, and its design doesn't tire my hand at all. The mouse design is a little more symmetrical than the regular elite duo. Both keyboard and mouse are easy to set up. Really high quality product.

By jfellenbaum - Aug 7, 2003

I don't know of any other optical...

Strengths: great design and easy to use

Weakness: none noted

I don't know of any other optical mouse on the market that is at this time better than this product.Its design is extremely functional with almost any hand size,and all of its features work well. The button design works well with games and is the optimium mouse for both the Home and Office.

By jcgretz - Jul 6, 2003

Overall, I am very satisfied with...

Strengths: Very comfortable. No cords, so you have freedom to move around. Has a lot of helpful features. The MX700 mouse works very well, and having a charger with it means no more changing batteries.

Weakness: It was more expensive than the other combos, but it is worth it. The MX700 mouse works on most surfaces, but on one of my wooden desks, it has a hard time. Other than that, no other weaknesses.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase. I think Logitech did a good job with this product. The MX700 alone is very expensive, and to pay a little more, you get the Cordless Elite Keyboard which I wanted for along time. If you want to go cordless, I highly recommend buying the Logitech Cordless MX Duo.

By tbui184 - Jun 19, 2003

this item is perfect and no...

Strengths: this keyboard is better than elite duo keyboard

Weakness: the mouse have to charge in 2 days

this item is perfect and no weakness. fast respond . the keyboard and the mouse have a lot of button to make work easyier. it also very convienent because i can put what ever i want and do what ever i want. like on the bed, floor, chair, living room, washroom and etc..

By NycExpress - Jul 23, 2003

overall i think this is a very...

Strengths: The mouse charging station is very convenient. Keyboard is quiet, funtion keys are useful, esp the media ones. I can play/pause/skip music with WINAMP not iTunes while playing a game.

Weakness: mouse is pretty horrible for first person shooters if you want to play at a high level, i still use my dual optical, lots of mouse buttons, good thumb buttion postitioning, wont accidentally press

overall i think this is a very good set for it's price. i would buy another one. however, it's difficult to play first person shooter games well. great buy though.

By HubbubJub - May 13, 2004

This is the very best keyboard and...

Strengths: Every Functton you could ever want from a Keybord, Mouse, and Wireless too! Great battery life before recharge.

Weakness: NO problems.

This is the very best keyboard and mouse system I've ever owned and I've went thru several over the last 20 years. Radio frequency range of keyboard and mouse are farther than advertised I have mine at least 10' from my networked computer and never loose a signal. I'm buying one for my son's computer, it's on order now. Go Logitech!

By daveMcc - Jul 29, 2003

I really liked this combo. I...

Strengths: Wireless-obviously, Recharger for mouse, Quiet keys on keyboard, plenty of multi-function buttons, quality workmanship

Weakness: Keyboard would lag a bit during games, had to tweak default settings to get to work well with games

I really liked this combo. I thought it was a good value at $70 when I bought it, just checking around it looks a bit less expensive now. My first impression of mouse & keyboard was how nice they looked. Beautiful design on these, really adds character to your comp. They were a breeze to install on XP, I didn't have any problems configuring the abundant options for the multi-function on the mouse or keyboard. You can fly when browsing web pages with this mouse. The button beneath the scroll wheel I set to close the active app, sweet shortcut. The only issues that I had was that the mouse seemed to lag a little bit when playing games, later discovered that this could be remedied by turning off the acceleration in the options. The keyboard however seemed to lag occasionally when gaming, I even tried setting it directly in front of the receiver which helped but didn't completely fix the problem. I've seen on other reviews that people game with this setup with no problems, so my issues might be just with my setup. I'm actually more of a trackball person so I got the Trackman Wireless trackball (which is a similar syle to this mouse)and it works flawlessly. I changed to the wired version of the elite keyboard due to the lag problems that I had with the wireless one, the wired keyboard works great. I'm gonna keep the "duo" around as backup, I would recommend them highly for general use, a little more reluctantly for gaming.

By philip1l - Jun 23, 2004

What's not to like? Hook up was a...

Strengths: No more mouse batteries to buy! No entangling cords!

Weakness: Nothing obvious

What's not to like? Hook up was a breeze, and I configured many of the F keys and Hot keys to do my bidding. The mouse has 8 (count 'em) configurable switches, so I am still making up my mind as to what each should do for me. And.. the price was right. Not a lot more than a rechargeable mouse only. Way to go Logitech!

By oldjer19 - Apr 23, 2004

Wonderful and cost-effective...

Strengths: Great reception and keyboard batteries last.

Weakness: Mouse batteries could use some work, but they recharge quickly.

Wonderful and cost-effective combo. I liked it so much that I ordered another for the laptop. Just don't forget to put the mouse on the charger when you go to bed.

By wortham - Sep 7, 2003

i wasn't sure of what keyboard i...

