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Keyboard/Mouse problem

Strengths: When it works it's great.

Weakness: If your computer locks up or crashes forget it. No matter what you try the keyboard and mouse will not reconnect.

My work around is to turn off the computer, plug in a corded mouse, reboot, log into windows, luckily my wife's account doesn't have a password or I'd be screwed. Using the mouse start the logitech mouse and keyboard settings application. Click on tools, bluetooth, connect device. Click on search again 3 or 4 times while pressing the connect button on the back of the keyboard. Finally it gets discovered. Double click on the keyboard, enter the security code. Turn off the computer, unplug the mouse, reboot. The keyboard doens't always work then so I press connect on the receiver, connect on the keyboard usually it links up. Then using the keyboard only I repeat the process to get the mouse working. This happens about once a week.

By Joruli - Sep 3, 2006

Don't Waste Your $$...Bluetooth functionality not there

Strengths: keyboard has lots of pretty buttons that look cool on a desktop

Weakness: most of the buttons don't work or work correctly because of poor software developement for the product.

Logitech has always had good keyboards and's just that their software tries to do too much and accomplishes little more than wasting your time trying to get it to work. The bluetooth software (v 2.06) wrapped in this 'bluetooth' keyboard & mouse is incredible buggy; to the point of actually decreasing your productivity.

Suggestion, stay away from Logitech bluetooth products until they offer a stable solution.

By Spiritbear - Sep 30, 2006

Works great with Windows7

Strengths: All functional....buttons work fine even without the software...

Weakness: Do not install software W7 works like it should without using Logitech software

Yes, when it first come out the Logitech software was buggy and may still be, but I figured out software wasn't and buttons were functional without it..Works flawlessly with W7...battery life is great on keyboard (months)...mouse never had any issues...had this for over 6 years and mouse recharges and holds charge for over 3 days...issues were not with equipment but with long as you didn't install software it worked great but if you did and uninstalled it, it would not recognize it because it would think it was still installed. You had to go into registry filed remove it from there after uninstalling software and then remove it from add devices as worked fine...if you had a 365 Bluetooth device the drivers were the problem there but again hooking it straight up now all function is as it should be..

By honestengine - Jul 22, 2012

Logitech MX5000 Laser Bluetooth mouse and keyboard

Strengths: Very cool design, great features, mouse works great, Bluetooth 2.0

Weakness: Poor functionality - Logitech shouldn't have released this yet. Needs new drivers/software.

This keyboard/mouse combo is promising, yet currently is not functioning how it should. The mouse is great - have had very little problems. However, Logitech desperately needs to update the functionality of the keyboard, as it simply does not work:

1. The touch-sensitive media controls on the right side are a great idea, but don't work correctly. The documentation states that you can tap the upper and lower ends of the sliders to change volume or zoom level, but this feature has never worked for me. You can slide your finger up and down, but with very slow response, which therefore requires you to slide your finger several times to make significant changes in the volume.
2. The keyboard has a power-saving mode that causes a delay when you start typing after not typing for around a couple minutes or so. Annoying.
3. The bluetooth dongle can't be plugged in to the back of your PC if you want decent reception - you have to use an extension cable or plug it into a front USB if you want to avoid erratic mouse movements or repeated keystrokes.
4. The email and other software interaction is slow and problematic.

This keyboard needs new drivers or software or SOMETHING, yet Logitech seems to be dragging their feet on this one.

Check the Logitech User Discussion Forums - there's a lot of angry people who bought the MX 5000 - I'm returning mine.

By moosor - Nov 22, 2005

Great Toy if it worked properly! Annoying to use. Crashes your PC...!

Strengths: Terrific keyboard layout with very positive feel. Looks good. Mouse is excellent. Display, a gimmick, but has its uses. Touchpad LEDs a nice addition

Weakness: Setpoint software causes BSODs. Bluetooth connection is poor. Software options not as versatile as I would like.

Couple of comments to add.

1. The Setpoint Software. Oh boy, where to start?
After MUCH ripping out and reinstalling of Setpoint and the drivers I found that the Windows Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) that I was suffering on a daily basis was actually due to the Setpoint Software that gives the MX5000 most of its advanced capabilities.
At first, I suspected the Widcomm driver, so I ripped that out and replaced it with the generic Windows Bluetooth driver. Still crashed. Then tried it in various combinations of Bluetooth drivers and Setpoint. Crashes.
Removed Setpoint, used either driver - no crashes.
Conclusion - Setpoint.
Phoned UK TechSup, got some poor lady in India, who did not even kknow what a BSOD was. Explained what had happened - got the usual script-driven garbage about how my computer that has not had a crash in over a year and runs my business 24/7 "Must be at fault."
Whenevever you do a shift-click and highlight operation using the mouse and kbd on a huge column of data you need to be aware that the kbd may have gone to sleep while you thinking about doing it: Remembering to push SHIFT twice in order to bring the kbd out of power-save before doing this exercise is a real windup!
2. The scrolling touch-pad controls do not work properly. Stroking the finger up and down on the volume does cause it to work... eventually, but I can see a time where this part of the kbd becomes severely worn as a result.
3. The programmable (selectable) "MEDIA" buttons do not always work. They also get a bit confused as what they should be doing after the kbd sleep mode kicks in.
4. Put your dongle at the back of the computer? Don't make me laugh!! Mine now on a cable about 5" from my kbd.
Oh, and BTW - just in case you thought you could throw out your old kbd and mouse? DON'T! You'll need it permanently connected should you need to reinstall the drivers or reboot your computer to get into your BIOS, etc., as the Bluetooth driver is operated by the OS and not the BIOS.
5. What was it? Oh yes the reeeeeeppppppeattttt problem.
As Bluetooth devices are further down the pecking order than REAL wired kbds and mice, when your system gets stressed, you will suffer poor connection to your PC.
The keyboard and mouse wil just stop working, or whatever you typed will suddenly streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttch and you'll be left wodering where all those spelllling mistakes came from.........
6. The rear kbd jacks are pretty pathetic - loo low.
Oh. It also can mis charcters out cmpletely.
7a. Positive points are the LEDS in the touchpanel buttons that show that you have made a selection.
b. The LCD screen is a nice little bonus, or would be if the Setpoint software needed to drive it did not crash your PC once a day.
c. The mouse is basically an MX1000 unit and that rocks! (Beware the software again if you buy a Std. Mx1000)

