Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard


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The Logitech G15 keyboard offers gamers an unprecedented level of in-game information, programmability and control. Its adjustable tilt, backlit LCD display shows you crucial information during game play, and lets you set timers to keep track of game events.

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Interface Connection: Keyboard - USB

Included Devices: LCD Display

General Features: Foldable, LCD Display

Wireless: Keyboard - Cable

Layout Style: Standard

System Type: PC


Product Title: Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

Manufacturer: Logitech

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Power Score: 4.4 | 31 Reviews

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G15 has been downsized.

Strengths: The Original G15 was larger and better built.

Weakness: This version of the G15 is just not a sturdy or well designed as the original LED flip open screen.

It's still a G15, just not as nice or built as well as the original G15. Also has fewer macro buttons and is alot smaller. Great if you don't have much room for a full sized keyboard.

By tommydeg - Feb 6, 2008

Powerful functions for anyone who needs quick key commands

Strengths: Applications which use lots of key commands are much easier to navigate with all the G keys available.

Weakness: No key label. With that many function keys one needs a reminder. Macros do not repeat when key is held down. Key commands (as opposed to Macros) do not show name in the Editor.

Not being able to hold a key down and have a macro re-iterate is a shortcoming. An option to provide a custom name to a key command ( as opposed to a macro) should be available in the software editor.
Regardless, I have purchased a second one. Once you have worked with one, can't go back.

By anonymous; - Nov 21, 2007

Logitech G15

Strengths: Programmable G-keys, LCD panel, USB ports, the feeling of the keys, best design e.t.c...

Weakness: too big, expensive

Great for gaming, i love it. The game swich is a good idea from the designers, so if you accidently press the "win" key, the keyboard is locked so the game will not minimize. The programable G-keys are amazing, and not only for games. Maybe expensive but the money is worth it. also you can download addons for the LCD display. This keyboard is the best in the world
Raspect for Logitech

By macedonia - May 9, 2007

Nice Keyboard

Strengths: Well-built, comfortable keys. Backlit, programmable gaming keys.

Weakness: Documentation. I still haven't figured out how to program the keys.

I like it. Most of my computer use is office-type work. I got this to try programming the keys for gaming. It found my Sid Meier's Pirates game, and set a helpful profile, with some special functions for the F keys, and some on-screen hints. The only documentation I've found for programming is a .chm file buried deep in the CD. I copied it to my hard drive, so when I have time, I'll use it to...
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By treefrog07 - Mar 30, 2007

Not perfect but the closest to it!

Strengths: The feel of the keys. I have had lots of keyboards in my life and never had 1 where the keystroke was so precise. The LCD is very cool and the keyboards looks better then in pictures. Back light is a

Weakness: I guess for some the size can be a problem. And I think the price could also come down a bit, but if you want the best you should be ready to pay for it... USB's are 1.1 only so that makes me not used

Even if you are not a gamer and you think that you don't have any use for the macro keys, this is still a superb keyboard. I haven't even used the macros that much for any games. Imagine that you can clean your desktop of all you messy icons by assigning a key to them instead. I spent over a month thinking if this keyboard was worth the 65$ that I paid for it. Now that I have it I don't really...
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By Apalexpex - Mar 27, 2007

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