Strengths: i am satisfied

Weakness: when i think of one i'll let you know

i wasn't sure of what keyboard i should get... the Microsoft-$159(with bluetooth tech) or the Logitech $99 at best buy... and so i got the logitech...cuz i was logical to get the cheap better one. i went for the Logitech becuz of its mouse recharger... i don't like replacing batteries. so i got it. good stuff. very satified and recomend this product to any who is tired of all the wires... everything should be wireless...peace... stay cool.

By fuasdf - Jul 28, 2003

The initial feel may be weird, but...

Strengths: wireless, built in charger for the mouse.

Weakness: the charger unit is the reciever and needs to be 8 inches away from all electronic equipment...a nuisance, but a necessity, I guess.

The initial feel may be weird, but you will get used to it quite quickly, in my opinion. The mouse espcially, you have to hold it differently than other mouses, but its just a matter of time until you find it. The mouse can be used virtually anywhere, the wonders of an optical wireless mouse. You can even use it on your pants. The wireless keyboard has the media function, so it acts an a remote control for stuff like mp3 and movies, pretty cool stuff.

This item is perfect, if you want to work on your bed or just want to move the keyboard and mouse anywhere you want any time.

Highly recommended...its the best wireless mouse and keyboard combo, probably the most expensive too, but I'd say its worth almost every penny.

By heresince1984 - Jul 3, 2003

Overall the best combo on the...

Strengths: Great foot print. Excellent for gamers.

Weakness: Documentation and keys instruction could be better

Overall the best combo on the market. The mouse is the only wireless a gamer can trust. With a wireless keyboard you will not have worry about pulling out cavbles during gfrantic gameplay.

The charger is first rate and it has excellent range.

Performance-The range and precision are excellent.

Appearance-The keyboard and mouse are black with silver accent.

By bimper - Jun 28, 2003

Miserable documentation, tech...

Strengths: attractive, nice concept

Weakness: inability to reprogram keyboard for normal F key operations, to use F Keys you have to press F Lock each time, terribly inconvenient. Could not hook up via PS2, using XP. Had to use USB connection

Miserable documentation, tech support non-existent. I have bought Logitech products for 10 years I think this will be the last time. Logitech made a serious error in making multimedia F Keys the default rather than giving the user a choice. Some of us still use F Keys and do not want to press F Lock every time we do so.

By lynneblack - Jan 17, 2004

I would not recommend this product...

Strengths: when working works well, rechargeable batteries in mouse

Weakness: freezes system up, tech support from Logiteck is non-existant.

I would not recommend this product to anyone, Logitech refuses to answer email, I am going to sell this junk in a yard sale with the caveat "buyer beware" and go back to Microsoft equipment, at least the MS equipment works. This combo causes my system to freeze at least 5 times a week. With MS equipment the freeze never, repeat never occurs.

By daningb - Mar 20, 2004

This unit is not good PERIOD.... I...

Strengths: Nothing

Weakness: Every time I boot up I have to unplug my cables and then reboot. Even after I do that IT STILL DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!

This unit is not good PERIOD.... I have asked them for help but get this message to call them to buy new updates for what reason I don't know because the 'free updates' online make everything WORSE. THIS PRODUCT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
I ended up buying a Microsoft cordless combo and have not had one single problem.

By dlagant - Mar 4, 2004

Excellent keyboard with one critical flaw

Strengths: Nice array or extra buttons, mouse recharges, but can also take AA batteries in a pinch.

Weakness: Mouse charging - Possibly resolved by Logitech

One of the best features of this keyboard is the ability to reconfigure the extra keys to specific keystrokes. I used this extensively in FFXI to quickly access specific spells and attacks with just one button press; it is very convenient.

There was one thing that I didn’t appreciate, although other reviewers didn’t seem to have this problem. My roommate and I both bought this set at the same time and place, so maybe it was a bad batch, but for both of us when the mouse was placed in the cradle to charge it required several minutes of fiddling around with it to get it seated just right to charge. The problem got so annoying that my roommate just stuck his in a box and used the MX keyboard and an old USB mouse. I resorted to buying an extra set or batteries and a charger and just popping them out whenever they ran low. My roommate filed a RMA, and they shipped him a new one, but it had the same issue so we assumed it was a systemic problem. Attempts to modify the mouse and charger stand to make the connection stronger where all unsuccessful. If this problem has truly been resolved, then this is a five star product, and I would highly recommend it as an inexpensive, but quality wireless desktop. I recently purchased the DiNovo, and have not had any trouble, so it seems that Logitech has been able to correct the issue.

By NicholasMacer - Jun 17, 2006

I really bought this product for...

Strengths: The additional function buttons on the mouse are very useful.

Weakness: Short battery life in mouse - dependency on docking station.

I really bought this product for the mouse. I really like the extra function buttons. They make my web surfing a lot easier. The keyboard is nice, but I don't really use all the extra function buttons on it.

By Diamondfist - Feb 14, 2006

Cordless MX Duo Cordless Elite Keyboard w/MX700 Opt

Strengths: sturdy, palmwrest very good.

Weakness: None

The keyboard is responsive and the keyes are easy to type with. The mouse is also very responsive and is quite good tracking, no problemm with games either. make sure you recharge the mouse often.