My Summary-
For the first few hours I "LOVED this setup, then the crashes started and the shine went off things.
If Logitech EVER bother to fix Setpoint, and neglecting the low Bluetooth system priority, then this kbd/mouse comb would be the best out there.
As it is, I give them 9/10 for style, 1/10 for the software implementation (as it is effectively useless), and 3/10 overall.
You blew it guys.

By SusiBiker - Feb 25, 2006

Totally useless mouse... keyboard is almost as bad.

Strengths: Ergonomics of mouse are nice.

Weakness: Mouse is useless! It constantly drops connection.

After two months of being driven insane by the mouse I have totally given up! MANY times I'll be working along just fine and then the mouse decides that it doesn't want to work. After a minute or two it comes back to life. Then there are times when after rebooting my PC the mouse is dead! Usually I need to cycle the power on my PC to bring it back to life. Then to really piss me off it will decide to go dead as I mentioned above. The latest episode of this happening resulting in me taking a hammer to it and throwing it in the garbage where it belongs. I'm now back to using my ol' Microsoft wireless mouse which has NEVER had these problems. The keyboard also has issues as it tends to put out two characters of the first character entered after I haven't entered anything for a while. I would have rated this thing zero stars if that was possible.

By Jeff; - Apr 18, 2006

Barely usable

Strengths: nice design, the LCD VFD screen is sharp and useful

Weakness: keyboard drops connection, the mouse behaves heratically

Having the keyword connected to the computer is extremely challenging, since it constantly drops the connection. Also the pointer on the screen doesn't move accordingly to the mouse itself!
I bought it on Amazon, and send it back in less than a week.

By bmanu - Jan 11, 2007

Not as advertised

Strengths: Nice feel of mouse, keyboard right weight and keys depress nicley. Extra fucntions like media keys and track display are ok the rare occasios they work.

Weakness: Major software issues, the product is utterley unusable with the software provided by setpoint! Volume and Zoom keys are in a stupid place.

Logitech advise removing their own software and using the keyboard and mouse without any added fucntions, display and with only the left, right and scroll buttons on the mouse.

Avoid until someone can make a better one!

By alithebarman - Oct 14, 2006

MX 5000 Cordless Desktop Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

Strengths: 1. Mini Bluetooth receiver is great. 2. LCD display is a nice feature ... Calculator, Date/Time/Temp display ... etc. 3. The mouse docking station only needs power ... no USB connection.

Weakness: 1. Installation instructions need improvements. 2. I still need a USB keyboard to access the BIOS. 3. The Media touch controls.

I really like the mini bluetooth receiver over the older mouse docking station receiver. The mini receiver allows for better placement of the mouse docking station.

Logitech's older Cordless Elite keyboard had much better media controls than the MX5000. The MX5000 controls must be pressed too hard to make adjustments. A firmware or software patch should be provided to improve the sensitivity of the new media touch controls.

I really like the new LCD display. Small added features like the time/temp display and calculator are wonderful. This diplay is helpful when you're connecting to the mini bluetooth receiver.

I like the new device, but the bluetooth technology still needs improvements. You should not need to keep an older keyboard just to access the PC BIOS.

By jabshire - Nov 15, 2005

Looks great, works horribly

Strengths: ...still looking.

Weakness: HMMM, lets see... design, software, drivers, keyboard, loses connection. What else? Hmmm, everything.

The following is for Windows XP....I don't know if any of this is true for macs, linux, etc.

I've always trusted logitech for my mice, keyboards, and webcams, but the MX™ 5000 was a HUGE disappointment. Don't waste your money, buy something else. My old keyboard was a Logitech Cordless iTouch Keyboard (Great keyboard). I had to replace it after my Mom spilled hot tea all over it (Should've just bought another itouch keyboard). The itouch works great with media center (fast forward for TV shows). The MX 5000 keyboard on the other hand is a piece of s... (btw the mouse that comes as part of the package works fine). I will now number the problems for ease of reading, lets start with:
1. The Touch-sensitive media control buttons are too close together, i.e. my finger always hits the rewind and fast forward at the same time , or when I'm lowering the volume with the touch sensitive slider, my finger runs across the touch sensitive mute button right below it (and I don't have large fingers, hell it happens with my 10yr sister and her fingers are tiny). I'm truly beginning to hate touch sensitive anything.
2. DO NOT INSTALL THE LOGITECH SETPOINT SOFTWARE...its buggy, crashes and just plain doesn't work. If you have Windows XP, use the default drivers, your keyboard will work a 100% better. The SetPoint Software caused my keyboard to become possessed. For example I would press the letter "a" once and my keyboard with continue typing "a" 9 or 10 more times. It somehow screwed up the repeat rate. Try getting anything done when everything ends up looking like this "Thhhheeee Loggggitecccchhh MMXX 5000 REAAALLY SSSUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKS". Why do I think its the software that caused this? Because it stopped happening after I uninstalled it (Hey I didn't get that computer degree for nothing).
3.The following is true for all bluetooth keyboards (the mx 5000 keyboard is a bluetooth keyboard), so I can't really blame logitech, oh hell why not...LOGITECH ITS YOUR FAULT!
3a. Bluetooth connected keyboards normally do not have a connection while in the BIOS or reinstalling the make sure you have another non-bluetooth keyboard lying around if you plan to reinstall.
3b. Bluetooth connected keyboards lose the connection when the computer goes into standby, so don't expect to be able to wake up the computer by touching a key on the keyboard (same goes for the mouse). So if your computer goes into standby, use another keyboard to wake it up, or hit the reset button on the pc.
4. I was losing connection between my keyboard and the usb receiver, but thats fixed now that the receiver is 2 inches away from the keyboard. UMMM YES THE RANGE SUCKS.
5. (MINOR) The feet on the keyboard (the things you pop out to adjust the angle of the keyboard) are really short compared to every other keyboard out there. In other words if you are used to a high angle when typing, then you need to prop this with a book or something.

As for the bluetooth hub capability of the keyboard, I could never get it to work with my bluetooth enabled fridge. Oh wait...I don't have a bluetooth enabled fridge. Or any other bluetooth devices, why did I need a bluetooth hub again? Oh right I'm a geek.

Oh well stick a fork in me, I'm done.

By Orrin8 - Jan 5, 2006


Strengths: LCD display (even the room temperature), touch pad for media, nice layout, easy to install

Weakness: none so far

I upgraded from the cordless setup to the bluetooth setup. Not really different in quality, but more features and easier accessibility to outlook and media- connects and shows email on the LCD. The smart keyboard displays temperature, time, date, IM updates (lets you know when you're receiving one) and email updates. Other than that, it's normal cordless keyboard and mouse. Whether spending 150 for the room temp on an lcd is worth it- is your choice. I give it 2 thumbs up and am happy with the purchase.

By mgorod06 - Dec 30, 2005

Bluetooth Weaknesses Greatly Outweigh Strengths

Strengths: Nice mouse, good keyboard layout, adds Bluetooth functionality

Weakness: Buggy software: Keyboard is prone to double-hitting letters when some time has elapsed since last key was depressed. Bluetooth keyboard cannot be used to CTRL-ALT-DEL a hang-up.

While the MX 5000 / MX 1000 makes a sexy looking package, the functionality leaves much to be desired. Logitech seems to have made the keyboard work under most circumstances, but it is still dependent on complex software that can get swapped out. This results in a noticeable lag in seeing an initial key depression after a long time of no keyboard activity. Furthermore, for some reason, the first letter typed after such a break is often duplicated. This can be really frustrating, especially when typing a blind password.
I also found that when an application locked up I could not use CTRL-ALT-DEL to kill the process, presumably because the keyboard software could not get time slices.
The frustrations built until I gave up on the thing and put it away in my junk pile of failed experiments. In my opinion, the functionality of this set is so poor as to make it unreasonable to market it. An honest company would never have sent untold thousands of these clearly defective devices into the marketplace. I have reversed my long-term policy of favoring Logitech products. In fact, if any enterprising lawyer needs a lead plaintiff for a class action over this piece of junk, I'm his man!

By macmcf - Oct 6, 2006


Strengths: Great Keyboard and mosue, with Bluetooth technolohy. Grat for gaming

Weakness: none

It is slightly expensive keyboard. But i think it is worth it. It does come with bluetooth and laser technology. Movement is very precise. I like it. Cool with the LCD display on the keyboard.

By scheoki - Oct 27, 2005

Logitech MX 5000 (BlueTooth) Keyboard and Mouse

Strengths: Handsome keyboard and mouse combo. LCD on keyboard nifty. Preprogammed keys useful.

Weakness: Not much info on trouble shooting hardware and software issues.

The software that came with my keyboard was not up to date.
After downloading the most recent version of setpoint software the communication between the USB Bluetooth hub worked as designed. I had to go thru the reconnect procedures to get all devices to work properly.

By jlapiano - Dec 28, 2005


Strengths: if it worked I would be able to list some

Weakness: PC crashes and BT connection drops out and will not stay connected

The Deskset looks great, has some great features if only Logitech had fully tested this on pc's before releasing this product. Tried unistalling setpoint, this seemed to resolve some issues as connection, but pc kept crashing advising logitech drivers not compatable. Waiting on Logitech to advise of a fix. If this is not resolved will never purchase another logitech product again

By jodieturner - Sep 19, 2006

Logitech MX 5000 Cordless Desktop Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Strengths: It has many hot keys but they may not be that useful if you really don't care of them. Sometimes, they're annoying too.