By Howardk - Feb 14, 2006

Excellent wireless solution for keyboard and mouse.

Strengths: Great functionality. Rechargeable batteries (for mouse). Holds charge for a long time. Great response for gaming.

Weakness: Poor contact connection when in charging cradle, seems finicky.

I've been using this combo on several PCs (both home and work) for almost two years and have been very satisfied.

The only annoyance is the issue I've experienced when placing the mouse in the cradle for charging, which I have noticed on all of the units I use. When in the cradle, a green light blinks on the mouse to indicate a charging status. This rarely happens for me when I first place it in the cradle. It seems very finicky and repositioning the mouse in the cradle only works sporadically. I have discovered that if I wipe the contacts on the cradle with a finger prior to placement, it always begins charging immediately. Weird.

Thankfully, this mouse charges very quickly and I rarely ever put it in the cradle. I estimate that I recharge once every two or three weeks, and I use my computer all day every day. Usually, I wait until the red light on the mouse begins to blink and I simply place the mouse in the cradle and make some coffee. That is often all that is needed, I may remember to place it in the cradle overnight occasionally, maybe once over a two week period. The batteries in the keyboard, which are not rechargeable last six months or more as well.

Most of the buttons on the mouse and keyboard work with Windows XP right out of the box. I have never actually installed the software that came with the product, native Windows support works great. There are three buttons on the top of the mouse which are awkward, two for scrolling, and one to switch between running programs (I think, this button doesn't seem to do anything on my PC, probably because I didn't install the software). However, I don't really see much need for these buttons. The scroll wheel and regular buttons are fine for me. I do find the forward and back buttons on the side of the mouse usefull when browsing the Internet.

This mouse was the top of the line for Logitech when I purchased my first unit. It was at the time about the only wireless mouse suitable for playing action games. This still performs excellently for me on all of the newest games with no noticeable problems.

By mdwerner - Dec 29, 2005

Logitech Cordless MX Duo - Excellent Design and Ergonomics

Strengths: Keyboard feel and ergonomics, mouse ergonomics, mouse performance, looks.

Weakness: Keyboard lags intolerably at times, had to replace first mouse due to battery problems, Logitech Mouseware "doubles up" at times.

I have had this combination for nearly a year now and overall I've been quite impressed with it.

I have experienced a few setbacks since I bought my first MX Duo around this time last year - the first being the batteries in the mouse, which heated up so much during charging that they melted the battery cover and much of the plastic in the battery compartment. This was replaced under warranty.

The next problem was Logitech's mouseware software, which was bundled with the combo - at times in Windows XP the mouseware program EM_EXEC.EXE seemed to load itself twice, resulting in two "mouse" tray icons, and double the memory used. Only a full uninstall including wiping all the associated registry entries, then a full reinstall, would fix this problem. It has happened twice in 9 months, but I believe it has been cleared up with the newest MouseWare release.

The final problem has been the keyboard lagging during games. Often it will lag for up to a whole second, which is absolutely ridiculous for gaming, and has been my single biggest complaint with the MX Duo. I have replaced the batteries, tried repositioning the unit and receiver, etc to no avail. I should mention that this is only intermittent - it only happens around 5% or less of the time, and usually a reboot will clear it up. Even so, it is very annoying and not what I'd expect from a keyboard/mouse combo that cost $179AUD.

Otherwise, I don't use the other functions very much, but it's good to have them anyway. The keyboard and mouse are both very well designed and executed, and both are ergonomically very comfortable to use for long periods and I would certainly not hesitate to buy another of these if I could be assured that the lag problem would be cleared up.

By anonymous; - Aug 29, 2005

This is a great keyboard. I had to...

Strengths: lightweight. black.

Weakness: Mouse is a little too big for my small hands.

This is a great keyboard. I had to have it because I don't like the newer keyboards that move my insert and delete keys. I actually use those and like where they are. I never thought that I'd use all the extra hotkeys, but they are great. The volume control wheel is sooo smooth.

By abjr - Jun 25, 2005

The shortcut keys can sometimes be...

Strengths: The keyboard is attractive, convenient and easy to use.

Weakness: Too many options for the average user.

The shortcut keys can sometimes be a bit annoying. For example, by accidently brushing my finger over one key, I receive a popup message concerning translating my text-- and I can't for the life of me figure out which key triggers this message, even though I know the general location on the keyboard. This happens frequently.

By jrhorton - Jun 13, 2005

I am overall pleased with this...

Strengths: Great Keyboard. Very nice color. Battery Charger for the mouse A++

Weakness: No cap and number lock light =(

I am overall pleased with this product. The last cordless keyboard and mouse I had from logitech didn't work very well with XP at all. So I got this and it's been a wonderful replacement =) A++

By prsamuelito - Jan 23, 2005

Logitech Cordless MX Duo

Who says input devices have to be mundane? A wireless mouse and keyboard not only provide the basic functionality that allows you to work with your computer, but also make your work much more pleasant.
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