Weakness: Bluetooth dongle is unable to be detected by other bluetooth devices and Windows XP. When I upgraded the software, it cannot detect its bluetooth keyboard and mouse at all!

Logitech website doesn't offer any support on the problems that this product has. Their products are not reliable. Its bluetooth doesn't have license with Windows/Microsoft that makes its bluetooth is not functioning properly. Their upgraded software - SetPoint 2.6 or 3.01 - is useless and not functioning with its bluetooth mouse after the upgrade. Research before you buy (my company had bought me this product without doing a thorough research and now I'm requesting to get a new wireless combo from Microsoft as its products seem more reliable).

By unclesix - Sep 8, 2006

Logitec MX 5000/MX1000 keyboard mouse combo

Strengths: I have never been disappointed in anything made by Logitech. Wish I had the time to fully use all the marvelous features. The feel and comfort of the mouse is equal to none. Love the both pieces

Weakness: Don't like the removeable wrist rest but no big deal, I just don't use it. I have been having a problem with the keyboard in that sometimes enters the first letter twice. Sure it's a setting.

Really like the combo on the whole and would highly recommend it. I found the best price at the time at "Zip Zoom fly" website after doing a price search.

By 6607peach - Mar 8, 2006

Great Keyboard, Mouse, and receiver combination

Strengths: Comfortable and precise mouse. Great features on the keyboard, and convenience with snall USB bluetooth receiver

Weakness: No clear instruction for installation

The basic functions of the mouse and keyboard works fine without a need to install the software, just plug and play. However, the advanced function required to install their software.
There is no instruction came with the box or on the Logitech website. The installation took a long time for it to discover the bluetooth device, so it seems like it hang but don't worry, it will come back. After the initial installation of the CD came with the package, it will download the upgrade from Logitech. If you let the installation completed without interruption the process, you would be fine.
Both the mouse and the keyboard work great with bluetooth without any issue for me. The LCD is nice, it even has room temperature in Celcius or Farenhein. A lot of customization that you can do on the keyboard. Both keyboard and mouse have on/off switch which is great.
Still try to get my PDA bluetooth to work with the USB bluetooth receiver. Again, there is no instruction :-( .

By dominator_1084851859 - Nov 6, 2005

Logitech MX 5000

Strengths: LCD Screen, Touch Sensitive, Laser Mouse, Bluetooth, Temperature

Weakness: None so Far

This is a piece of Art period. Logitech Rules! Keep up the good work Logitech. I own logitech Dinovo, MX 3100 and MX 5000. This is best of the 3. I liked the setup Logitech has improved upon. The setup was a breeze along with online updates. Did I mention the - two tone Keyboard and Mouse - looks great and perfectly matches my vaio. All the buttons are rightly setup and easy to use. I also like the temperature display logitech has added to the display.

By software_geek - Nov 9, 2005





By eggalf - Nov 24, 2005

I bought mx5000 , nice ...

Strengths: This product is good , I like it so much .

Weakness: I didn't find any nothing

Mx5000 is good , and I like this product . I heared lots of people said it is better , so I try to use it , it is good .If you like it , you can try to play it , you will like it ,but I hope signal will become stronger and stronger.....I want to use it in long .....

By rambo333 - Dec 16, 2005

Cordless Desktop Review

Strengths: Laser mouse and the wireless keyboard is easy to use, no cords messy cords attached. Rechargable mouse. Keyboard has a lot of features on it. The keyboard can be pulled out far enough to use.

Weakness: The mouse moves too fast!

I'm really pleased to own this product. I actually own two sets! the mouse cursor moves too fast, but you can easily adjust it or just adjust to it. i highly recommend others to use this product.

By samphann - Jan 18, 2006

Logitech MX 5000 Cordless Desktop Review

Strengths: Light comfortable design for both keyboard and mouse. Both units have off switches to save power. Rechargeable mouse. Nice extra functions on the keyboard like volume and LCD. Very cool looking.

Weakness: USB BlueTooth device is subject to interference from the computer. Weak tech support.

I would definitely recommend the MX 5000. I have really enjoyed it once I got it set up. There was a problem at first with a very unresponsive mouse, so I called tech support. They weren't very interested in listening to my problem, and quickly sent me to the Microsoft web-site for a "solution". This didn't fix my problem. When I did some web research I found out that the USB BlueTooth device can suffer from interference from the computer. I plugged it into a USB extension cord, and everything works great now.

I use the MX 5000 with a Windows Media Center PC in my living room, and some of the extra features, like the volume control, are very useful. The off switches are nice too. I have a Logitech MX 900 BlueTooth mouse also, and this unite doesn't have an off switch. It is great other than that, but I use up the batteries too fast. The MX 5000 doesn't suffer from this issue; in fact the batteries last quite a while.

By _BiscuitHead_ - Jan 13, 2006

The most expensive keyboard and mouse set I ever purchased.

Strengths: Very helpful LCD display on keyboard. Well and clean designed.

Weakness: The Bluetooth took me a while to figure out. The mouse's keys are hard to click.

As I know, the diNovo Media set is $50 more then MX5000; however, the MX5000 was already doubled my budget. I had a hard time work with my optical mouse due to my gel mouse pad. And the LCD display was attractive to me about its instant information. But I had twice bad experience about the keyboard input. It will alto insert tons blank spaces into my paper even I raised my arms in the air! It might has some drivers’ problem…besides that, it works well .
By the way, I bought it at Bestbuy for $149.99 plus tax. After I found out I can purchase the same model at for $111.86 including S/H. I returned it back to Bestbuy and get the good deal from (fast shipping as well!)

By tw921 - Jan 7, 2006

2+ years and still works great

Strengths: Mouse charge lasts weeks with regular use. KB batteries last months. Used with 3 different XP boxes and works great on each. I get a good 15-20 feet of wireless freedom.

Weakness: Stock software works but NOT fully functional. Downloaded "Uber Options" 3rd party software to unlock full potential.

I use on HTPC and have no complaints. Same for laptop. Mouse NOT good for gaming (wireless of any type just can't keep up).

By anonymous; - Aug 28, 2009

I miss my keyboard :(

Strengths: Just Brilliant

Weakness: Bluetooth signal a little weak

I have used this keyboard and mouse pack for years until Yesterday where I killed it :(, (yes me I did it I pulled it apart to clean it and pinched the membrane with a screw, mine did it the keyboard didnt have a chance (Sorry my lil MX5000 I didnt mean it) For me this was AWESOME,
I see many reviews on the product where it does not work and rah rah , if the software is installed on the pc correctly setpoint works just fine, all the buttons work when the application that is running supports it wake up time for me was not an issue it seemed to have a half second pause before typing would start but that is normal for a wireless device, the display is great, room temp a nice gadget I loved this keyboard but sadly R.I.P lil MX5000 you will now be replaced by a MX5500

By anonymous; - Jul 26, 2009


Strengths: Looks like it would function well and add productivity. Mouse is quite comfy but not quite comfy enough for prolonged gaming.

Weakness: Abysmal connectivity Issues. Keyboard Chews through batteries at an alarming rate. Price. Woefull LCD screen Bloatware setpoint software to make it fully functional.

I have had a fair few desktops from logitech, wired, wireless and now this bluetooth monstrosity.

I can happily say 90% of my logitech experiences product wise have been happy ones, the prior cordless effort was fine and only very rarely suffered any sort of hiccup connection wise and I found it stood up to decent levels for both typing and gaming, and the battery life was very good.

Sadly the MX5000 is a rare miss for logitech, my dusty old prior wireless effort was looking somewhat dusty and like it was breeding all sorts of bacteria so I plumped to continue in what I thought would be the natural progression a more expensive bluetooth upgrade with seemingly added functionality and a feature set that just seems like it could make nearly all our computing lives a more productive happier trouble free place. This was not to be, Where to start... Firstly the keyboard does not allow me to enter my bios settings no matter what I select in the bios and considering I am rocking an Asus Maximus Extreme formula motherboard which is one of the top you can currently purchase I found this very very dissapointing indeed. Bluetooth issues... ahhh where to start I really dont think I can in anyway express just how often this thing disconnects and often at the most inappropriate moments, If you play World Of Warcraft or any sort of game where other players rely upon your actions... own this keyboard at your peril and expect to be kicked to death verbally by fellow gamers. The only way to slightly improve the connection issues is to switch off the bluetooth recievers hub functionality and even then its far from bulletproof.

In terms of comfort the keyboard is ok without being spectacular.

I have long shyed away from the gaming perhiperal companies such as Razer and even Logitechs own G15 range efforts due to the fact I thought they would not offer much over the standard fare for the price and that desktop wise they would somehow fall behind in the productivity stakes. I can honestly say I was very wrong.. the G15 range are all good keyboards but my misery after spending alot of money on the MX5000 has prompted my decision after 2 months of owning one to purchase a Razer Lycosa Mirror Edition Keyboard and a new razer mouse, both of these purchases are wired and I must say unless you have absolute need for wireless I would strongly suggest getting something of a simular nature.

Logitech are one of my favourite companies and like I say this is a rare miss... but oh my what a miss, I have read many reviews post owning the MX5000 and I wish I had not counted on a sure fire hit like 99% of logitech products and just shelled out the cash on name alone. That is my own naivity though and something I shall not be prepared to repeat when it comes to purchasing a desktop solution from any company again.

I am sure Logitech will get thier bluetooth wireless desktops right, but sadly folks the MX5000 deserves to be removed from the shelves asap and consigned to logitech's small sin bin of design hiccups.

By thebennett - Jan 30, 2009

New software/drivers apparantly....

Strengths: works in bios, works during a freeze, just works, fast enough for me to play hl2-dm on, good enough range to use it from the couch, i like the temp on the lcd

Weakness: occasionally lose connection, have to charge the batteries every once in a while

It seems like alot has changed in the software even over the past year because I don't have the problems that all the other people are talking about and I purchased mine used about 4 months ago (so it's not new hardware). Make sure to update your drivers/software if you're still having the problems listed cause I'm not and there's no reason you should.

By gallahad2000 - Oct 12, 2008

Great if you know how to use Bluetooth

Strengths: Connects quickly, feels perfect, function keys (standard) work without drivers. The mouse is very comfortable and recharges via proprietary connector (wish it was AA batteries)

Weakness: The mouse is the MX1000 not the G5 or some other cooler mouse. The keyboard isn't the split keyboard type I like.

Bluetooth is only as broken or not ready as u allow it to be. The default bluetooth software that comes with devices is often broken, lacking features, buggy or worse. You must not use this software and use the updated Vista SP1 software or use BlueSoli for XP (the paid version). This will correct the issues that all people have with bluetooth devices. I own 3 mice, 3 headsets, 2 keyboards, and bluetooth PDA in addition to this mouse/ieyboard. They all work perfectly assuming they run the same version of bluetooth. This review is written for those who do not use the logitech software and I say its perfect (for what it is)

By jekylltech - Apr 8, 2008

User friendly set

Strengths: easy to use keyboard. Smooth mouse. Easy to set up. Make sure you download the right software from the web site and also the "bluetooth patch" upgrade. Item available for $63.

Weakness: LCD not back lit ( or may be I havn't explored). Media key are very sensitive and not at the right place. Item broken and had to be replaced.

Worth deal if wanting to go wireless. Many surfing has become a good thing to look for everyday. My 40 inch LCD is a monitor/TV now. I enjoy web videos and surfing u-tube,....,.... etc.
Remember to download the software from the web site for installation.

By mpathikonda - Sep 30, 2007

OK setup, just bad implementation

Strengths: - nice array of buttons - good mouse ergonomics - light wieght keyboard. OK touch feel

Weakness: - sudden disconnections - sudden stops of mouse movement - horrendous bloated driver and installation - stupid location of volume and mute touch area

I rec'd the set for free, and don't have to feel disappointed about buying it. Thank God.

The mechanics are nice and the idea of the LCD screen good, as well as the many different buttons.

But there are two main issues with this setup: The exremely bloated installation that takes forever and ever to complete, and sometimes refuses to "see" connected units.

And worst of all: suddenly your keyboard will not respond. Why ? Oh, it's just disconnected. For no good reason at all. It takes some 5 minutes presseing "connect" buttons to get it back.

And the mouse may just pause right there on your screen. Yes, it will read the movements, but for a minute or so the mouse cursor will not move. Of course it will also read button presses, and random mouse clicks are the result after it wakes up.

In total, the setup is good, but I am close to going back to my 1991-era IBM Click AT Keyboard. Built like a tank, with a cable attached, but it WORKS. Every time. And can be taken apart for cleaning.

By anonymous; - Sep 12, 2007

best bluetooth keyboard and mouse ever

Strengths: does not receive interference from wireless router

Weakness: must get latest drivers and bt patch from logitech's site right now the most stable 3.30 bt and the 3.3 bt patch

Well i had an mx1000 and upgraded to the G7 for the wireless... from the two i can say that mx1000 gets the crown for being accurate and the g7 for low latency...

Bought the mx5000 combo for my laptop as i had bluetooth already inside and wanted not to use the receiver.

Works like a charm PLUS it does not behave erraticaly like the g7 when my wireless router transfers 3 mb/s on dc++.

MX1000 IS THE BEST BLUETOOTH MOUSE MONEY CAN BUY.... i wish they sold it separately from the keyboard (though i do not regret one second, buying the whole combo).

By samov - Sep 5, 2007

A bit of a pain to set up, but worth it.

Strengths: Excellent range, comfortable, great mouse.

Weakness: Poor placement of touch-sensitive controls, complicated initial setup.

Works very well right out of the box with basic XP Bluetooth support. Things get weird when you install the Setpoint software, which is required if you want to use all of the bonus features of the set. My keyboard kept falling asleep. It goes into a battery-saving mode when you're not typing, but mine kept doing it if I stopped typing for more than 5 seconds, and it took about a second to wake up when I continued. I installed a patch from Logitech which seems to have fixed the problem.

I think the touch-sensitive media controls would be great if they were up near the LCD instead of along the side. I kept hitting them with my little finger or the edge of my hand, so I disabled them. When I started up the next day, the keyboard refused to connect, so I had to get my old corded KB out to log in, then go through to whole detection and bonding process again.

Since then, things have been flawless. I use the set in my living room with the receiver about 20 feet behind me at my desk and have had no connection issues or lag. I've even connected my phone to the PC from the living room using the Bluetooth adapter and it worked perfectly.

The LCD is a nice feature, but it's very difficult, if not impossible, to read in my dimly lit living room. A simple white LED backlight that turns off after a few seconds would have been a great addition, and it wouldn't have killed the already great battery life on the keyboard. As far as the mouse goes, I use it for at least a few hours a day, and even with a black mouse pad (hey, it's comfortable) I've only had the mouse on the charger a couple of times in the two weeks i've been using it.

If you're looking for a decent wireless combo and have a little patience, I feel this set is worth it.

By sad0676 - Jul 28, 2007

Logitect MX5000 keyboard/mouse set - hopeless bluetooth

Strengths: Nice aesthetic design, comfortable mouse, both work well....when they work at all

Weakness: Bluetooth connection constantly drops out, LCD display not backlit

Tried and tried again to get this combo to work properly. On the face of it, a very nice keyboard and mouse. I like the design. I like the colour. I even like the LCD screen (as long as it's daytime) and the little red leds that light up whenyou select a touchkey.

Except the connection is useless. The little USB dongle is right next to the keyboard, which rather defeats the 'wireless' concept, and still it fails. Right now, neither is working, despit many presses of the little red connect buttons, turning off and on, reboots, etc. It seems to be completely random, and software (rather than hardware signal) driven.


By anonymous; - Jun 24, 2007


Strengths: -Beautiful Design -Sensitive touch pad for volume and zoom -BLUETOOTH++(easy to connect with PDAS and LAPTOPS) -Stylish design with LCD screen -Battery Life

Weakness: -software -logitech's arrogance and reluctance of solving software issues. -not a gaming dongle;slight lag (could be the router)

I recently purchased the MX5000 after reading the logitech forum. After reading from peoples' experiences, I noticed that the problem was connected to the software. Therefore I hooked up the "dongle" without the software and it worked like a charm! However, I cant really use the special keys located the top of the keyboard but I personally don't mind. The dongle seems to have a slight lag with games, so internet surfing and easy tasks fits with this mouse. The mouse has a certain "light" or "flimsy" feel unlike the G5, which has weights and a solid feel but this may be personal preference.

IF your a big person with big hands this mouse might be a bit weird but the G5 fits perfectly. You need to get used to using the mouse.

By anonymous; - Apr 17, 2007

Jamais comprem esse lixo !!!

Strengths: design

Weakness: Todo o resto

Que porra de mouse vagabundo esse da logitec, vai tomar no meio do olho do seu cú Logitec, só tem design mesmo porque a funcionalidade é um lixo. Vão tudo se ferrar esses filhos da puta desgraçados, malditos imbecis,..... nunca mais compro nada deles,.... oh decepção dos infernos,... nota zero,... malditos!!!!
Problemas como resposta super lenta de movimentação do mouse, ou seja, você mexe o mouse e depois o ponteiro se move,... coisas como essas farão parte de sua vida ao comprar essa porcaria,...
Sem contar é claro que se você instalar o driver que vem junto, desista de ter paz em sua vida, pois como se não bastasse os problema de conexão via Bluetooth, você ganha mais um monte de bugs desse driver ridículo, isso mesmo, é simplesmente ridículo!!!
Em fim jamais comprem essa porcaria, guardem seu dinheiro para algo que realmente valha a pena !!!

By anonymous; - Jan 2, 2007

Crashed my system

Strengths: None the software for this product acts as a worm working its way into every aspect of your computer.

Weakness: Logitec coustomer service has told me that the set point software and the mobile phone tools have both had many problems.

Logitec Rep has tole me that if i call they will walk me through a clean install of the product. I strongly reccomend having a full back-up of your system before installing the software.

By anonymous; - Oct 11, 2006

Simply horrible

Strengths: Aesthetics, ergonomics

Weakness: It doesn't ever work correctly

At least once a day my boss and I both have the same issues with this thing. The mouse and/or keyboard lose connection. Disable/reenabling bluetooth, rebooting, restarting Setpoint may or may not work. I know 2 other people with the exact same problems. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

By anonymous; - Sep 27, 2006

Getting results with the MX5000

Strengths: Design

Weakness: Functionality

I have had several cordless mouse and keyboards. I love them all untill they died from overuse.
These include Microsoft, Logitech and even a $20 special from Olympic -whoever they are. All worked with their software as advertised.
Not so the MX5000 keyboard and MX1000 laser Mouse from Logitech.
I suffered all the above reported problems.
Put the USB on a cable to get it near the Keyboard.
This improved things but did not solve all the faults.
Finally got me very upset when the CPU and Virtual memory dropped to zero as reported in task manager on my XPS2 System.
Phone call to Logitech service help yielded the following advice:
1. Do clean reinstall of the software.
2. Update the software. (Logitech site says the update is unvailable, yet I did manage to download it via the Setpoint update.)
3. Make sure that there is no electrical equipment or wireless interference near the keyboard. (Yeah right. it is a computer.)
4. Uninstall Setpoint.
5. Get the store to test the keyboard and Mouse.
6. Get a refund or choose another model.
7. "Some people are having trouble with this model."

Reluctant to part with the MX5000, I uninstalled the Widcomm drivers. I intended to then uninstall the Setpoint software. However I noticed that it was all working without problems.
No Bluetooth in device manager. Just HID.
Who cares abpout Bluetooth.
Setpoint is working without Bluetooth.

Also for those who have a problem with keyboard not working for Bios etc., make sure you have USB keyboard enabled in your BIOS. It should then be available.

I'm happy to have it all working but I should not have had to go through this. Logitech need to fix this problem, but I suspect it is the Bluetooth problem.

By anonymous; - Jul 6, 2006

Bad keyboard

Strengths: Non

Weakness: doesn't work in the BIOS or Starting Windows, if u have a passward in the welcome screen you can not write any thing bu this keyboard * many Problem with the software, Setpoint

In all Logitech bluetooth keyboards:

Bluetooth connected keyboards normally do not have a connection while in the BIOS or reinstalling the computer...

so make sure you have another non-bluetooth keyboard lying around if you plan to reinstall

By anonymous; - Mar 16, 2006

Looks great, but has software bugs

Strengths: Excellent design, excellent mouse, functional LCD display, many programmable keys, mini bluetouch receiver

Weakness: Does not have drivers for *nix and Mac's, buggy SetPoint software, unable to work with GRUB/LILOand text mode installers

This desktop would work as you only can imagine, except of the following:

1. BIOS is accessible via bluetouch keyboard, but text mode installers and boot loaders such as GRUB and LILO is not. I need to keep my old PS/2 keyboard connected to chouse another OS to boot and probably unable to make fixes to GRUB sources to support it.

2. SetPoint software are buggy. Keep your default Windows XP dirvers - it will work better. Buggy drivers freeses up my Windows on shutdown/sleep/reboot, so I need to press reset every time when I want ot shutdown system.
P.S. Logitech strictly recommends to update SetPoint software over Internet. I think, they know that it has many problems.

3. I unable to use keyboard extended feauters under Linux. Will try to set up xbindkeys, if these keys generates events or write corresponding driver.

P.S.2 I set four stars rating, because software problems is minor problems and always can be solved. MX 5000 is best and technically superior bluetouch coordless desktopon the market.

By anonymous; - Mar 12, 2006


Strengths: Great touch and feel - I like the wireless

Weakness: Keyboard looses contact and takes several "reboots" of the system to get it to recognize. Connect buttons don't connect even though it says it is.

This is too expensive a keyboard to have so much trouble. The fact that the keyboard disconnects in the middle of something and having to reboot the system is frustrating.

By anonymous; - Feb 22, 2006

Was expected more from Logitech

Strengths: - Cordless - Ton of functions - Cool look

Weakness: - does not wake PC up from standby - crippled F keys - Mute button from touch sensitive pad are often pressed by my left hand - keyboard legs could be higher - buggy software ...

In overall I am dissapointed :(
Logitech was allways brand which makes all details perfect, so I am wondering who designed this keyboard...
SetPonit software goes hunted every so... Keyboard becomes inacessible (loosing connection), sometimes it even lags after certain period of inactivity... It grabs focus and start to messing (doing various things like some of keys is pressed) with opened applications... CTRL key often lags especialy when needed CTRL + X-C-V shortcuts.. who needs standby button which cant resume PC from standby? Crippled calculator cant even calculate percentage ... mouse battery went dry pretty fast ... touch pad should be better called press pad as you need to press this keys, and sliders are not acurate and sometimes they lagg alot so you end with soundstorm from your PC speakers when they finally decide to accept all your volume up commands...

And finaly: why are their designers decided to make F keys so small?

Conclusion: not for profi PC users which expect 100% responsive peripherals. I thought that cordles devices evolved enough to be used as their cable ancestors.

By anonymous; - Feb 9, 2006

Logitech MX 5000

Strengths: The mouse is the best I personaly have used.Mute and calculator on the keyboard is nice.

Weakness: Keyboard layout must be made for small to meium size hands."Extremely" weak documentation from setup and beyond.

I have had this setup for about 2 months now.And I moved over "back" to Logitech after using Microsoft keyboard and mouse for several years.This layout is so small and different then my old microsoft ergo.i am not a small person. and my size grip might be something you wont even think of.
The thing I like most about this setup is NO WIRES!!
I can put my pc just about anywhere now and not have to worry about keyboard and mouse wires not reaching to where Im comfortable! WOOT!
The mouse and charger are Bomb! mouse all the buttons you could want plus a couple more.charge display is good.
I read one review that said the mouse needed to be charged once a week and that it was a problem.Not for me
I put it in its base every couple of days.and thats fine for me.
So far I havent had any problems with the dongle plugged in to the back of my pc via usb..Allthough I do get a extra first letter now and then."first letter typed sometimes repeats once" for the follwing result.DDear whoever, Im not sure that that is actually a reception problem.

So far what I dont like much.There are a butt load of programable buttons.But I havent yet found any good documentation on how to make them work the way I want them to.It isnt just set/browse/accept funtion.It seems like these buttons have allot of potential to do everything from starting any program you can think of to shuting down your system completely at the touch of a button.But as of yet I cant get them to do much except the besides the default settings.
also there is a delay in using the mouse if it goes to sleep to save batteries.its only a couple of seconds and only if u havent used it in a few minutes.
Other then what I have described above this setup looks good.Keyboard response feels good not to weak not to tough.I dont have a bluetooth phone or anything to sync up So I dont have anything to say about that.Except everything I read shows so far only a few phones are certified to work with it.
Would I buy it again? Yes probly so.I only paided 100 bucks for it at B**t B*y.Not the 150 I have heard others say they paid.Again the mouse is BOMB the keyboard takes some getting used to.You really need to read the manual to get even some of the basic funtions to work in some situations. But No wires! Did I say I like NO WIRES!!

By anonymous; - Jan 3, 2006

Logitech MX 5000 Cordless Desktop Bluetooth 2.0 Keyboard and Mouse Duo

Back in November of 2005 we reviewed the then top-of-the-line wireless keyboard and mouse set available from Logitech. We found the MX 3100 Keyboard and Mouse Duo, which features RF wireless technology, to be an overall great product. Today we are going to look at a more modern keyboard and mouse set from Logitech, namely the MX5000 duo. The MX5000 is a wireless keyboard and mouse solution that...
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